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Keeping Raccoons Out of Your Garden

Raccoon sitting in the garden near a flower pot.

Raccoons are awfully cute little bandits. However, when they start raiding the garden we generally start looking for ways to keep them out. This is a guide about keeping raccoons out or your garden.



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Tip: Keep Raccoons Out of Garden

To keep raccoons out of the sweet corn, put peanut butter between strips of aluminum foil folded over an electric wire about a foot off the ground. The raccoons will be attracted to the peanut butter and touch it and get a shock which will keep them away.

By Judy from Pierce, NE

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Question: Keeping Raccoons Out of Tomatoes

Any suggestions on how to keep raccoons out of our tomatoes? We already surrounded them with a 5 ft. deer net fence.

By H.

Most Recent Answer

By janice r08/12/2013

Put bubble wrap around the noise scares them off.