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Uses for Baby Wipes Containers

Open baby wipes container.

Baby wipes containers can be reused for a variety of things. They are a nice convenient size, have that easily accessible folding lid, and you can remove the top completely to add whatever you choose to store inside. This is a guide about uses for baby wipes containers.


Solutions: Uses for Baby Wipes Containers

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Tip: Uses for Baby Wipes Containers

I save baby wipe containers and find uses for them. Recently, I came up with a doozie! I always buy 13 gallon kitchen garbage bags in the economy rolls, and have always put up with the aggravation of having to wrangle them out of the package and it rolling around. Well, guess what! The roll fits perfectly in a baby wipe container, and I just fed the first bag up through the opening at the top.

We also use them to store prescriptions - they fit in the nightstand drawer, no pill bottles rolling around, and if we go out of town, we just grab up the baby wipe box and throw it in the suitcase!

They come in handy for all sorts of things:

  • dog food tote when traveling
  • dryer fabric softener sheets
  • jar lids
  • coupons I have cut out but haven't filed yet
  • on the sink for sponges, drain stopper, scrubber and detergent
  • piggy bank
  • catch-all when emptying pockets every night
  • personal grooming travel kit (holds razors, deodorant, etc. perfectly)
  • makeup and jewelry when traveling
  • extra napkins from fast food places kept in the car
  • receipts; dishwasher tabs
  • those little bottles of flavorings and extract that keep falling over on the cabinet shelf
  • my granddaughter's 'hair doodles'
  • economy sized boxes of Q-tips (no more spilled Q-tips down the sink!)
  • a sewing kit
  • for half-sheet paper towels, moistened with water, in my cleaning caddy, that are perfect for wiping off surfaces in each room
  • small containers of glitter, clay, and such from crafts, my granddaughter's crayons
Then, my granddaughter's elementary school teachers can always use what I have left over.

By Gloria from Darien, GA

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Tip: Recycling Wipe Pouches for Storage

wipes pouchI use these wonderful wipes, then use the container for something else around the house. They are great for flat things. I have zip ties, rubber bands, office supplies for the car, hair ties/bands and makeup for the girls, first aid, spare glasses, and just about anything you want to keep handy yet dry.

They are invaluable for camping silverware, matches, bite medicines, film, snacks, and more. I get them for just $1.12 at Walmart and when the wipes are gone, I have this wonderful little pouch I can use over and over again. If a seam breaks, I tape it with clear strapping tape, or just use the next one that is empty. You can't go wrong with these little gems!

By Sandra from Salem OR

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Tip: Reusing Baby Wipe Containers

You can re-use the nice white plastic container that Clorox wipes comes in. Remove the label and the lid and it works well for a lot of things. I store my feather duster in mine, but you could also use it to store your toilet bowl brush, yarn, kids toys, and other things, as well.

By Cyntimental from FL

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Tip: Reuse Baby Wet Wipe Container

Decorated container.You can dispense wet wipes from an old baby wipe container.

Approximate Time: 1/2 hour


  • empty plastic pop up baby wipe container
  • fabric, paper, wallpaper, paint, or stickers
  • new pack of generic wet wipes
  • tape or spray glue


Decorate your old plastic wipe container, add the whole package of wet wipes (leaving them in the bag and removing the plastic lid if it has one) and enjoy.

By Louella from Billings, MT

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Tip: For Dryer Lint

I use a baby wipes container with pop up dispenser to put the lint from my dryer into. It holds quite a bit and when it's full I just open it up and dump into the trash and it's ready to fill again. Also it goes anywhere like in the car or camping, too. It is a great little recycled trash container.

By Sue from Niles, MI

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Tip: Coupon Storage

I get tons of coupons. The place I like to store them is a baby wipes container. There's lots of room and I never have to worry about losing the lid.

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Tip: Baby Wipe Container Toy Building Blocks

What do you do with all those baby wipes boxes that you go through while raising your children? By using the same brand, but choosing different color packages you can make quite a collection. Then when they are empty, wash them out really clean and take the label off with "Goo-Gone" (a liquid orange product) and you have a ready-made, colorful, easy, set of BIG building blocks for your children to play with. Because they are clean inside, they make great little keeper boxes for kids little collections, too.

By Kelly from Mission, TX

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Tip: Use for Broken Diaper Wipes Box

So our kids broke the lid off the diaper wipe box they kept their little toys in. Don't throw it away just yet. Wait until you get your first really good snowfall and give it to the kids to use as a snow mold for bricks. Hey they just might learn how to build an Igloo!

By Debra in Colorado

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Here are questions related to Uses for Baby Wipes Containers.

Question: Uses for Empty Babywipe Containers

I use the empty container to cover my electric outlets that my appliances are plugged into. It is extra wide to cover the entire outlet. I used 2 small screws at the bottom and top to secure it to the wall. My grandson was always trying to reach for the plug when he came to visit. Since I could not unplug the refrigerator I came up with this idea. It worked. He no longer reaches for the plugs because he can't see them.

By Patricia from Alabama

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Most Recent Answer

By krista 2 33 06/30/2006 Flag

Marker Storage! with the flat sqarish ones, take the lids off of baby wipe container. Pour plaster of paris into the container, before this sets place marker lids (holes facing up) into the plaster of paris. Let it dry. Place markers into their lids. Now preschoolers wont loose the lids to markers (they will just lose the markers instead!) I used this in preschool classrooms and it was great!

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Question: Reusing Snap Top Plastic Containers

What ideas are out there to reuse snap top plastic canisters like the ones you would have for a disinfectant wipe?

By Laura

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Most Recent Answer

By Elaine S. 39 243 11/18/2011 Flag

I have one that I use for recipes. Another contains my bottles of nail polish.

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