Getting Rid of Cockroaches

Cockroaches are disgusting pests and can be very tough to get rid of. There are many ways to tackle this pest. This is a guide about getting rid of cockroaches.


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I lived in a Texas house with several roommates. And cockroaches, BAD! We had tried the "bombs." It was quite a bit of work covering certain places with plastic, taking ALL laundry to laundromat during, and washing all dishes after. They didn't work as hoped for, then I read about Roach Prufe. I also read of the best application technique.

Start at one point of the home, somewhere along the perimeter where the floor meets the wall. Lay out a line along the entire perimeter of every room in the home. I realize some people will see this and immediately think of how they do not want this white powder line showing along the entire perimeter of their home. They prefer to just throw some piles of powder under the sink and behind the water heater, and maybe a few other hidden places. We had tried this hit/miss sprinkling powder before we read of the "perimeter technique" but we had roaches BAD and hit/miss did not work before.

The perimeter instructions told of how it was safe for people and pets; and to imagine how, for any roach in the home to get from the floor to the wall, you make him [or her, lol] crawl past the powder. It was 98% boric acid and 2% inert stuff to help it adhere to the roach so he could go share it in his nest. The only piece of perimeter where we did not lay out a line was in the bathroom along tub/floor run. We laid our line down using a flat-surfaced cafeteria tray and a 6 inch flex tape knife [drywall tool]. We only made the line about 1/8 inch wide and we got it looking quite uniform to where it looked sort of like a trim molding.

Every sign of a roach was GONE in less than a month! There would be dead ones lying around here and there during the time, but they would usually just go into their nests to die. We left the line down for another month or so, and then we got the crevice attachment on the vacuum cleaner and sucked up all of the lines where they were openly visible. I never saw another roach in that house for the three more years I lived there. I would imagine that other boric acids would work, but Roach Prufe was what we used. The instructions we had read said that if followed exactly as stated. ALL ROACHES WILL BE GONE! They were correct.

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You can go to Wal-Mart and buy just plain old Boric Acid It is a white round plastic bottle with a red nozzle. That is what 99% of everyone that I know uses and it is good for tons of other things also. If you have trouble with sweaty feet and they peel just sprinkle a bit in your socks down in the toe area. and walla its gone and done. Thanks and have a nice day And good luck.

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I thought I had seen a roach, but it looked like it didn't have feelers on it. If I have roaches would I be seeing babies or eggs? I haven't seen any babies or eggs. A friend is staying with me and he was cooking and saw 3 bugs; he killed 2. This was in the day time.

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Go to a do it your self pest control store. Ask for the flea liquid for spraying you house. Buy a pump sprayer and spray according to directions. This spray is very strong will kill roaches. Used this when my ex husband brought home the large roaches in boxes from grocery store. Usually only one spraying is needed. Remember that if you sprayer does not hold a seal next time you use it. Just change out the rubber seal. Do not buy another one.

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Is it better to spray before renovation or after? What is the best product to do the job myself?

By Sam

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Having done several renos of infested properties, I feel like an old pro, lol!

I'd spray first, use something like liquid Sevin and be liberal. Make sure to follow the directions to the letter. If at all possible, spray two-three days ahead of the scheduled demolition day to avoid being swarmed by fleeing creepies, and be sure to spread a good band on the perimeter of your demo area so they can't flee the spray and then creep back in when the spray dries. Wet spray kills on contact, dry spray takes a few more hours. Your demolition crew will thank you for not having to cope with the horror of swarming roaches.

Very important: be sure that you and your crew wear properly fitted face masks and other protective gear as dead roaches spread disease every bit as much as live ones. Oh eeww!

Then after the reno is complete, spray again to keep the roaches hiding temporarily in the shrubs from re-infesting the nice new tasty reno materials you've just installed. Again, make sure to lay down a wide perimeter band, this time to keep the little rotters out.

Re the boric acid, I have used it as a indoor perimeter shield at baseboards and in cabinets. It works great and is inexpensive but takes time, and does need to be applied where children, pets, and foods are not exposed to it. One of the reasons I like the liquid Sevin is that once it dries it's not as dangerous to children and pets.

Anything you use to kill cockroaches is a poison-to you and the roaches, though, never forget that for a moment whilst handling it and planning where to apply it.

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This is a guide about getting rid of cockroaches in an apartment. Getting rid of roaches in an apartment can be difficult. There are many options from natural products to commercial pesticides.

Cockroach on a wooden surface

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I was told that cornstarch was an easy way to help get rid of roaches. Is that true? If so, does anyone have any directions for it? A friend of mine and her husband really need the help. My friend is allergic to all forms of bug sprays and bombs. Please help if you can. Thanks.

Dawn from Iowa

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I have them, help me. They go in and out my vcr. Tell me how to make them go away. I have (3) kids.

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I am looking for suggestions for getting rid of mice and cockroaches from my cupboards?

By Candace

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Roach bait:

1 lb. boric acid

1 large onion, grated

1 cup flour

2 T sugar

Enough milk to make a paste

Roll into balls and let dry. Place at the back of cabinets, under shelves, behind the stove or fridge. We use this here in the tropics with big jungle roaches and it works!

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Incidentaly, Hot Shot wasp spray kills roaches very effectively. If you see one scurrying along, just bust out the wasp spray. It has excellent range and aiming capabilities.

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Help! I'm petrified! I have never had a roach in my home, ever, in fact I sanitize counters, mop and vacuum floors constantly, yet this morning there was a huge (an inch or so) tan roach sitting on my sink. I absolutely freaked out. It's dead. Then I read up online and tried to identify it,seems to me it might be a German roach, so I immediately went to the store, bought boric acid and some Ortho spray and combat roach baits, sprinkled the boric along the foundation outside the house, along inside and outside of windows, doorways, basement windows and cracks and crevices in my kitchen.

Tonight I snuck into my kitchen (Because I cant sleep knowing this is in my house) with a flashlight, and there was a black small thinner bug had with some tan markings on it but didn't really look like a roach. It had antennae as well as what seemed to be a single antennae out the rear part of him. I found two more within 20 minutes and they were all crawling by the base of the dishwasher.

It is very clean there, however there has been a leak lately that I need to have fixed. Bottom line, is this possible to have roaches when you have an extremely clean home?

The only thing I can think of is maybe it came from a grocery bag or from the wooded area in my yard. I have no idea what to do beyond what I've done so please write back immediately and help me, I'm very upset.

I looked in all of the crevices and under the sink and although it was a bit wet by the back of the closet under the sink, there was nothing there, but I have a roach hotel under there just in case.

Thank you so much,
Stacey From New York

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All you have to do to prevent roaches is spray bug spray around every door and every window of your house. Its that easy. Do this every few months and there will be no bugs. There might be a couple every time someone moves in or out of the neighborhood, but no infestation. Wipe up all water, clean up all spills immediately, and vacuum regularly atop of spraying all doors and windows of your house.

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I have 4 rose of Sharon bushes in my front yard. They were planted 5 years ago, but the last few years I have been getting roaches from them or from somewhere and I don't know what to do. It has never happened to me before so I'm not sure why it would start now. Thanks for any and all help.

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Dinah is right. Roaches do not come from garden plants. Unless you used compost on the plants that wasn't completely finished composting and the roaches got attracted to that. But normally roaches are indoor animals attracted to food.

Get someone to help you move your appliances so you can clean under and behind them. Use roach baits and motels, and use a lot of them. Use shelf liners that can be frequently cleaned. Move your pots and pans and dishes and clean out those cabinets. Sweep floors every night and don't leave dishes sitting overnight. Put all pantry foods in zipper bags and other airtight containers.

Good luck.

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I am trying to get rid of roaches. They won't go away. Any suggestions?

By Poo from TX

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If all else fails, place Boric acid where the roaches feed. They will eat some and take it back to the rest of the colony. Roaches eat each other and they will begin eating the poison directly and via eating each other.

I used this method in a neighborhood called South Park in Seattle Wa. almost 13 years ago. It worked like a charm and it only took a few days.

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Has anyone used boric acid for killing roaches? Please let me know what you think about it. I have a young child and 3 dogs. I'm not sure about this as a safe pest control substance.

By DarcyJayne from TX

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I took off the electrical outlet face plates and squirted boric acid into the openings around the outlet. It falls down onto the floor inside the walls where roaches hide. Replace the face plates and the kids/animals are safe.

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Get powdered boric acid (available over the counter in the pharmacy). Add approximately 1/4 cup boric acid to 3 cups of water. Boil in a saucepan until the boric acid is dissolved. When the solution has cooled, put in a spray bottle.

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