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Removing Hair Dye Stains from a Bathtub

Red Hair Dye

Newly dyed hair often has residual dye in it, which can stain your bathtub after washing your hair. Find ways to remove these stains by checking out these tips. This is a guide about removing hair dye stains from a bathtub.



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Question: Removing Hair Dye Stains From Bathtub

Hair dye stains in a bathtub.Could someone tell me what will clean my bath, as my daughter dyed her hair black and now it won't come out. I've tried vinegar and baking powder, bleach, and other cleaning products. I would be most grateful if you could help me. Regards.

By Juli from Hull, UK


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By KIM A TERRY10/23/2010

Where fabric dyes are sold, they also sell dye out products. I would test a small hidden area first so not to mess up tub finish. :)

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