Organizing Ribbon

Stack of Ribbons

Even a few spools of ribbon can easily become a tangled mess if they aren't kept organized. Keep your ribbons organized and easy to access for your next craft or project. This is a guide to organizing ribbon.


Solutions: Organizing Ribbon

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Tip: Controlling Runaway Ribbon

After several tries, this hanger method seems to be working the best for me. I can see every roll, pull off what I need, cut it and I don't have the roll laying on my table to be put away or in my way. I just opened up a hanger, slipped the rolls on and hooked the hanger back together. As you can see, I grouped the rolls by color.

By Ann W from Loup City, NE Rolls of ribbon on two wire hangers hanging on the wall.

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Tip: Turn an Old Muffin Tin Into a Ribbon Caddy

How to recycle an old muffin tin into a ribbon caddy: Muffin Tin Ribbon Organizer muffin tin and dowels

  1. Spray paint an old muffin tin and appropriate number of dowel rods (any size that will accommodate a spool of ribbon).

  2. Fill each mold with Crayola Model Magic, or any other air-drying clay.

  3. Place one dowel rod into the center of each filled mold until the dowel reaches the bottom.

  4. Make a small "snake" piece of clay and wrap around the base of the rod to hold in place.

  5. Let air dry per instructions.

  6. Ribbon can then be slid and stacked down the rods, allowing you to pull off desired amount of ribbon without removing any of the other rolls.

By April from Albany, GA

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Tip: Sugar Dispenser for Ribbon

Glass sugar dispensers are inexpensive and work perfectly for containing those bundles of curling ribbon. Tuck the ribbon into the jar, then thread the ends through the opening in the lid. No more lost ends and tangles messes!

messy ribbon ribbon in jar

    By lalala... [702]

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    Tip: Ribbon Drawer

    I love using ribbons for all kinds of projects so when there is a sale or an end of the season clearance, I will be there stocking up. To keep my ribbons and my other craft projects organized (not easy!), I purchased an inexpensive white four drawer dresser to use as my craft central. Because I had so many spools of ribbon, I needed a way to keep them organized in my ribbon drawer.

    I found that by using the tops from the boxes that reams of paper come in, I am able to stand the spools upright side by side; very similar to the way you would see them in the stores. Then I sort them by color, season, occasion, etc. Two lids will sit one on top of the other in the drawer for easy access. You can just lift out and pick which one you want to use. For the larger spools, I have enough space on the side of my drawer to place a shoe box for these. This method helps keep my ribbons dust free, organized, and easily accessible.

    Here are two other tricks I use to keep my ribbons organized. I snip the outside of the cardboard spool to make a small notch and slip the end of the ribbon over this. This prevents your ribbons from becoming loose and tangled. I am a big believer in recycling and reusing so if I receive pretty ribbons I will use empty spools to rewind the ribbon for use later on. Hope this helps!

    By Marnie from West Simsbury, CT

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    Tip: Create Your Own Ribbon Holder

    ribbon holderCreate your own ribbon holder for less than $2 using leftover materials: use an old wire basket (it is OK if some of the slats are broken) and several 12 inch long dowel rods (or pant hanger cardboard) cut to length.

    Slide the dowel through one end of the basket, place the ribbon spools and then thread the other end through the basket. VOILA! A ribbon holder for less than $2. The craft stores sell these for $20 or more. Now you have more money to purchase those adorable patterned ribbons.

    By Diana from Prospect, KY

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    Tip: Thread Ribbon Onto Spool

    To keep the ribbon from falling around the spool, cut a slit in the cardboard in the same manner as sewing thread spools have a slit in them to contain the end of the thread. As you finish using it, "thread" the end of the ribbon into the slit. Also, a paper towel holder that is vertical is a good way to hold several spools of ribbon.

    By Vicki from Dallas, TX

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    Tip: Secure Ribbon on Spools With Rubber Bands

    Instead of using tape or pins to keep you rolls of ribbon from unwinding, I found that rubber bands are easier, quicker, and leave no holes or stickiness on the ribbon.

    With scissors, I simply clip a tiny slit in the side of the round cardboard ribbon spool, then clip another notch or slit directly across from the first slit. These tiny cuts give the rubber band a place to catch so it won't slide off the round cardboard spool. If you like, you can also cut a notch in the back of the spool and again at the back of the edge that's opposite the first cut.

    Now instead of removing a pin or tape whenever I need to use my ribbon, I simply remove the rubber band and it's easy to replace. I bought a large bag of rubber bands at the dollar store and I use them for all kinds of things. I keep rubber bands on various door knobs all around the house just like my mom did when I was growing up. This way, I always have one available when I need it!

    By Cyinda from near Seattle-Tacoma

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    Tip: Hang Ribbon Spools

    I hung 2 chains from my ceiling 2 3/4 feet apart and 3 feet long. Then I took a 1/2 inch pole that is 3 feet long and filled it with the ribbons that were on their original cardboard spools. These have a hole that is usually at least 1/2 inch or more; I try to put the same color and types together.

    When the poles have about 6 inches of space left, I push the rolls into the center of the poles, then find the same space on both chains and place filled poles through the holes on both chains. You space each pole as far down on the chain as needed depending on how wide the cardboard spools are. Leave enough space between each row of spools so the ribbon can easily be unrolled when you are in need of some ribbon.

    I have had my ribbon like this for almost 10 years; it has worked really well. If you do need to remove a roll of ribbon or one becomes empty and you want to add a new one, you will need to very carefully remove just that pole with all the rolls on it. Be sure and not pull the chain so far apart that all will get loose or you will have a mess to clean up and reorganize. I have put a roll of ribbon on the part of the pole that is put through the chain. I use one that seemed to be really tight. This way it will not slide off of the chain as easily.

    By Cora from NC

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    Tip: CD Spool for Storing Ribbon

    You can use the empty spool and container to store craft ribbon. It keeps the dust out nicely.

      By geminisinger [2]

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      Tip: Use Holiday Ribbon Year Round

      Not all your holiday paper/ribbon has to be put away. Red, green, gold, etc. can be used by themselves for other occasions throughout the year.

      By Pamphyila from Los Angeles

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