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Clearing a Clogged Bathroom Sink

Clearing a Clogged Bathtub Drain, Pulling Hair From Clogged Drain

When the drains in the bathroom are backed up it can be quite a mess to deal with. Clearing the drain helps keep things stay clean in your bathroom. This is a guide about clearing a clogged bathroom drain.


Solutions: Clearing a Clogged Bathroom Sink

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Tip: Bleach for Unclogging Drains

To unclog a sink, tub or toilet, pour a bottle of bleach in the water over the drain and let sit. Check back in a few hours and it should be drained. Then run some hot water for a few minutes down it. I pour a 1/2 bottle of bleach in each of these every 3 months and run hot water just to keep them unclogged. Been doing this over 20 yrs and never a problem.

You may also want to invest in some small screen drains to put over drain when you unplug them to drain. Dump the screen drain out after each use and you will prevent anything from going down the line. Throw the screen drain in dishwasher for easy cleaning.

By Kathy from Jefferson, LA

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Here are questions related to Clearing a Clogged Bathroom Sink.

Question: Bathroom Sink Backsup into Tub

When the sink in the bathroom drains, the bathtub fills up with mucky black water. Then it slowly drains out of the bath tub.

By Jackie


Best Answer

By Louise B. [6]03/28/2015

One thing you could try, is blocking the drain in the bathtub, putting some water in the sink, and vigorously plunging the sink drain. It may be that a good plunging will dislodge the clog. I used to use this technique when I blocked the drain with gunk from my garbarator, and the other side of the twin sink would fill with foul water. Cover one sink, and plunge in the other.

Question: Clogged Bathroom Sink

I have a clogged sink. The water takes time to go down. I am thinking it's from hair dye. I once disposed of the remaining hair dye I was using down the bathroom sink. Could it be the hair dye I disposed of? It was 10-12-2012.

The water just started not going down in the last week. We took the drain out and used a liquid cleaning chemical a couple times. Then we took the trap off and made sure it was clean. It was. We are thinking there must be a clog from the wall pipe out. Any suggestions, please?



Most Recent Answer

By April R. [4]12/17/2012

I'm not sure what type of drain you have, but before calling a plumber (who will just run a snake down it if is just a clog), you can take a long narrow object like a kitchen knife and see if you can pull hair out. Keep pulling and pulling. Most of the time a clog is just a build up of hair and why spend the money on a plumber if you can reach it yourself?

Question: Clearing a Sluggish Sink

How can one clear an extremely slow bathroom sink drain without using caustic chemicals?

By Jay from Reston, VA

Most Recent Answer

By tricia minter [24]01/23/2010

I keep a plunger used only for my sinks. I usually put some Dawn or another grease cutter and add boiling water. After a few minutes, I use the plunger and it has always worked for me. I hate using chemicals.

Question: Clogged Bathroom Sink

My bathroom sink is clogged. I plunge it. It drains like a tornado. Next time I use it, it is clogged again. I have also tried drain cleaners and a snake. Now what?


Most Recent Answer

By Maryeileen [76]03/16/2014

I meant to say drain cleaners, not drainers!

Question: Bathroom Sink Drains Slowly

How does one unclog a bathroom sink in which the stopper cannot be removed from the sink?


Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [6]12/16/2011

If you mean one of the metal stoppers that moves up and down with a lever on the top of the tap, or with a metal plunger, it is removable. It has a hook on the bottom that connects to a hook down in your drain, that connects to the plunger. You just have to turn it sideways to unhook it. Hooking it up again can be a problem, I have found, although my plumber friend did it for me in about 2 secs when he changed out my dripping taps.

Try plunging first. Then try something like Drano if plunging doesn`t cure the problem. If this is a bathroom sink, it likely has hair & soap scum & maybe whiskers clogging up the drain. If you can get the plug out, you can reach down with a wire hook or even an old tooth brush and scoop out the hair.

Do not bother with baking soda and vinegar. The chemical reaction that you get is merely carbon dioxide bubbles and the two products neutralizing each other, making salt water. How is that going to dissolve a hair clog!

Question: Unclogging a Bathroom Sink

My bathroom sinks keep clogging up, repeated use of Drano is not working. Help!

By Icu3 from Columbus

Most Recent Answer

By Beth [25]01/30/2011

If the stopper in your sink doesn't pull out, you will need to get under the sink and undo what holds it in. Once you get that out you will probably find a lot of hair and gunk.

Question: How Do I Clear Standing Water in Bathroom Sink Drain?

There is always water in the drain hole in my bathroom sink, right up to the top of the drain. Water drains fine, but never completely, therefore it seems to always have black moldy stuff in the drain that flushes up in the sink anytime the water is turned on.

I have tried cleaning the drain, but there is nothing plugging it. I have used many commercial and green cleaning methods, which cleans the drain for a while, but since water (and anything rinsed down the drain) always sits at the surface, it doesn't take long to become "cruddy" again. How can I get the water to drain farther down the pipes?

By RocknChr from Central NE

Most Recent Answer

By Homerepairtime [1]04/04/2011

At some point you are going to need to change out the P trap. Look under your sink. You will see a nut that is just down from the sink. Then, you will see one just before the drain pipe enters into the wall. Put a bucket under this area. You should be able to do this by hand, turn the nuts to the left. If it is too difficult take a pair of grip plyers and carefully unscrew the nut. Do the same for the back one. You will see a washer that is attached to the pipes. In side the pipe is probably coated with drudge. Don't throw away the P trap just yet Go to a home center and buy one. The bathroom usually has a (1 1/4") diameter pipe, but some have a (1 1/2"). Take your P trap, nut, and washer to the store with you. The kit is about $10.00. Put it back together, making sure you screw the nut on correctly, and don't forget the washer. You just saved about $150.00 in plumbing repairs.

Question: Bathroom Sink Will Not Drain

I have plunged, used a zip with teeth, used Draino, and even "Liquid Lighting" (virgin sulfuric acid with 12 buffers) the drain won't drain.

By Cheryl R.

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [446]01/28/2015

It might be that a root has crimped or broken the drain line outside the wall. If you know someone with a power washer, a very quick spritz of that kind of pressure might help, but ultimately it might be time for some professional help. Good luck.

Question: Unclogging a Bathroom Drain

How do I unclog a drain?

By Laurie

Most Recent Answer

By Vi Johnson [286]01/14/2010

Just this week I had the kitchen sink/garbage disposal side, back up. I poured a cup of baking soda ( in both sides of the sink ) followed by about 3-4 cups of white vinegar( I just poured if from the gal. jug) in the water that was standing there and turned on the hot water and garbage disposal and that worked right away. I let the water run in the disposal and then poured a couple of tablespoonsful of liquid dish soap with it.
Worked and No Plummer bill. GG Vi

Question: Will Baby Powder Clog a Drain?

Will washing baby powder down the drain cause drainage problems down the line?

By Ray

Most Recent Answer

By J-Kat [7]02/16/2015

My husband created the "Dental Floss Monster" by flushing his floss daily for about 5 years. We couldn't figure out why his toilet was backing up, while mine (separate baths) where I flushed tampons never did. When he snaked the toilet, it looked like an old unraveled hemp rope - grossest thing ever. And of course, I'm saying, "You flush dental floss?" (He quit, of course.)

Question: Unclogging a Bathroom Sink

How do I unblock a bath\bathroom sink when water comes back up the bath plughole and smells disgusting?

By Mags

Most Recent Answer

By scott E. [21]11/29/2013

I use a large pot of boiling water with a good shot of dish soup. Pour in sink and let set for a min. and take a toilet plunger and push the water down the drain. You may have to do it more than once. No need for chemicals.


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Archive: Unclogging Your Bathroom Sink

My daughter and I have thick hair and constantly are clogging up our bathroom sink. I could not pull out the hair gunk with a tweezers because it is too deep. A light bulb went off in my head. I grabbed a melon baller and conveniently pulled up the ball of hair! No mess, and no need to call the plumber! No toxic cleaners needed either!

By AmyLucille from Fremont, OH

RE: Unclogging Your Bathroom Sink

There are drains specifically for catching hair before it goes down the drain, seems like this would be easier. I see them a lot in catalogs. (09/20/2006)

By Dotty

Archive: Unclogging a Bathroom Sink Drain

How to unclog bathroom sink drain, would bleach help? Water just takes too long to drain. I just hope it wont need to be taken apart. if so, maybe a little help there too. Thanks, Dave from Galloway, OH

RE: Unclogging a Bathroom Sink Drain

I purchase a gallon of vinegar from the grocery store and pour it down and sink and let it sit. It works for toilets too. Debbi (03/07/2007)


RE: Unclogging a Bathroom Sink Drain

This method always works for me. Start with pouring at least half a box of baking soda into the drain and then proceed to pour an equal amount of vinegar (apple cider works best) down the drain on top of the baking soda. This produces a very fun (kind of like a volcano) action that seems to work at dissolving the scum in the drain. Wait about 15-20 to allow the mixture to really work and then pour very hot water down the drain. I very seldom have to repeat this process a second time and I do this about every three-four months and it seems to keep my drain running smoothly and also smelling nice. (03/07/2007)

By celticwench

RE: Unclogging a Bathroom Sink Drain

Believe it or not, use Nair (the leg hair remover) to unclog the drain. Think about it, it dissolves the hair on your legs, right? Just put a bottle of it down your drain, let it sit for about half an hour, then put hot water down the drain, it will clean it out and keep working on the "gunk" further down the line as it continues to move down the pipes. DO NOT USE THIS ON SEPTIC TANKS! (03/07/2007)

By grammaoftwo

RE: Unclogging a Bathroom Sink Drain

Most likely the clog is hair and other gunk that has collected on the pivot rod that connects to the drain plug. What has to be done is look under the sink unscrew the pivot nut,pull out the pivot rod then lift out the drain plug.Clean the drain plug and the pivot rod and reassemble.Takes only a few minutes.I do it when ever the water starts to fill up in the sink with the drain plug open. (03/07/2007)

By foxrun41

RE: Unclogging a Bathroom Sink Drain

My nephew, who is a plumber, told me to pour bleach down the drain at least once a week. (03/08/2007)

By pam from bellwood, il

RE: Unclogging a Bathroom Sink Drain

I haven't used any products for years. Instead, I bought a plunger with a short handle, which I labeled 'sink'. When the drain starts to slow, I just use the plunger. You'll need someone to plug the side holes with a towel. Keep one hand free to keep the sink closer open, plunge with your other hand and it'll work. I spent money, used the vinegar and baking soda, but buying this cheap plunger worked the best and it's still going strong! There's another post going around with clogged toilets and a lot of the replies are to use dish washing detergent. If you do a search, maybe you'll find a good response! (03/08/2007)

By mikki

RE: Unclogging a Bathroom Sink Drain

I bought an enzyme drain cleaner from the home improvement store. It is safe for septic tanks and old pipes. You just mix a cap full of the stuff with warm water, pour down the drain and let it sit over night. I like using this because it's natural - little bacteria are "activated" and "eat" the gunk in the pipes. Also, this way if you do end up having to take apart the trap, you won't have to deal with harsh chemicals. (03/08/2007)

By Colleen

Archive: How Do You De-Clog a Sink Drain?

I need help de-clogging my sink drain. I have a double sink, I just finished a load of clothes and both sides of the sink are clogged. Both sinks are full of water.


RE: How Do You De-Clog a Sink Drain?

Use equal amounts of salt and baking soda. Stir them up and stuff as far down and as much as you can down the hole, then pour HOT water, almost boiling on top - you may have to wait a few minutes but IT WORKS! (12/14/2007)

By jon_ina

RE: How Do You De-Clog a Sink Drain?

I have had a few plumber friends who have told me the worst thing you can do to your plumbing is use something caustic like liquid plumber. Besides it's not good for the Earth. I have purchased a long flat plastic flexible "stick" at ACE hardware stores for less than $3 that has "teeth" on each side. I stick it down the sink or tub drain twist it a smidgen and pull up and out of the drain. You won't believe what you get, and you probably don't want to know. Also, I have used an old WaterPik unit that we don't use on our teeth anymore and I squirt it down the sink toward the walls of the drain or plunger and wash away a lot of gunk that slows draining and can become smelly. (07/07/2008)

By nancycorinne

Archive: Clearing a Sluggish Sink

How do you clear a sluggish sink?


Archive: Clearing a Sluggish Sink

I have a bathroom sink that is extremely slow in draining and backs up. I've heard of certain things like boiling water and dishwasher soap poured down as a possible remedy.


Archive: Unclogging a Bathroom Sink

How do you unclog a bathroom basin?