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Homemade Wasp Repellent

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a yellow and black wasp

Keeping wasps away from your outdoor activities can be a challenge. For those who are allergic to their sting, they can be life threatening. This is a guide about Homemade Wasp Repellent.


Solutions: Homemade Wasp Repellent

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Tip: Homemade Wasp Solution

The cheapest hair spray you can find will freeze a bee or wasp in place, and drop it like a cannon ball. Just keep a can handy. It works for other flying insects too. Just spray on the wasp, and in seconds it will dry and the wasp will drop out of the air.

Source: Can't remember where I got it, but know it works!

By Jacketbacker from Greer, SC

Tip: Homemade Wasp Nest

While browsing another of my favorite blogs, Calgary Garden Coach, I found a great, simple, and free idea to make fake wasp nests. Basically you make a nest and hang it in potential nest spots to deter the real wasps from nesting there. So simple, yet I see the fake nests on "sale" for around 2/$5 or more. This is a project that requires zero crafty skill, I'm betting you already have the supplies on hand, and takes literally two minutes.

Take some old newspaper and crumple in balls. Stuff into plastic shopping bag and tie closed. Stuff this into a paper lunch bag. Hang up in the corners and other places wasps may like to nest in your yard. Done! Even with my "helper" this took literally minutes to do.


By Grandmama

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Here are questions related to Homemade Wasp Repellent.

Question: Wasp Repellent

I just read about a person, Netty something, that got some BeeFree wasp nests. I need to know the name of them and where to get them.

By Nancy from Vancouver, WA


Most Recent Answer

By Becky Tonner05/21/2013

You can buy these at Canadian Tire they are $8.00 for a pkg of 2

Question: Natural Repellent For Wasps

Marigolds planted around a garden will deter deer and rabbits from munching your plants. Deer like hostas. Does anyone know of any natural insect repellent for wasps? For example: mosquitoes do not like citronella, fleas are not fund of cedar.


Most Recent Answer

By Patty04/25/2010

This sounds awful, but I am so relieved to read stories of folks like me who are terrified of wasps. I thought that I was the biggest baby in the world (my husband adds to this emotion!) because I too am afraid to even step outside at times, and working in my gardens can be a nightmare! I usually work on them early in the morning or while it is raining, because then the evil little beasts are not active. I came here to see if the fake wasps nests actually work, and have read over and over that yes they do. I am willing to try anything!

I am learning to "live with" the red wasps up to a point, and the mud dabbers don't bother me as much once I found out that they do not sting. But the hornets and yellow jackets - especially the yellow jackets because you don't know where their nests are until you disturb them, and then you'd better be able to outrun them! I hate them! And even though I may end up on PETA's most wanted list, if I knew of a way to kill every yellow jacket and hornet within a 10-mile radius, you can bet I'd do it! Anyway, just wanted to say "thanks all!" because it's nice to know that I am not the only one who is frightened.

Question: Waterproof Bee or Wasp Repellent

I am allergic of bee stings, I see too many bees and wasps in the swimming pool. Is there any waterproof repellent that will keep them away from me.

By kumar

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]11/25/2014

I do not believe so. I have never heard of one. Usually bees will not bother you if you do not bother them. Wasps are more aggressive, but they are usually not a problem near ponds or swimming pools. Repellents are not effective for bees, hornets and wasps.


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Archive: Natural Repellent For Wasps

Marigolds planted around a garden will deter deer and rabbits from munching your plants. Deer like hostas. Does anyone know of any natural insect repellent for wasps? For example: mosquitoes do not like citronella, fleas are not fund of cedar.



RE: Natural Repellent For Wasps

Not sure of a natural repellent for wasps, however, when circumstances are such that you can, get a spray bottle filled with plain old tap water and spray until the wasp is saturated. It drops and you can then step on it. I have done this inside the shed where they sometimes congregate. (04/15/2005)

By Susan

RE: Natural Repellent For Wasps

I don't know of any wasp repellent; however, I've been told that sugar water will attract wasps. If you put out a container of sugar water, maybe the wasps would go to it and drown. (04/15/2005)

By Pat

RE: Natural Repellent For Wasps

I was just at a website for people with wasp or bee sting allergy. The recommendations were to use an orange with cloves stuck in it (at picnics or around the house I suppose), wear white clothing, no bright colors with dark backgrounds and no cologne. If wasp lands on you don't panic, gently blow on it until it flies away.

By Pat


There is a plant called wormwood, wear a sprig behind your ear and wasps won't come anywhere near you.

By Susan

Paper Bag

There is an native trick that works great for repelling yellow jackets. Get a small paper lunch bag and fill it with a crumpled piece of paper so it keeps it's shape. Tie a string to it and hang it from a corner of your house or tree where you want to work. Wasps are territorial and visual in nature, they mistake the paper bag for another nest and will stay away.

By Dave

Blow on Bees

If a bee is chasing or flying around you, just blow on it. They don't like the scent of human breath. They will fly away.

By agerardino

Bee Trap

One Year when Camping, my family and I took it upon our selves to cut pop bottles in half, put lemonade in the bottom, or any other sweet formula. Turn the top of the Bottle upside down, and secure with tape etc, and then leave them around the area, Possibly more of a temporary distraction than permenant deterant, and not the most attractive but the wasps should then go down the spout for the sugar and then wont be able to get out and eventually will drown. Other Methods have been said above such as onions and Garlic, another deterant was known as vinegar.

By Jess.

Cucumber Slices

At picnics or BBQs, slice cucumber slices and lay them around. It keeps bees away. Learned this at the maple syrup booth at our state fair, no bees around. It was really amazing.

By Kailes