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Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

Luxury bathroom with jetted tub.

Just cleaning the surface of your jetted tub is not enough. To ensure that your next bath is enjoyable, the jets themselves must be cleaned regularly to remove the bacteria and mold that can grow inside. This is a guide about cleaning bath tub jets.


Solutions: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

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Tip: Using Bleach to Clean Jacuzzi Jets

I was surprised that folks do not realize that the "black stuff" in the Jacuzzi tub jets is black mold! There is no need to scrub. Simply fill the tub with water and then add a half gallon of household bleach. Turn on the pump and let it run for an hour. Turn off the pump and let the bleach water stand overnight.

In the morning, put on a rubber glove and pull the plug to drain the tub. You must do this at least once per month. I have been using this method for thirteen years and my tub is fresh and clean. No black mold and no tub damage.

    By Julia Marie K. [1]

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    Here are questions related to Cleaning Bath Tub Jets.

    Question: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    I moved into a home that has a Whirlpool bathtub. When I operate the jets, a black substance comes out. What could it be and how do I clean it? I ran the tub for an hour and still have the substance.

    By Electus from Jacksonville, FL

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Petra1 1 06/10/2011

    After reading this article, I decided to try Ahh-some for my jetted tub and I was amazed how well it worked. I followed the instructions and was amazed how much black soot floating in my tub. I can't believe that I was soaking in such filthy water! I also like the fact that it is a bio cleaner since I have several small children at home. I don't have to worry about them inadvertently consuming it.

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    Question: Covers for Tub Jets

    My parents have a spa-like tub that has jets in it. We are trying to avoid cleaning those spouts all the time. Does anyone know if they have plugs available or anyone have an ingenius idea of how to cover them? It would have to be waterproof of course. Thank you for any input!

    By Amanda

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    Archive: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    What do I use to clean the jets in my bathroom jacuzzi? It is about 3 years old and used maybe a couple of dozen times only by me and never with any oils.

    Ruth from Harlingen, TX


    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    My tub has air-forced jets in the floor of the tub and I tried the automatic dish washing detergent method. However, I let it soak every night for nearly a week (to let the detergent and water soak in the airspace under the tub bottom) and then ran the jets the following morning for 15 mins. It took almost a week to get all of the gunk out, but it eventually all came out. These jets hadn't been cleaned in over two years, so it took some time. (01/07/2008)

    By JenB

    Archive: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    What is the best way to clean out jets in a jacuzzi tub?

    Amy from Canada


    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    I got a jacuzzi tub as part of my new house purchase in 1995. Since I had no idea how to clean the jets, I did what I do with my coffeepot. Fill the tub up over the jets, while doing so, add 1-2 cups white vinegar to the water. Run the jacuzzi for at least 20 minutes (mine has a timer). You will end up with a pretty dirty tub, but you can clean it with a bleach product made for bathrooms. I do this about once a month. Or if you would rather, why not use bleach instead of the vinegar. I chose vinegar mostly because I did not know what kind of parts were in the piping and jets (ie., plastic or metal). It is cheaper too. (01/15/2008)

    By thriftmeg

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    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    I use a tooth brush and Clorox spray. It takes a lot of work to clean the jets. I spray the Clorox directly into the jets. It probably would be a good idea to follow up with vinegar! I would also suggest spraying jets daily after each use of your jacuzzi. (03/29/08)

    By Mika

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    I used the Shaklee Basic H cleaner tonight to clean out the bathtub jets. Wow! Boy did this cleaner go to work.

    I filled the tub with hot water over the jets, then I put 2 teaspoons Shaklee Basic H into the hot water right before I closed the water, so it mixed into the water a bit then I put on the jets for 20 minutes. At first it made a lot of suds, but they didn't over flow and it stayed that way for the 20 minutes. Just perfect. The suds worked out a lot of the scum that was still hiding in there. This stuff just pushed pretty near all of it out. After the 20 minutes I let out the water. The suds all around the tub had so much black pieces and wafer like gunk on it and the tub needed a good rinsing since there was a lot of this stuff in the tub.

    I was so surprised since I thought it was almost clean after rinsing out the jets last evening with water a few times. I couldn't believe what came out tonight, but when I rinsed out the tub I noticed a pleasant surprise. The brass jets that were tarnished and had lime residue on them are now so clean and shiny. So I guess some of the dirt and gunk might have been the residue from the jets. My tub is also so clean and shiny. It was clean before, but now it really shines.

    I then filled up the tub again with only warm water, ran the jets for about 15 minutes. Practically nothing came out. Now I know my bathtub jets are finally clean and disinfected.

    I plan on doing this maybe once or twice a month, giving them a good cleaning like this. Getting out all the scum and soapy residue. I guess I would need to use 1/2 the amount if I use the new basic H2.

    And Shaklee products are safe, natural, and environmentally friendly. (04/08/2008)

    By Thornhill, Ontario

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    I used the dishwasher detergent with hot water, ran it for 20 minutes, drained and refilled tub and ran jets with cold water. Seems to have worked well. (05/22/2008)

    By Mynx

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    The salesman told me to use liquid dishwasher detergent once/month. It worked well. Then I heard about using Tang drink crystals. Apparently this is an ingredient that will clean the jets and is safe for the environment. I'm trying it tonight. Will let you know. (01/18/2009)

    By Dianne

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    We have recently built a new home and installed a Jacuzzi. While I didn't want to commit to buying expensive solutions that may not work, I did want to explore my options. After trying several home remedy jet cleaning options offered on the internet, I kept wondering if the jets were truly clean. When I found this: Ah - Some Jetted Tub Bio Cleaner $2 trial offer, I had nothing to lose. I will admit that I was very apprehensive about the ratio of bio cleaner to water. It seems like such a minuscule amount of cleaner compared to a large volume of water. I am now a believer in the power of your cleaner. There is a tremendous amount of muscle in a half teaspoon. Wow!

    I will definitely share a half teaspoon of this solution with my brother who has been using the home remedy treatments for several years now. I expect that you will not only have earned one loyal customer, but two. (01/25/2010)

    By jcolleran

    Archive: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    Does anyone have a formula for cleaning my tub jets using vinegar in the water? How much vinegar to a tub full of water and is there any other ingredient to add?

    By mo2 from Phillipsburg, NJ


    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    I have bathtub jets and I clean them periodically with bleach. I use a cup because my tub is big and holds a lot of water. Fill the tub to above the jets so the water circulates well. If you want to conserve water, clean the jets after someone has used the bath. Don't drain the tub and add more water if necessary. Run the motor a few minutes, turn it off and let it soak a while before draining. Scrub around the jet outlets with a soft toothbrush. I think bleach is better than vinegar for this job. It will sanitize the pipes/water jet apparatus.

    By OliveOyl

    Archive: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    I have just moved into a house that has a whirlpool tub. What is the best product to use to clean out the jets?