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Uses for Old Floppy Disks

floppy disk pen holder

There are some ways to recycle those outdated floppy disks to make something useful. This guide contains uses for floppy disks.


Solutions: Uses for Old Floppy Disks

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Tip: Floppy Disk Organization

If you are still using floppys like I am, and store them in a floppy box you can't see what's on the floppy unless you take it out of the box. Using a black Sharpie, write on the metal edge, i.e. Thank you graphics, Good morning graphics, Jokes, Labels, etc. Easy to read at a quick glance stored in the box.

By Syd

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Question: Crafts Using Recycled Floppy Disks and CDs

I am looking for crafts using old floppy disks and non-working CD discs.

By Kelly from Medina, OH

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By Carol Overholt 5 30 10/08/2010

The sewing ornament is very unique, but it looks quite heavy, might be something fun just to hang in the sewing room. The coasters look very well done also. I love the Christmas tree idea. I've made the sun catchers before. Will try this next month! I wonder if you could also make other shapes like an angel using triangles for the body and wings and a diamond shape for the head. Could add color to the CD's on the body. Thanks for the inspiration!

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Question: Uses for Floppy Discs

Does anyone have a use for old floppy disks? I have many that I don't know what to do with or how to get rid of them. Can they be used in any other way?

By Cheryl from Phenix City, AL

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By Michael Ruger 19 115 08/01/2011

A Challenge! Foot Floor Hockey or Shuffleboard, a divider for card file box, construct small boxes out of them. Create art out of them, possibly jewelery. How about ice or pottery scrapers, sew up in material with say crumpled up paper, make bean bags. Magazine bookmarks. Those two small square holes? Possible decorated tree or wall ornaments. Most everything has many reuses.

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Question: Uses for Old Diskettes

How can I make use of old diskettes? What about broken and old cartridge?

By Aveneg from Iloilo, Philippines

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Archive: Uses for Floppy Discs

Now that computers no longer use floppy discs is there any use for all the unused ones I have? I hate to throw anything away that can be used for something else. Coasters are the only thing coming to mind.

Audrey from Enfield, CT

RE: Uses for Floppy Discs

I use mine to back up what I do each day, such as pictures, cute email, information from a site, etc. Then I can look at it again, and decide if I want to keep it, and burn to a CD. (01/25/2006)

By Lee

RE: Uses for Floppy Discs

I use them as backing for fridge magnetic hangers that I make myself. I stick a magnet to the back and I glue all kinds of things to the front, like photos or make pictures with left over scraps from my crafting. Or even a few small flowers. They make a good stable backing, easy to move around the refrigerator door. And when you feel like a change, either pull off the old decor and make a new one, or throw it away all together. (02/10/2006)

By Marion

RE: Uses for Floppy Discs

Make a floppy disk bag. Look at (11/05/2007)

By Billy

RE: Uses for Floppy Discs

They are still useful if you have old backup disks lying around. My dad has so many disks and they still have useful stuff on them, but I could burn those things on a CD. Coasters might work. (09/07/2008)

By Leopardclaw

RE: Uses for Floppy Discs

Frisbees. (11/24/2008)

By Lolcat