Getting Rid of Cockroaches

Getting Rid of Cockroaches, Woman about to hit a cockroach with a frying pan.

Cockroaches are disgusting pests and can be very tough to get rid of. There are many ways to tackle this pest. This is a guide about getting rid of cockroaches.


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Tip: Roach Prufe Around Perimiter To Eradicate Roaches

I lived in a Texas house with several roommates. And cockroaches, BAD! We had tried the "bombs." It was quite a bit of work covering certain places with plastic, taking ALL laundry to laundromat during, and washing all dishes after. They didn't work as hoped for, then I read about Roach Prufe. I also read of the best application technique.

Start at one point of the home, somewhere along the perimeter where the floor meets the wall. Lay out a line along the entire perimeter of every room in the home. I realize some people will see this and immediately think of how they do not want this white powder line showing along the entire perimeter of their home. They prefer to just throw some piles of powder under the sink and behind the water heater, and maybe a few other hidden places. We had tried this hit/miss sprinkling powder before we read of the "perimeter technique" but we had roaches BAD and hit/miss did not work before.

The perimeter instructions told of how it was safe for people and pets; and to imagine how, for any roach in the home to get from the floor to the wall, you make him [or her, lol] crawl past the powder. It was 98% boric acid and 2% inert stuff to help it adhere to the roach so he could go share it in his nest. The only piece of perimeter where we did not lay out a line was in the bathroom along tub/floor run. We laid our line down using a flat-surfaced cafeteria tray and a 6 inch flex tape knife [drywall tool]. We only made the line about 1/8 inch wide and we got it looking quite uniform to where it looked sort of like a trim molding.

Every sign of a roach was GONE in less than a month! There would be dead ones lying around here and there during the time, but they would usually just go into their nests to die. We left the line down for another month or so, and then we got the crevice attachment on the vacuum cleaner and sucked up all of the lines where they were openly visible. I never saw another roach in that house for the three more years I lived there. I would imagine that other boric acids would work, but Roach Prufe was what we used. The instructions we had read said that if followed exactly as stated. ALL ROACHES WILL BE GONE! They were correct.

    By Rob S. [3]

    Tip: Reuse Plastic Easter Eggs As Cat Toys

    Please recycle your plastic Easter eggs. Place a pebble or piece of dog food inside the plastic egg and close. This makes a great cat toy for the shelter cats.

    By nlmn from Chesapeake, VA

    Tip: Use Wasp Spray to Kill Roaches

    Incidentaly, Hot Shot wasp spray kills roaches very effectively. If you see one scurrying along, just bust out the wasp spray. It has excellent range and aiming capabilities.

    I found this out because it was the only thing I had on hand and I didn't want to get near the thing. I hit it dead in the face with a stream of it and it ran into my sink, where it died. I sprayed it more for good measure even though it was dead and found out that wasp spray is also awesome for adding the most beautiful glowing shine to stainless steel sinks. How awesome!

    Just make sure you open a window after and wipe up the spray. It's very strong smelling to use indoors.

      By KandiMarie [1]

      Article: Garden Insects: Cockroaches

      Garden Insects: Cockroaches


      Adult cockroaches are medium-sized insects, with a broad, flat shape and long antennae. Often confused with beetles, the cockroach's wings are membranous and they lack the thick, hard forewing of beetles. Nymphs (immature cockroaches) look similar to adult cockroaches but lack wings. All cockroaches are nocturnal and prefer warm, damp and dark environments. They will usually quickly run for cover when disturbed. Indoor cockroaches will infest any environment that has food preparation and storage areas or warm, damp areas like drains, basements or garages. Outdoor cockroaches tend to be found in sewers, or areas where livestock is produced, but have been known to move inside when the opportunity presents itself. Cockroaches reproduce very rapidly. One female and her offspring can produce over 800 cockroaches a year. Signs you have roaches include shed skin casts, accumulations of droppings (dark spots or greasy smears), egg cases and dead cockroaches.

      Favorite Foods

      Cockroaches will eat anything humans and animals eat, in addition to many things we don't eat (finger nail clippings, soiled clothes, paper, pet fur, dead insects, etc.).


      The main danger cockroaches present are the transmission of disease. They may transmit bacteria that cause food poisoning (salmonella) and are capable of transmitting other disease-causing organisms like streptococcus, hepatitis virus, coliform bacteria as well as spreading typhoid and dysentery.


      The key to preventing a cockroach infestation is good sanitation and making your household an unsuitable environment.
      • Clean up food dishes at night (including pet food), keep surfaces dry, floors swept and rugs vacuumed.

      • Make sure garbage cans have tight-fitting lids and food is kept in airtight containers.

      • Use tight-fitting screens on doors and windows and use caulking to seal around pipes leading to the outdoors.

      • Trim shrubs away from outdoor vents to increase light and air circulation.

      • Remove trash and debris from yard (like lumber and firewood) where roaches may hide.

      Methods of Control:

      • Use open-ended traps that contain bait along with a sticky substance to prevent roaches from escaping. You can buy these commercially or make your own with a quart-sized can, petroleum jelly and a piece of white bread. Place traps on the floor along walls behind appliances and near doors where roaches are likely to find them. Roaches may become wary of traps after a few days. It's best to check traps daily and move them every few days.

      • Dust surfaces near cracks and crevices with a fine dusting of boric acid powder. Commercial products are also available to add boric acid to mop water. Warning: Boric acid is poisonous. Keep it stored away from children and pets and do not use it on surfaces where pets walk or in areas where pets may get it on them.

      Tip: Roach Repellent

      Away with Pesky Roaches! If anyone should have roaches in the kitchen/house, it should be me! Life is difficult for the organizationally impaired! A friend shared this tip with me in 1974, and I have been roach free since, in rental properties, and in my own home for the past 25 years. This is the "Solution".

      Get powdered boric acid (available over the counter in the pharmacy). Add approximately 1/4 cup boric acid to 3 cups of water. Boil in a saucepan until the boric acid is dissolved. When the solution has cooled, put in a spray bottle. Spray the boric acid solution on all surfaces inside empty cabinets (sides and top as well). Allow to completely dry and put in shelf paper before replacing items in cabinets. The boric acid that coats the surfaces under the shelf paper will dehydrate any roaches and most other insects and will keep them away!

      By Kay B H

      Tip: Cornstarch For Roaches

      I was told that cornstarch was an easy way to help get rid of roaches. Is that true? If so, does anyone have any directions for it? A friend of mine and her husband really need the help. My friend is allergic to all forms of bug sprays and bombs. Please help if you can. Thanks.

      Dawn from Iowa

      Tip: Peanut Butter Cockroach Trap

      To kill cockroaches, take a glass jar and put some peanut butter in the bottom of the jar. Put a good smear of vegetable oil around the inside lip of the jar to make it very slippery. The roaches smell the peanut butter, go in after it and can't get out (they slip and fall back into the jar). When the jar has a few roaches in it, cap it off with the lid and put it in the sun to kill them. Then throw the whole lot in the garbage. This will effectively reduce the cockroach population in a short time. If they lay egg cases while they are dying (as they do in traps), it's all contained in the jar.

      By Kathy

      Tip: Hairspray as Roachspray in a Pinch

      Out of bug spray see a roach? Spray him with hair spray works faster and dead every time!

      By SAM

      Tip: Prevent Roaches and Ants with Boric Acid

      When I was growing up, we used Boric Acid powder around our baseboards in the kitchen, around the backsplash on the counters and in the drawers and cabinets to prevent roaches, ants, etc.

      It is also used (diluted down) as an eye wash for eye infections.

      By Tawnda

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      Here are questions related to Getting Rid of Cockroaches.

      Question: Roaches in an Apartment

      I have a problem. My family moved into these apartments 5 to 7 years ago and the first apartment we had was good, no bugs. Then we moved into a different apartment, but still in the same complex and when we moved there we had 3 or 4 years of peace until we started getting bed bugs. After we found out, we got rid of all of the bed bugs.

      But 9 months or so after that we got infested with roaches and we have gotten things and exterminators to try get rid of them. Soon enough they left for 3 months, but 2 days ago I found one adult in my room. I thought it was no problem, but the next night I found 3 of them and don't know why they came back. I have only seen them in my room. I have the middle room. I really need some help. Thanks.

      By Eboy from Westville, NJ


      Best Answers

      By Michele [18]03/03/2010

      I agree with redhatterb. I used to live in a luxury apartment. One thing that wasn't luxorious was the roaches. The whole building will have to get exterminated. When just one apartment gets sprayed they just move to the next.

      Best Answers

      By Suzann [2]03/27/2009

      I used Combat roach killing gel and it kills all of them even when the infestation is extreme. I called because I couldn't find it in my area, and Combat sent me several coupons and told me which stores carried it. 1-800-426-6228 is the combat helpline #. I hate to use poisons in my home but roaches are the limit. The lady who told me about it was where the roaches came from, they go everywhere with you. Her house was the worse case of roaches ever and they haven't had any since putting down the Combat. Good luck. Suzann

      Best Answers

      By Ashley Martin03/27/2009

      With boric acid, if you mix it 1/2 and 1/2 with granulated sugar, it won't "clump up." Keep in mind that roaches are there for the food and moisture, so pull back the fridge and stove, sweep the areas well, and put out the sugar/boric acid mixture along the baseboards. Also, put it along the back of the cabinets under the sink. A good way to keep it contained is to use used, clean lids (i.e. tops of plastic baby food containers, yogurt lids, etc.). The roaches walk through it, it sticks to their feet, and they take it back to their "nests" where the roaches clean each other (lick each others' bodies and feet), thus ingesting the mixture... and VOILA! Kills them! =)

      Question: Getting Rid of Cockroaches

      Is it better to spray before renovation or after? What is the best product to do the job myself?

      By Sam


      Best Answers

      By Nightsong [35]01/10/2012

      I have used boric acid before, but it seems the roaches eventually come back. Especially if you live close to a wooded area or have neighbors that use an extermination service. The best thing I have found is Combat gel. It comes in a syringe type tube and leaves a thin line of the product. Roaches eat it, then return to the nesting site. They die. Then others eat them and they die. It usually takes 3-4 days. After 7 years, I have had no returns.

      Best Answers

      By Frugal Sunnie [11]01/10/2012

      Having done several renos of infested properties, I feel like an old pro, lol!

      I'd spray first, use something like liquid Sevin and be liberal. Make sure to follow the directions to the letter. If at all possible, spray two-three days ahead of the scheduled demolition day to avoid being swarmed by fleeing creepies, and be sure to spread a good band on the perimeter of your demo area so they can't flee the spray and then creep back in when the spray dries. Wet spray kills on contact, dry spray takes a few more hours. Your demolition crew will thank you for not having to cope with the horror of swarming roaches.

      Very important: be sure that you and your crew wear properly fitted face masks and other protective gear as dead roaches spread disease every bit as much as live ones. Oh eeww!

      Then after the reno is complete, spray again to keep the roaches hiding temporarily in the shrubs from re-infesting the nice new tasty reno materials you've just installed. Again, make sure to lay down a wide perimeter band, this time to keep the little rotters out.

      Re the boric acid, I have used it as a indoor perimeter shield at baseboards and in cabinets. It works great and is inexpensive but takes time, and does need to be applied where children, pets, and foods are not exposed to it. One of the reasons I like the liquid Sevin is that once it dries it's not as dangerous to children and pets.

      Anything you use to kill cockroaches is a poison-to you and the roaches, though, never forget that for a moment whilst handling it and planning where to apply it.

      Question: Roaches In a Very Clean Home?

      Help! I'm petrified! I have never had a roach in my home, ever, in fact I sanitize counters, mop and vacuum floors constantly, yet this morning there was a huge (an inch or so) tan roach sitting on my sink. I absolutely freaked out. It's dead. Then I read up online and tried to identify it,seems to me it might be a German roach, so I immediately went to the store, bought boric acid and some Ortho spray and combat roach baits, sprinkled the boric along the foundation outside the house, along inside and outside of windows, doorways, basement windows and cracks and crevices in my kitchen.

      Tonight I snuck into my kitchen (Because I cant sleep knowing this is in my house) with a flashlight, and there was a black small thinner bug had with some tan markings on it but didn't really look like a roach. It had antennae as well as what seemed to be a single antennae out the rear part of him. I found two more within 20 minutes and they were all crawling by the base of the dishwasher.

      It is very clean there, however there has been a leak lately that I need to have fixed. Bottom line, is this possible to have roaches when you have an extremely clean home?

      The only thing I can think of is maybe it came from a grocery bag or from the wooded area in my yard. I have no idea what to do beyond what I've done so please write back immediately and help me, I'm very upset.

      I looked in all of the crevices and under the sink and although it was a bit wet by the back of the closet under the sink, there was nothing there, but I have a roach hotel under there just in case.

      Thank you so much,
      Stacey From New York

      Most Recent Answer

      By tosk200811/21/2013

      Caulk all the crevices and all the baseboards in your home, cockroaches are flat and can get into everything! The cabinets... put down fly sticky traps where you can't reach under the sinks ect. It will help a lot!

      Question: Getting Rid of Roaches and Mice

      I am looking for suggestions for getting rid of mice and cockroaches from my cupboards?

      By Candace

      Most Recent Answer

      By Kelli [27]04/09/2013

      Roach bait:
      1 lb. boric acid
      1 large onion, grated
      1 cup flour
      2 T sugar
      Enough milk to make a paste
      Roll into balls and let dry. Place at the back of cabinets, under shelves, behind the stove or fridge. We use this here in the tropics with big jungle roaches and it works!

      Question: Getting Rid Of Roaches

      I am trying to get rid of roaches. They won't go away. Any suggestions?

      By Poo from TX

      Most Recent Answer

      By Kathy [5]01/24/2010

      I had a contract with a pest control company also. He would come out several times a month.He said that they were coming from the neighbors. Bull. I fired him and went in search of something that works!
      I agree about the Combat roach gel. It has to be gel in the syringe! I buy it at WalMart, about $6. You don't want to use very much at all. o begin with, it is not necessary, plus the fact that when the gel dries it is a brown color. So make sure that where you put it is out of sight. Within 2 weeks I was totally free of all roaches. About every 5 years I'll see one; put the gel out and never see another one. Good luck, Kathy, Richland, MS

      Question: Roaches in the Kitchen

      I just saw a roaches in the kitchen. Please help me get rid of them. I don't want them increase in number.

      By Rehana from UAE

      Most Recent Answer

      By Robyn [369]05/20/2013

      Here is a link.

      This stuff works!

      Question: Boric Acid for Killing Roaches

      Has anyone used boric acid for killing roaches? Please let me know what you think about it. I have a young child and 3 dogs. I'm not sure about this as a safe pest control substance.

      By DarcyJayne from TX

      Most Recent Answer

      By Vanessa Benitez L.01/23/2014

      I know this question sis probably old but here goes it:

      I faced the same dilemma. Boric acid can be safe for insect eradication and control if you are adults living alone and use it in hard to reach places. With children and pets I would not run the risk. I have found that Food grade diametaceous earth which I purchase on Amazon $15 for a huge jug, works extremely well and is safe for my girls and dogs. I supplement with the combat gel in syringe in higher places like window sill corners or cracks between cabinets and walls where the powder won't stay.

      Question: Pet Safe Method of Getting Rid of Cockroaches

      I saw a solution that uses baking soda, powdered sugar, and boric acid. I have cats and I want to make sure I don't kill my cats while killing the cockroaches.

      By d

      Most Recent Answer

      By Henrietta B. [7]12/11/2012

      We had problems with eeky roaches in our rental house! Of course the landlord did notta, so it was up to us. But we had a kitty & was told to put out boric acid, but it can be harmful if ingested by animals. We used Eucalyptis oil mixed with water or alcohol, or peppermint oil mixed with the same. Can use about equal parts of each. Just spray around to make the roaches run away! Also, our cat got fleas from every animal tracking thru our yard and we washed her in Bath & Body works Eucalyptis Aroma therapy body wash and those things came running up to her little head where I plucked them with tweezers and squished them! Also, they have Cloud Nine flea oil that u add directly to their shampoo. But it can dry out their skin if u use it too often.

      Question: Getting Rid of Cockroaches With Bleach and Water

      If I was to use a 50/50 solution of water and bleach, would the fumes get rid of cockroaches? I have sprayed them with the same solution and it kills them dead. Of course I don't spray the solution on carpet.

      By Laww

      Most Recent Answer

      By norma carlyon07/23/2011

      Alcohol won't kill cockroaches. They have been around for millions of years. They went hundreds of years frozen in ice. In scorching heat, and even have not ingested food for years and the buggers are still around, 'they will be back'.

      Question: Getting Rid of Roaches Without Harming Pets

      How do I get rid of the humongous, gargantuan roaches that are getting into my house? I have kitties in the house and dogs outdoors and need something that is totally non-toxic to my pets. I have covered everything that I can think of where a roach could get in. They're still here, yuck!

      By animalsangel from Texas

      Most Recent Answer

      By Cricket [205]05/13/2009

      LOL! To me, any bug bigger than a gnat is humongous and gargantuan! But having lived in Texas before and also living in the Southeast most of my life. I know what you mean!

      And Fatboyslim: these aren't water bugs she's talking about! The ones she means make our water bugs look like gnats! I'm getting the chills just thinking of them!

      I do my own exterminating though. I get the Malathion that is designed to be used outdoors only. I look at it this way. If it'll work outdoors then it should work indoors too. But I make it up stronger than the label says and I go through the entire house. Every nook, cranny, around the crown molding and baseboards, around each window and door, under all the drawers and in all the cabinets. Then I tackle the outside and do the same thing. I also spray about 2 feet out from the house.

      I do this monthly in the "bug" season, and once every 3 months in cold months. Just remember, in some parts of the country there's just no getting rid of them completely so don't pull your hair out. All you can do is control them and keep them at bay. Good luck!

      Question: Getting Rid of Roaches

      I have 4 rose of Sharon bushes in my front yard. They were planted 5 years ago, but the last few years I have been getting roaches from them or from somewhere and I don't know what to do. It has never happened to me before so I'm not sure why it would start now. Thanks for any and all help.

        By Phatmama7 [1]

        Most Recent Answer

        By Robyn [369]06/29/2015


        Question: How to Get Rid of Roaches?

        We have water bugs, they are a real problem. We cannot move at the moment, so how do you control these monsters?

        By Mary

        Most Recent Answer

        By Joan [21]05/02/2013

        My daughter has had success using Catnip. Just sprinkle it around the areas where you see the bugs. Also, this is non-poisonous and will not harm pets or people.

        Question: Cockroaches and Delivery Boxes

        I found a roach in my home. My son has been receiving a lot of game/computer deliveries in cardboard boxes which sit around forever after being opened. Could these deliveries be the source of the cockroach?

        By Bev

        Most Recent Answer

        By LARRY FLUITT05/12/2013

        If you mean did the roaches come in because of the boxes, no...they did probably come in from where they boxes originated, it's very common.

        25th year doing pest control

        Question: Getting Rid of Roaches

        I have never had a roach problem before. But since it has been getting cold lately, I have been finding roaches outside and now they are in my house. My house is really clean, I am a neat freak. The roaches are coming up from my drains and I don't know what to do with them; I have never had to deal with them. I have animals, so I do not know what to do and I have heard that bombing will not work. I'm totally grossed out, I need some advise please.

        By Alycia from OK

        Most Recent Answer

        By Deanj03/09/2012

        Boric acid is not a very safe product to use. If you decide to use it be very careful as it is not completely safe. You can get more information from the national poison control center.

        Boric acid poisoning

        Boric acid is a dangerous poison. Poisoning from this chemical can be acute or chronic. Acute boric acid poisoning usually occurs when someone swallows powdered roach-killing products that contain the chemical.

        Chronic poisoning occurs in those who are repeatedly exposed to boric acid. For example, in the past, boric acid was used to disinfect and treat wounds. Patients who received such treatment over and over again got sick, and some died.

        This is for information only and not for use in the treatment or management of an actual poison exposure. If you have an exposure, you should call your local emergency number (such as 911) or the National Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222.

        Question: How to Get Rid of Roaches?

        My baby sitter has a problem with cockroaches, she has tried everything to get rid of them and nothing works. She hired an exterminator for over a year, she has bombed her house, she has bought hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars on stuff to get rid of them and its doesn't work. She has even tried that boric acid borax or whatever its called. Please help we don't know what to do, they are nasty.

        By jkeupper

        Most Recent Answer

        By tnphoenixrising [7]09/07/2012

        I read through all the ideas here on Thrifty Fun. I am a single mom, so money is tight. I decided to try baking soda. I bought 5 of the large boxes. I started with the kitchen and then the rest of the house. I am happy to say the roaches are down by 80% and they are dying all over the place. I did not use any type of sugar with it. I also bought a turkey baster to make it easier to apply into hard to reach or tight areas. I've had this problem for long time, and I have tried a few sprays and gels, but this is working better and quicker than anything else. I hope this help someone else with this problem.

        Question: Remedy for Roaches

        How do I get rid of cockroaches? I have tried commercial pest control last year, but this year cockroaches have returned. Please suggest a lasting remedy.

        By Bosy

        Most Recent Answer


        Boric Acid is the best. It's totally safe. Don't let the "Acid" part scare you. They sell it at Home Depot. Here's a link http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs ... p;storeId=10051&catalogId=10053#

        Question: Getting Rid of Roaches

        Has anyone heard of blowing out your pipes to eleminate roaches from inside your home?

        By Stephen

        Most Recent Answer

        By cybergrannie [32]08/28/2013

        Hi - Florida is a "bad" area for bugs so everyone has to use something!
        I have never had a serious problem but I occasionally make a "line" around my house using 20 Mule Team Borax. Since I have a large house I usually do this in 2 sessions several weeks apart.

        When my son visited with his little dog I had to put Borax around inside the house to kill any fleas and it seems to work on both.

        A friend rented a house that had a lot of roaches and we spread Borax "everywhere" closed the house for 2 days and we almost needed a shovel to remove the dead bugs!
        She repeated the process just to be sure and there where some dead bugs (but not near as many!) so she put Borax on the outside also. She repeats the process once in a while and seems to be living "bug free".

        I know some people say Borax is not safe so just make sure you do not breath this stuff while you eliminating the bugs!

        Question: Roaches in a Used Couch

        I bought a used couch from someone. The couch is in good shape, leather, and looks new. But I noticed a few very small roaches in it when I was moving it. I cleaned it with Lysol, but I noticed there's still small ones. Is it no good or can I spray it or something?

        By Mike

        Most Recent Answer

        By Lizzyanny [9]08/08/2013

        I am a little suspicious that the "small" roaches may be bedbugs. Look up a picture of bedbugs online. I think you need to get rid of the couch right away.

        Question: Getting Rid of Roaches

        I am seeing roaches all the time. I have been using boric acid under all the appliances and furniture. I have used Ortho spray on all base boards, completely cleaned out all cabinets and sprayed inside as well. I have also washed all walls with bleach water. I have removed the clutter from around the house and I have sprayed Hot Shot bug defense around the outside perimeter of the house. I am wanting to know is the infestation getting worse or do I have them on the run and trying to find new places to hide?

        By Abbi

        Most Recent Answer

        By Amy Singh [3]05/28/2013

        The only thing I have found to be truly effective is a tube of bait called a Advion. It is a bait so you will initially see a lot of roaches but you will be sweeping up dead ones for a few days. Then they will be gone.

        Question: Natural Remedies for Roaches

        I have been seeing palmetto roaches in our Florida home recently, after about 20 years of none. I do now want to spray pesticides. What natural things can I do? Thank you!

        By P. Johnston

        Most Recent Answer

        By Jana [7]11/12/2012

        The boric acid that is sold specifically for roaches is not very effective, but if you go to the pharmacy and buy Boric Acid Eye Wash and sprinkle it in areas such as behind the fridge and stove. I have seen this work in situations where professional exterminators have failed. Just reapply every so often.

        Question: Cockroaches in My House

        How can I get rid of cockroaches in my home?

        By L from AZ

        Most Recent Answer

        By Joyce Lambert [31]09/09/2012

        This is more of a preventive: Several weeks ago when un-bagging bananas out popped several small roaches! Never again will I bring home a "bunch" of bananas, I will break them apart over the banana bin. Nasty-and wash them when I get home.

        Question: Getting Rid of Cockroaches

        I have lived in the Sierra foothills for 41 years and never had a problem with cockroaches, until last year started. Can anyone determine their origin? I may have pissed off a pest control company. I have been told that cockroaches are not native.

        By Bob

        Most Recent Answer

        By Frugal Sunnie [11]01/19/2012

        You may have brought them in from the grocery or other shop where the bought goods were packaged in cardboard-cereal, convenience foods like dehydrated potatoes or pasta, soda or beer, anything with a paper or cardboard wrapper can be a hiding place for pests.

        Nowadays your groceries spend time in warehouses hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles from your store. And unfortunately, sometimes that's an infested warehouse:(

        The pests crawl into the smallest areas of the paper and cardboard to have a snack and while they're eating the glue and paper, they're being transported to your store. This can also happen with small appliances like coffee makers, electric kettles, microwaves. (Oh ick, I had that happen to me once which is how I know it can happen to appliances as well as groceries)

        Unfortunately with roaches, it only takes one egg to survive the trip to your home-from one egg comes thirty roaches...

        I lived in the American Deep South for decades (lol, lovely place except for the blasted roaches and 'skeeters), and learned after an infestation courtesy of the grocery warehouse that there is a reason glass, zip-locks, and good quality plastic storage containers are a must-have. I learned after the microwave infestation that appliance cardboard packaging should be recycled to the curb ASAP!

        And I would do my grocery shopping, then come straight home and put everything into a sealable container, again, throwing any paper or cardboard packaging into the recycling bin and getting it to the curb.

        To rid your home of the current infestation, try sprinkling boric acid (read the label and follow all directions for application, especially if you have pets and or children in the home) at the baseboards all through your house, under sinks, etc. You are trying to form a perimeter on the whole house just in case the infestation is coming from a recently moved neighbour or disturbed wooded area. They'll crawl through the boric acid and die within hours.

        You can also use a product called Liquid Sevin. Again, read the label and follow the directions. There are several pest control products out there, choose one that fits your needs, but I don't recommend any of the 'bombs' because they have caused fatal fires.

        Question: Eliminating Cockroaches Without Toxins

        We have cockroaches in our apartment. Is there a way we can safely exterminate them, as we have two babies less than five months old in the house?

        By Dean from Hamilton, Ontario

        Most Recent Answer

        By Judy = Oklahoma [60]11/18/2011

        OMG, I love the idea of releasing a gecko in the house to eat the bugs, but it'd be my luck I'd step on it in the dark while I was barefoot & break my neck trying to get back off it! LOL!

        Here's a link I've posted before about a mixture you can use for roaches.

        The 'roach pruf' in the photo is basically boric acid. You can buy boric acid in the insecticide dept. of most hardware stores, it's usually a roach bait powder,but look at the ingredients for boric acid. You can also use Boraxo, which is in the laundry soap section of the store, it has boric acid in it.

        The good thing about boric acid is it isn't toxic to animals or humans - but it can make them sick if they eat it in large quantities. But you can put it in out of the way places your babies can't get into. That's what would be good with the above recipe, I'm thinking of using it for ants around my place.

        You can also just mix the boric acid with a bit of sugar (the cockroaches are attracted to the sugar & eat it) & place tiny piles of it in the back corners of your kitchen/bathroom cabinets, behind appliances, pull your bottom drawers out & put it under there, etc.

        Or, if you want to spend a little more, you can buy the roach bait things that have the bait (boric acid) inside the little containers. The roaches can get in to the bait, but babies & animals can't get into it unless they tear it up. I like the ones I've seen recently that look like little clear plastic half-circles & have water in them. Supposedly the water is what attracts them to the bait. We had a problem a couple of summers ago when we had drought-like conditions & the big cockroaches started coming in looking for water behind our freezer in the garage & the bathroom. I put several of those water baits out & in no time the cockroaches were gone!

        Question: Getting Rid of Cockroaches

        Our home is terribly infested with cockroaches. We had tried many home remedies to get rid of them, but they were of no use. Our neighbour suggested to us the best exterminators NYC to kick them off completely. But I am in doubt whether to go for them.

          By Muriel Schreiber [1]

          Most Recent Answer

          By likekinds [104]06/22/2015

          You should rid your home of roaches, yourself. Exterminators can be expensive and cannot guarantee you will not have a reinfestation. More return visits, more expense.

          I wish all remedies were as simple as ridding a home of roaches. All it involves is purchasing boric acid and using it, properly. It can be purchased at most dollar stores and is very inexpensive.

          When roaches walk through boric acid, they get it on their feet. Then they ingest it. Then they die. Other roaches eat the dead roaches. Then they die. The boric acid is not an instant kill. It may take hours or a couple of days. This is good because it allows time for the roach to get back to the nest and contaminate other roaches.

          For the boric acid to be effective, it must be placed everwhere the roaches travel. The only exceptions would be where it could contaminate foodstuffs or come in contact with humans or pets. Behind stoves, refrigerators, water tanks, along baseboards, under sinks. You can even use it in kitchen cabinets, in corners and cracks, just making sure it never comes in contact with food or dishes.

          I pour some of the powder into an old bowl. I dip a three or four inch paint brush into the powder and 'flick' the powder off the brush onto a surface.

          This is a case of the cheapest is the best. You must put it everywhere you can and must be reapplied after cleaning, washing or vacuuming the surface. How long it takes to rid your home of roaches will depend on how heavily it is infested. Two weeks is average.

          I have lived in my present home 35 years. Twice, I saw roaches. Twice, I got out the boric acid and went to work. In all those 35 years, I have never had a roach infestation.

          Read more about boric acid here


          Question: Home Remedy for Roaches

          I am looking for a home remedy to get rid of roaches.

          By heavensent2stay

          Most Recent Answer

          By elizabpope09/08/2013

          Sprinkle borax around the edges of the room and counter space in the room.

          Question: Home Remedy for Roaches

          I'm fighting a war on roaches, please help me. I need a homemade remedy. Please and thank you.

          By luz

          Most Recent Answer

          By Mikki A.09/10/2013

          Water and hot sauce: Fill an empty spray bottle half way with hot sauce, then fill the rest of the bottle with water. Shake the bottle until its mixed up. Spray the areas of your house where you see the roaches. Also roaches do not like the smell of bay leaves. So you can put bay leaves in your kitchen cabinets, & under the appliances you keep on your counter.

          Question: Cockroaches in the Bedroom

          I deep cleaned my bedroom today, spent all day on it, and this evening for the first time ever I spotted and killed 2 cockroaches. I have never seen them in my house and now I can't even sleep. I cleaned out my car today, bringing in a giant pile of clothes that had been forming in my trunk. Could they have possibly just come in with the dirty clothes? I keep telling myself that there are no more, just those 2, but now I'm very jumpy and I have no idea what to do. I'm too scared to go looking for them. Help!

          By Jamiee

          Most Recent Answer

          By redhatterb [1]10/26/2012

          It is hard to tell where they came from, but if you saw two, there will probably be more. If you see more, I would recommend calling an exterminator. A couple years ago I had a few in my apartment, and I tried different remedies on my own, mainly because I didn't really want to tell the manager of my apartment complex. But eventually none of what I tried worked so I did tell my apartment manager and the next day he brought an exterminator over, almost before I was awake, and the guy put some stuff around the kitchen and bathroom, and the roaches were never seen again.

          Question: How Can I Get Rid of Roaches?

          How do I make borax balls to get rid of roaches?

          By Blake from Flowood, MS

          Most Recent Answer

          By Sheilah Link [5]04/18/2011

          I recommend a mixture of half sugar and half borax with enough water to make a liquid in an shallow container, like a jar lid. It will take several days and you will need to keep this in liquid form for best results.

          Question: Getting Rid of Roaches

          I was told ammonia mixed with water (half and half) keeps roaches away, that they hate it. Is this true?

          By Sasha


          Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

          Archive: Getting Rid of Roaches Without Harming Pets

          I have just seen a couple of roaches in my kitchen and 1 in my bathroom. Actually, my cats pointed them out to me. What can I use that won't be harmful to my cats?


          Archive: Get Rid Of Roaches

          Do you have roaches and can't get rid of them? Take powdered boric acid and sprinkle it under the refrigerator, the stove, by the drain, in all the cracks and crevices. Use a baster to blow it into the hard to get to places and leave it there. It will take about 10 days, but it works like a charm. Boric acid is toxic so take care if you have children or pets.


          RE: Get Rid Of Roaches

          Boric Acid is available from the pharmacist. You usually have to ask for it at the prescription counter. Susan from ThriftyFun (09/15/2005)

          By ThriftyFun

          RE: Get Rid Of Roaches

          I found boric acid at my local dollar store in a bottle that looks like a catchup bottle. I also found a great safe alternative, that I am trying. It is an equal mix of powdered sugar and baking soda. They said it is toxic to the little buggers and it even kills the others that feed off of them. I am going to use both. Wish you luck and a bug free future. (09/21/2005)

          By Rosie

          RE: Get Rid Of Roaches

          I have the best solution and it really works. My mom lives in an apartment and she's had a major and I mean major roach infestation. Someone suggested she boil some eggs, using the yellow core mixed with the boric acid together and place it in an aluminum sheet folded like a tiny bowl or even in the egg shell around the house, especially the kitchen. Make as many as you wish not just one. Anyway, she has no roaches and for a long time now, unbelievable, but true. Do this every 3-4 months. (01/10/2008)

          By Anonymous

          RE: Get Rid Of Roaches

          Boric acid works for all sorts of pests and is very good. There are some tips that may help you have the most success with it. Look at: pestcemetery.com It should give your treatment a real boost. Good luck. (03/19/2009)

          By Dutch 1962

          Archive: Getting Rid Of Roaches

          Two months ago, I moved into my first ever me-only apartment, or so I thought. Ever since day one, I've almost been over run by roaches. I've tried almost everything.


          Archive: Remedy for Roaches

          A friend read a news article about getting rid of roaches and by George, it works.


          • 1/4 cup shortening or bacon drippings
          • 1/8 c sugar
          • 8 ozs. boric acid (found where canning items are, usually)
          • 1/2 c flour
          • 1/2 small onion chopped (optional)
          • enough water to make a soft dough

          Mix the shortening and sugar together until they form a creamy mixture. Mix the boric acid, flour, and onion, then add to the shortening mixture. Blend well, then add just enough water to form a soft dough. Shape into small balls or just drop globs into an open plastic sandwich bag to keep them moist longer. When the dough gets hard it's time to replace it. Place these balls throughout the house: under sinks, behind appliances, etc. The food attracts the roach and it will eat it or absorb it

          BE SURE to label the bags and keep these away from CHILDREN and PETS because it is poisonous. I guarantee it works.

          By Sharon

          RE: Remedy for Roaches

          (sent by email) My husband lived along the gulf coast for years and the roaches were plentiful in that area. They purchased boric acid and sprinkled it all around cracks and crevices and within two weeks they were rid of them. It works.

          Bjgarcia (04/13/2005)

          By ThriftyFun

          Archive: How Can I Get Rid of Roaches?

          I moved into an old (1940) house in July 2007. There seem to be a lot of roaches.


          Archive: Remedy for Roaches

          How do I get rid of cockroaches apart from pest sprays?

          By Ashwin from Suva, Fiji

          RE: Remedy for Roaches

          Put borax behind furniture and at doors inside and out. (03/29/2010)

          By kffrmw88

          RE: Remedy for Roaches

          I found a product that has worked wonders for me. Living in the SE USA we have always had bad problems with roaches. And I've tried everything, including the Borax that so many people suggest. But with pets in the house, Borax can be dangerous for them.

          What I found was Combat Platinum Roach Killing Gel. I buy it at Walmart in the household bug repellent section. It comes in a tube similar to a syringe. You apply a small amount along the places where the roaches travel.

          I started using it last August, and within a week of first putting it down, we had no more roaches at all. And I haven't seen one since. Now that warm weather is returning (as will be the roaches) I'll be putting some more down. I will clean up the old and put new down about once a month. (03/30/2010)

          By Cricketnc

          RE: Remedy for Roaches

          I put out the black 'hotel' squares in strategic places like: under fridge, under stove, under sink, in back of several drawers, in corner of living room, bedroom, etc. I put a sticker with the date on it that I put them out. Every three or four months I replace them all. Once gone, they stay gone. (03/30/2010)

          By knitter926

          Archive: Remedy for Roaches

          I have lots of cockroaches in my kitchen. Now they are starting to appear in other rooms also.


          Archive: How Can I Get Rid of Roaches?

          I have a roach problem so bad and nothing is working. I have spent a arm and a leg on stuff with no success at all.