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Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

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Luxury bathroom with jetted tub.

Just cleaning the surface of your jetted tub is not enough. To ensure that your next bath is enjoyable, the jets themselves must be cleaned regularly to remove the bacteria and mold that can grow inside. This is a guide about cleaning bath tub jets.


Solutions: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

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Tip: Using Bleach to Clean Jacuzzi Jets

I was surprised that folks do not realize that the "black stuff" in the Jacuzzi tub jets is black mold! There is no need to scrub. Simply fill the tub with water and then add a half gallon of household bleach. Turn on the pump and let it run for an hour. Turn off the pump and let the bleach water stand overnight.

In the morning, put on a rubber glove and pull the plug to drain the tub. You must do this at least once per month. I have been using this method for thirteen years and my tub is fresh and clean. No black mold and no tub damage.

    By Julia Marie K. [1]

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    Here are questions related to Cleaning Bath Tub Jets.

    Question: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    I moved into a home that has a Whirlpool bathtub. When I operate the jets, a black substance comes out. What could it be and how do I clean it? I ran the tub for an hour and still have the substance.

    By Electus from Jacksonville, FL


    Most Recent Answer

    By Petra106/10/2011

    After reading this article, I decided to try Ahh-some for my jetted tub and I was amazed how well it worked. I followed the instructions and was amazed how much black soot floating in my tub. I can't believe that I was soaking in such filthy water! I also like the fact that it is a bio cleaner since I have several small children at home. I don't have to worry about them inadvertently consuming it.

    Question: Covers for Tub Jets

    My parents have a spa-like tub that has jets in it. We are trying to avoid cleaning those spouts all the time. Does anyone know if they have plugs available or anyone have an ingenius idea of how to cover them? It would have to be waterproof of course. Thank you for any input!

    By Amanda


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    Archive: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    I need to know how to clean the jets in my tub. They are like the ones in a jacuzzi. There must be a way to clean them without damaging them. Can anyone help me with this? Jackie V. from Walker, LA

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    If it's truly mildew and not just soap scum and lime deposits, you might clean them well and then spray with a weak bleach solution (1 tsp bleach in a quart spray bottle) when you are finished. I keep the black mildew/algae under control in my shower this way and I spray every few days. Helps a lot. If you can get the owners to spray between your visits this would probably keep the mildew under control. (07/01/2005)

    By Seagrape

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    I'm not sure if this will help but when I clean my hummingbird feeders, I use pipe cleaners to clean out the ports. I also have doubled the pipe cleaners to get into other small areas. (07/01/2005)

    By mkymlp

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    I clean houses too and I have been spraying Clorox cleanup in the jets, use my toothbrush to scrub around and then I put a small cloth over the toothbrush to wipe it out dry. The moisture causes mildew, so if you don't dry it out and they don't use it again before you return, the mildew will form again. I also recommend they use a Clorox/water solution to spray down the shower instead of Tilex. (07/01/2005)

    By suzi homemaker

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    Try filling up the tub so the water is over the jets with hot water. Add about a cup of dishwasher detergent (Cascade) and run the tub while your cleaning something else. If you have mold/mildew on the jets, more than likely the piping is full of it also. Don't use anything that creates suds or you will have suds all over and a bigger mess to clean. If this is not possible to do, the jet faces should come off. Some screw off and some pop off (depending on the manufacturer). If they are the pop off kind, take a butter knife and GENTLY pry them off. They should be much easier to clean if they are off the tub. When your done, just pop them back in.(b)(/b) (07/02/2005)

    By Julie

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    I've cleaned houses for years. The way I do this is spray the "Clorox" cleanup directly into them and use an old toothbrush to scrub them out. Then, I fill up the tub with enough HOT water to just cover the jets, add bleach and turn on the jets. If you do this about once a month, you'll never get a buildup (07/02/2005)

    By Kelly

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    I have jets in my bathtub. I unscrew them and soak them in vinegar. Works great. If you can't take them out try spraying vinegar on them. (07/30/2005)

    By Tammy

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    I spray Scrub-free Mildew Remover (get it at Walmart) on the jets in my tub, let it soak for a few minutes while I do other cleaning, then come back and rinse it off. They are nice and clean. About once a week I fill the tub just above the jets and run hot water and vinegar through the jets to clean them out and then fill the tub again with cold water to rinse them. (07/31/2005)

    By thirstyone

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    I use a detergent made just for jets called Whirlout. You can buy it at Lowe's or Home Depot. Its down the aisle with the plumbing/jacuzzi supplies. (01/04/2006)

    By Marlene

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    Growing up my mom had a whirlpool and when I moved out I had a garden tub with jets. We always filled the tub up with cold water and used powdered (not liquid) dishwasher detergent. We would add about a cup or so (never measured) to the water and turn it on. We would let it run for about an hour while we were doing other housework. We would then drain it and clean the tub with the usual cleaner. I like Clorox cleanup. If you had any residue or mold remaining around the jets just spray the cleaner directly on the jets and let set for a minute or so then wipe off. Hope this helps. (01/04/2006)

    By nursesarah79

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    Denture cleaner tablets placed in tub of hot water. Turn on the jets.. (01/05/2006)

    By Carol

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    Clean your tub as you normally would, then fill with cold water, pouring 3 GLUGS of bleach and run the motor about 10 minutes. I do this about once a month. Also, if you use the jets at least once a week, you won't get that yucky stuff. (01/07/2006)

    By Mary

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    I found a company called PurgeTech that has done lots of research with the CDC and also with hotels and hospitals that have jetted tubs. They have a system to clean out the whole pipe system of the tub, and the ability to clean over 99% of the germs, viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, and other DISEASE CAUSING agents in the water. YES, You Can Catch Serious Illnesses from using your jetted tub. And unfortunately, using dishwashing detergent, vinegar, or even bleach WILL NOT Kill that stuff. Their website is Their phone number is 1-888-295-5699 I spoke with Mr. Slade and he was very informative and very nice. (I looked all this up because I just rented an apartment with a jetted tub, never had one before, and was absolutely disgusted when I turned it on and found black flakes spewing into the water; but until I spoke with PurgeTech I had no idea just how dangerous this stuff can be.) Good Luck!! (08/31/2006)

    By Kitty

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    I used a drain cleaner safe for plastics poured in the whole bottle circulated it for about 2 mins then let soak for 1 hr circulated again for 2 min then drained filled with hot water and circulated for about 30 min seems to have worked just fine hope this helps. (09/04/2006)

    By Jet tub cleaner

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    I spray Scrubbing Bubbles directly into the jets, let them sit, then fill the tub and run the jets. It usually gets everything out. Scrubbing Bubbles is hands-down the best tub cleaner I've seen! (02/19/2007)


    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    Well, I've read all the suggestions and I'm going to try baking soda. Our tub system is only 1 year old, we have hard well water, and I'm going to try to prevent it from getting away from me. I use baking soda to clean combs and brushes. Why not jets? It's probably close to the suggestion of denture cleanser tablets. (04/22/2007)

    By Gail O.

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    Check out They have a cleaning system for your tub. (06/20/2007)

    By B

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    check out (07/21/2007)

    By kim

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    visit for information (07/26/2007)

    By Bryndee

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    Dear Mrs/Ms. Jackie I clean my jets out with a baby bottle brush. Use whatever chemicals you normally would but to get into the jets, put some shorts on and jump in the tub with your baby bottle brush. The brush bends so nicely you can get into all the grooves of the jet. (08/30/2007)

    By beverly1319

    RE: Cleaning Bath Tub Jets

    Spray inside the jets with Clorox Cleanup. Let them soak while you clean the sink and toilet. Then, take a toothbrush and brush around. The jets completely cleanup! If the tub has a grated filter box in it, take a small hand scrub brush to it, and it cleans up in seconds. Rinse out jets while rinsing out rest of tub. (10/11/2007)

    By Chris