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Removing Pet Stains from Carpet

Stubborn pet related stains in a rug can be a challenge to remove. This guide is about removing pet stains from carpet.

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October 1, 2008 Flag
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How do I remove red pet food stain from a beige carpet? My cat vomited all over the carpet. I have tried peroxide and that is not removing all of the red color.

Lewis from Oklahoma City

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January 2, 20090 found this helpful


Don't ever buy a dry pet food that has anything red in it. When they vomit that stuff it really stains light-colored carpeting. I'll try the Resolve For Pet Stains - if that doesn't work I'll try the Spot Shot, though neither have worked for me in the past on other types of pet stains. I'm desperate, any other ideas? Thank you.

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February 19, 20090 found this helpful

Help! I have a diabetic cat that is constantly vomiting! I am in a wheelchair and it makes carpet cleaning a real chore to say the least! I have tried all of the above except the window cleaner. That's next on my list? Any other ideas? Thanks!

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March 8, 20090 found this helpful

I experienced this myself when I awoke to a red stain on my cream carpet that had been from treats I gave my cats. I never buy red cat food for this reason, but didnt realize these treats would be so red. Anyway, I knew they would be trouble and my cats didn't disappoint. To make it worse, the stain was dried by this time. I tried Natures Miracle (nope), then my spot blot w/ Oxyclean 4 times (nope) was still dark pink. So finally I poured club soda on it, put a white washcloth on top and then an iron on low. I did this more times than I can count, pouring more water on it many times. And finally...success. Steaming it out, worked! And the treats? Well there gone for good!

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March 11, 2016 Flag
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This is a guide about cleaning dog poop stains off a rug. Dog poop stains can sometimes be difficult to remove from your rugs.

Pug puppy wearing devil horns and tail costume laying with head down next to cleaning bucket with rubber gloves, sponges, and various cleaning supplies


September 9, 2014 Flag
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I am a pet owner with both cats and dogs. I have owned pets all my life. I have dealt with every type of pet stain you can imagine. From urine and diarrhea and vomit to blood, I have been through it all. I have gone through virtually every cleaner you can imagine and can pretty much tell you exactly what each type will do. I can also tell you that there is only one thing I have ever found to remove pretty much any type of stain and that is Genesis 950.

One thing that I first want to bring to attention is a huge misconception. There is a great deal of misinformation online about how to clean pet stains. The biggest is that you should use vinegar or ammonia to clean pet stains. This is by far the worst thing any pet owner can do. This can also be verified by visiting the Humane Society's website. They reinforce what a bad idea it is to use either of the two. Both vinegar and ammonia are great cleaning agents. They have an acidic base with a pH level that naturally breaks stains down. However that pH base consists of the same components found in urine. Animals, both cats and dogs, urinate by scent. They go where they smell they have gone before. When cleaning with ammonia or vinegar, you are applying the odor they associate with their urine in the carpet. The vinegar or ammonia may break down the stain, but now you face your pet going to the bathroom in that spot again. You often see pet owners complaining about pets going in the same spot even though they have cleaned it. Chances are they cleaned with ammonia, vinegar or a cleaning product that contains either of the two.

To stop a pet from going in a spot, or to get rid of the odor, you need to be using a cleaner that deodorizes. Many people suggest something that neutralizes the odor. You can not simply neutralize pet stains odors. This just masks them. Products like baking soda, febreeze and so on do not kill the bacteria that creates the odor. They simple make it smell pretty for humans. Your pets can still smell the urine, especially if it is in the carpet. The Genesis 950 does deodorize. It kills bacteria that causes odor. When that bacteria is destroyed, the scent is removed, not masked, and your pet will not be attracted to that spot.

The best way to clean pet stains is using Genesis 950 in a steam cleaner or carpet cleaner. The recommended about for cleaning is 1 part 950 to 7 parts water. However I increase that mix to almost, but not quite a 50/50 mix. Using this in a machine breaks down the visible stains from the surface and lifts them. It also cleans below the surface killing the source of the odor and making the carpet fresh. It works wonders on old stains too. I have also used it to clean vomit and blood from carpets, among other non-pet related stains.

It is by far the best way to clean pet stains I have ever found and it always works. I have been using it for years now and have yet to be disappointed, or beaten by any stains.


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May 23, 2013 Flag
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We have four cats and when they throw up it stains the carpet red, instantly. Please can someone help me get rid of these stains? I have no iron. Thanks.

By Alan

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May 27, 20130 found this helpful

I have found that plain old club soda is a great stain remover. Something else you can try ( love this stuff) is a product called Totally Awesome. I get it at The Dollar Tree. You can also get it at Dollar General. A person I know who has a cleaning business told me about this wonderful product. When all else fails I get out the Totally Awesome. Hope this helps.

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May 28, 20130 found this helpful

Try spraying it with hydrogen peroxide. Spray the spot until it is wet and let it sit for 15 minutes or so and see it makes removing the stain easier. It has worked well for me.

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January 21, 2012 Flag
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How do you use peroxide to remove stains from carpets? I have pet stains I am trying to remove.

By harleyhoney

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January 22, 20120 found this helpful

I put peroxide in a stray bottle and spray the area and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then I take a damp cloth and lightly scrub the spot until it is gone. Peroxide will remove most stains. I use it a lot for removing spots on the carpet.

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January 24, 20120 found this helpful

Well peroxide works, but the peroxide leaves a small stain as well.

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November 1, 2012 Flag
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Best cleaner I have found to date is Genesis 950. I can not tell you how many things I have tried that claimed to be designed to clean up pet stains and remove the smell. Nothing worked.

I tried nearly everything you can think of. Some would hide the smell for a few days. Some would make a darker spot where I cleaned. I thought I was going to have to either get rid of my pets (and you know that won't happen) or replace my carpet (and I don't have the money for that - although I probably spent that much on different cleaning things over time). I was seriously at my wits end.

The Genesis 950 was able to completely clean everything. There was no lingering pet smell, there was no return of the pet smell. If you have been in that position where the carpets were grossing you out and you became exhausted just thinking about how bad your carpets look, you NEED to use the 950. Seriously - BEST cleaner for carpets I have EVER used.

Hope this helps!

By Sara V. from Akron, OH

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October 22, 2009 Flag
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Will rubbing alcohol get pet odors out of carpet?

By Ruth from NE

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October 25, 20090 found this helpful

I have two little dogs and my carpet looks brand new cause I use "Carpet Details Spotter". It is an excellent product and its gets all stains out. You can find the company at After you are on their web page click on flooring, then click on carpet floors (cleaning supplies). They are located in Austin Texas. Phone number is 512-836-6990. Believe me you will not be disappointed and your carpet will look great! It's even great for the laundry. Ce

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October 29, 20090 found this helpful

Thanks! I will try this cleaner.

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September 28, 2006 Flag
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If you pet has soiled your carpet use vinegar mixed with a tiny bit of water on the stain. . .

May 7, 2010 Flag
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To make your own pet stain odor remover, measure 4 oz. of hydrogen peroxide (sold in bottles of 3% to 6% of H2o2) in a glass measuring cup.

November 9, 2010 Flag
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How do I clean solid waste dog stain from wall to wall carpet? It is low pile, probably synthetic, and beige in color.

By Charlene from Scottsdale, AZ

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January 5, 2011 Flag
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I have pet urine stains on my beige Berber carpet from when my dog was a puppy. I have tried cleaner after cleaner and the spots disappear when I clean the carpet,but....

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