Easter Craft Ideas

Easter Chicken Craft

Making Easter crafts is often a family tradition, whether for the kids or as home or dinner table decorations. This is a guide about Easter craft ideas.


Video: Peeping Chick Easter Craft

This is a quick and easy craft that can be done with children or made for a Easter decoration.

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Solutions: Easter Craft Ideas

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Easter Bunny With Photo Eggs

This is a cute project to make with your children. It would also be a great gift for the Easter Bunny to deliver to grandparents! Inexpensive and fun to make! Finished project.

Approximate Time: 1 hour plus drying time


  • foam (dark pink, light pink, white, and assorted colors for eggs)
  • beads (assorted colors)
  • google eyes
  • string
  • black thread and needle
  • black marker
  • glue
  • photos



Cut out foam parts using pattern.

Tip: Use sticky back foam for bunny head, but do not peel backing paper off. This will make bunny firmer. You can punch a hole at top of head to hang as a mobile or glue magnet on back.

Glue bunny pieces together. Use black thread for whiskers and insert with needle. Tie knots in back of head. Draw features using black marker.

Depending on how many eggs you want, punch holes at bottom of bunny. Just alternate lengths of string when hanging eggs so all photos show. Knot strings on bunny head and thread beads on.

Cut two pieces for each egg and insert photo between and glue closed. Decorate eggs, if desired. Punch hole at top of each egg and tie with knot to each string.

Happy Easter!

By Mary from Palm Coast, FL

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Easter Egg Countdown Calendar

easter egg advent calendar 2

This colorful string of Easter eggs hides a daily surprise!


  • plastic Easter eggs
  • twine
  • candy
  • ruler
  • scissors


  1. Put the twine down through one of the holes in the top of an egg, then push the twine up through the second hole. Leave some twine at the end for hanging it later. Tie a knot at the top of the egg.
  2. string egg 1string egg 2
  3. Continue adding eggs until you have strung all of them.
  4. string egg 3string egg 4
  5. Now measure out the desired distance in between each egg and tie each egg in place. Cut the twine, leaving some at the end for hanging.
  6. tie egg on twinemeasure to space out eggs
  7. Fill the eggs with a small treat (preferably lightweight). Hang it up and have fun!
  8. add surprise in each egg

By lalala... [700]

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Bunny Napkin Ring

Pink bunny napkin ring.This project is sure to put a smile on the face of each and every dinner guest.

Crafting Time: about 20 minutes

What You Need:

  • paper towel tube
  • scissors
  • pink construction paper
  • pink marker
  • glue
  • wiggle eyes
  • three strands from a broom
  • three pom-poms, two white, one pink
  • pen
  • cotton ball


  1. Cut a two and a half inch piece of cardboard tube. Cover this with pink construction paper.
  2. Draw and cut paws and ears from pink paper. Decorate these with pink marker. Glue one pair of paws to the bottom of the pink cylinder. Glue the second pair of paws to the inside of the pink tube. Glue the ears to the back of the tube.
  3. Glue wiggle eyes to the front of the tube. Glue three broom strands below the eyes for whiskers. Glue the pink and white pom-poms over the whiskers as indicated on photo. Add eyelashes above the eyes and a tiny mouth below the pom-poms with a pen.
  4. Glue a cotton ball to the back of the tube for the tail.

By Marie from West Dundee, IL

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Butter Lamb for Easter

Butter Lamb for EasterMake a lamb out of butter for your Easter table. You need 4 sticks of butter or margarine (softened) and a potato ricer (or a play dough thing that makes hair).

  1. Bend one stick like arc and place on a plate.

  2. Take 2/3 of a stick and bend a small piece over for the nose and push on the top to make an indent for the ears.

  3. Place all that on the left corner of the whole stick that is on the plate.

  4. With the leftover 1/3 cut into 4 legs.

  5. Now with the remaining 2 sticks you make "fur" by pushing the butter through the ricer and attach onto the body and part of the legs (don't cover the face or ears).

  6. Then use 2 cloves ( or whole pepper) for eyes and parsley in the mouth.

Source: I learned this at a workshop at St. Mary's Church in Ware, MA

By Ellen from Ware,MA

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Hanging Easter Egg Decoration

Hanging Easter Egg Decoration

I just wanted a simple but fun idea to decorate my dining room so I added cut colored pieces of ribbon to some plastic eggs. The eggs were hinged, so I simply laid the ribbon over the hinge and closed it. Then I tied the eggs to my dining room light.

You could add cute sayings, candy, 'fortunes' or anything inside the eggs and let the children or adult dinner guests PICK an egg at the end of their dinner for a surprise inside!

Happy Easter everyone!


By Donna [288]

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Bunny Treat/Eyeglass Case

Treat or eyeglass case.Fill this cute little bunny with Easter treats or a new pair of sunglasses, then stick it into your child's Easter basket.

Approximate Time: 45 minutes - 1 hour


  • felt - white and pink
  • ruler
  • black fine tip marker
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pom poms, one large white, one smaller pink
  • wiggle/google eyes
  • pink yarn


  1. Measure and cut 2, 8 inch pieces of white felt. Cut the corners from one end of each rectangle to make a curved end.
  2. Draw and cut four paw shapes from white felt. Glue the paws to the sides of one of the rectangles, and then glue the rectangles together around three edges, leaving the curved end open, and sandwiching the paw ends in between the rectangles.
  3. Draw and cut a circle head and ears from white felt. Glue these to the top of curved end, covering the curve on one rectangle. Now, draw and cut two smaller ear shapes from pink felt and glue the pink inner ears to the white ears.
  4. Glue on the white pom pom tail and wiggle eyes.
  5. Cut pink yarn whiskers and glue them in place on the face, and then glue on the pink pom pom nose.
  6. Your bunny can be filled with Easter treats or a spiffy new pair of sunglasses and then added to your child's basket of treats for Easter.

By Marie from West Dundee, IL

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Tip: Spell "Easter" With Craft Stick Letters

Craft sticks spelling Happy Easter.These wooden "Happy Easter" letters work well for a window sill, garden, or to string on or as a banner!

Using the picture as a guide, make craft stick letters. For the smaller and horizontal parts of letters, as in the bar in "A" and the right-side parts of "P", snap (break) the inner most wood cuts. Be sure to have the pieces, such as in the letter "S" evenly overlapped; left sides over right, or the opposite.

Use the picture as a guideline! Paint if you'd like with spray paint or wood stain, etc.

Ideas for uses:

  • Lay on serving or food table at your Easter party

  • Stand on a window sill, leaning up against the glass of a window, facing outside or inside

  • Spray with aerosol sealer or cover with "Modge Podge" brand sealer, let dry and stick in the ground by your front door, in a garden bed, or a (rectangular) flower pot; or hot glue sturdy wire to each letter, then stick the wire into the ground

  • Hot glue letters to a strip of fabric and hang as an Easter banner

  • Hot glue ribbon from the tops and tack above a door way

Make names and celebrate other holidays with this craft stick letter-making!

By Erin R. from Seffner, FL

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Tip: Easter Jars

Jars of candy.These are little Easter jars. The first was filled with preserves and the other with spaghetti sauce. I got a dollar stamp from Michaels and some spring paper and made these jars for Easter for the grandkids. They were very easy and I love recycling the jars

By Jill from Albert Lea, MN

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EZ Easter Egg Danglers

Plastic egg danglers.This charming egg-themed piece of art is created from 3 tiny, colorful plastic eggs and adorable pink ribbon. It can be used as decoration for a doorknob, wall, cabinet, window, drawer, or even rear-view mirror. The eggs can be decorated in a variety of ways, the only real limit is the crafter's imagination. Little gems or stickers can be glued to the egg, or designs can be painted by hand. Glitter spray or plain old glitter and glue can create a really fancy looking piece of art. Small ribbons and fabric flowers are perfect for a true springtime effect. It's a super easy, super fast, and very cheap way to bring some springtime joy to any area.

Approximate Time: about 45 minutes without drying time


  • 3 small plastic eggs, 1 and 1/2 inches long
  • 69 inches of pink ribbon
  • 10 inches of "other" colored ribbon
  • yellow craft spray paint
  • pink craft paint
  • paintbrush
  • super glue or craft glue
  • scissors
  • one decorative flower or bow, at least 1 and 1/2 inch big.


  1. Take plastic eggs and use a toothpick, needle, or straightened paper clip to poke a small hole in the wide sided bottom. Use a toothpick or paper-clip stuck in the hole as a handle while painting.
  2. Use craft spray-paint or regular craft paint and paint the eggs in assorted colors. Keep the handle in the egg, and place egg in small cup to let dry. You'll probably have to do a second coat for an even and smooth finish, so paint the eggs again, and let dry once more. If hand-painting the eggs, a third coat might be needed, so don't be afraid to repeat the paint and dry step again. Spray paint gives a shiny looking finish, hand-painting with craft paint will not. If a shiny look is desired when using craft paint, try some clear, glossy varnish made for general crafts. But wait and do the egg decorating in the next step before varnishing the craft paint.
  3. Use a little craft paint and a paintbrush to create a design on the eggs. Try "natural egg" blotches like in the photo, or try a glitter spray, stamping, stickers, or whatever you want to decorate the eggs. Let dry. If spray varnish is desired, now is the time to spray it on and let dry completely.
  4. Pick a shiny, thin pink ribbon, and cut 2 pieces 13 and 1/2 inches long, 2 pieces 16 inches long, and one piece 10 inches long. Pick a different colored ribbon and cut one piece 10 inches long.
  5. Fold the 10 inches pink ribbon in half and use a tiny dab of glue on the wide sided bottom of the egg where you made the hole. Press the fold of the ribbon into the glue and hold for five seconds. Wipe off any glue that got on the egg outside of the ribbon. Attach 13 and 1/2 inch ribbon to an egg as described, and a 16 inch ribbon to an egg. Let dry.
  6. Once dry, gather up the ribbons with eggs and make sure that all ribbon ends meet evenly, so that the eggs are hanging unevenly. Tie the top of the ribbons in a sturdy knot. Take the two remaining pink ribbons and drape them loosely around a doorknob and tie them in a loop with a knot. Slide the two knots next to each other, the one with the eggs hanging down, and the one with the plain ribbons on-top. Use assorted color ribbon to securely tie the two knots together with a bow. Now there are lots of easy, festive ribbons dangling around. Use a bow or flower and tie or glue it over the knots, in the middle of the bow.
  7. Hang from door, wall, cupboard, or rear-view mirror and enjoy!

By Aysha from Boise, ID

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Question: Making Easter Pins

Does anyone have instructions for making quick and easy Easter pins? I am looking for a rabbit, chick, or an Easter egg. Thanks.

By Joyce from Dubois, PA

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These served me well! Hope that helps.

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Craft: Bunny Tails


  • cotton balls (10-20 per tail)
  • glue
  • string, yarn, or twine
Bunny Tails


Cut enough string, yarn, or twine to wrap around the waist of the one who will wear the tail. In the middle of the string, start gluing the cotton balls in a clump. This is the messiest part, as the glue won't easily spread on the cotton balls. Keep adding cotton balls until you get the fluffiness you desire from the tail. Once dry, tie around the waist of your adorable bunny and have fun! Bunny Tails

The best part is, this craft is SUPER cheap depending on supplies on hand. It also makes a great prop for adorable pictures.

By mom2gracie from Wheaton Bunny Tails

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