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Fixing a Squeaky Shoe

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Fixing a Squeaky Shoe

Squeaky shoes, sandals or clogs can be annoying for you and everyone around you. Fixing your shoe will make it easier to wear and not be self conscious about how noisy you are walking around. This is a guide about fixing a squeaky shoe.


Solutions: Fixing a Squeaky Shoe

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Tip: Stop Squeaky Tennis Shoes with WD-40

How to stop a tennis shoe (sneaker) from squeaking:

Step 1: remove the insole from the shoe.

Step 2: spray lubricant (WD-40) on the problem area.

Step 3: replace the insole.

Source: Trial and Error! I tried other lubricants, but WD-40 worked perfectly and stopped the squeak immediately.

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Here are questions related to Fixing a Squeaky Shoe.

Question: Squeaking Shoes

My most comfortable pair of casual shoes that I've had for a few years are now squeaking. What can I do to make it stop?

By Taube from Dedham, MA

Question: Leather Sandals Squeak When I Walk

I have a pair of leather sandals that squeak when I walk. I have tried rubbing hand cream in, but that didn't work. I think the problem is that I can't get the cream in between the lining and sole as it is stitched all around. It squeaks when I bend the sole up with my hands. Has anybody had this problem and managed to fix it?


Question: Squeaking Sandals

My new sandals squeak when I walk. This happens even when everything is dry. What can I do to get rid of the squeak?


Question: Wedge Sandals Squeak

I read all of the responses about fixing a squeaky shoe, but none seem to apply to me. Mine are 3 inch wedge sandals that squeak. There is no lining to remove. Any ideas?

By Debbie from Spokane, WA


Most Recent Answer

By susan [33]06/17/2010

Are they wood? I know that you can sprinkle talc between wood planks on floors to prevent squeaking. Good luck.

Question: Fixing my Squeaky Shoes

I have a pair of Nike Air 1's. One pair has a squeaky problem under the sole. I have no idea how to fix it. Every time I step, it makes a squeaky noise, and it is not the soles either. Any solutions please?

By Abel H.


Most Recent Answer

By ohdearkel03/05/2015

I recently had the same problem with my Nikes. I removed the insole and put a piece of paper between the insole and my shoe. The squeak immediately stopped.

Question: Athletic Shoes Making Noise

How to stop my Jordan's from making noise, on the bottom? I have only had them for two weeks.

By Maurice from Baltimore

Most Recent Answer

By JazzyMe [12]05/21/2012

Sandpaper the soles.

Question: Remedy for Squeaky Shoes

My Jordan 60+ are squeaky on the bottom of the shoe. Every time I step there is a squeak. What can I do to get rid of it?

By TP N.

Most Recent Answer

By Linda Jones [13]03/28/2012

I've been told baby powder around the soles will stop the squeak.

Question: Leather Clogs Squeak

I have a vintage pair of leather clogs, but they squeak when I walk. Is there any way to stop this noise?


Question: Repairing Squeaky Shoes

How can you prevent shoes from squeaking?

By Cindy S.

Most Recent Answer

By ladymarye12/17/2011

I believe for most squeaky shoes if you remove the inner sole and sprinkle powder or cornstarch on the floor of the shoes and then replace the inner sole it can take away the squeak. Also sometime when you aren't planning on wearing the shoes rub lotion or linseed oil on the sole of the shoe. Please let set and absorb for a number of hours, also WATCH your step when you do wear them for the first time as it can make them a bit more slippery.

Question: Foot Brace in Leather Shoe Squeaks

I have a full foot (bottom) plastic brace in a leather shoe that squeaks. I have tried baby powder which does not work. Any other ideas?

By Judy from Plant City, FL

Most Recent Answer

By Keeper [58]04/02/2011

Judy, you could tried dusting your brace w/either cornstarch or baby powder. Have you discussed the problem w/those who made it for you? I have an artificial leg that sometimes squeaks.Very annoying at times I know.

Question: Fixing Squeaky Flip-Flops

I bought a pair of rubber (plastic?) flip-flops from Target that I just love, but they squeak worse than any shoes I have ever owned. You can't put powder or Vaseline on flip-flops; it'll end up everywhere! Is there anything I can do?

Kate from Memphis, TN

Most Recent Answer

By Vickie Kibellus04/11/2008

Where do they squeak? On the thong part? Maybe you could put a drop of mineral oil in that spot or Skin So Soft from Avon or some other bath oil. Maybe WD40 would work too. Also consider wiping the shoe with a dryer sheet.

Question: Squeaky Shoes

I have a pair of Keens, and the bottom squeaks on the floor with every step I take. How can I get rid of the squeak? It is not the insole, it is the bottom of my shoe.

By Shelly D

Question: Fix a Squeaky Shoe

My tennis shoes squeak. What can I do?

By sissi222 from Detroit, MI


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Archive: Fix a Squeaky Shoe

My husband recently got a new pair of leather dress shoes that feel fine on his feet. Only problem is that one shoe squeaks each time he takes a step, which is really irritating. He says it sounds like it is coming from the heel. Is there a way to stop the squeaking?

Kelli from OH


Try a Shoe Repair Shop

I used to sell shoes at Sears and the real nice dress shoes can do that. Depending on if they were glued or nailed, the heel may just be loose from not being fastened securely. You can probably take it in to a regular shoe shop (not the department store type) and they can look at it and tell you what has to be done.

Post by Tawnda

Return the Shoes

The other option is to take it back to where he bought them and have him look at them and they may exchange or pay to have them fixed.

Post by Tawnda

Baby Powder

If you can't take them back where they came from, before you pay for a repair, lift the inner sole partly and dust with baby powder. Sprinkle the outside and where sole meets top, also. Try wearing them in the house like that for a day or 2. If it doesn't help-nothing lost.

Post by Linda


My shoes stop squeaking after I put a PIECE OF TAPE between the tongue and the outer layer. Hope it works for you.

Post by AFK

Hammering The Nails

I had the same problem with a brand new pair of Etienne Aigner leather loafers. The heel squeaked terribly. No way I could where them. I tried the baby powder idea - didn't work. So I peeled back the inner sole and saw tiny nails which must hold the heel to the upper shoe. I took a hammer and screw driver and drove each nail further into the heel. And VOILA, IT WORKED! Hopefully it will last. Good luck.

Post by Connie

Foot Powder Worked

I had a problem with a work boot. I wasn't really sure which boot it was, so I took the suggestion of putting lots of foot powder inside the boots. The powder not only smelled nice, it also stopped the squeaking and annoying myself and everyone else.

Post by Larry

Baby Powder Worked!

I was on my way to a new job and wearing the only shoes i had at the time... and only because i had no time to buy new ones. They squeaked so bad and the place I work at has all tile floors. I new it was going to be a big problem so i got on the internet and found this site and the very first one said that Baby powder fixed it so I ran and got some put it in both shoes and walked throughout the kitchen to try it out! AND IT WORKED! It was so cool that it worked im here writing this now!!

Post by Kaydee

Baby Powder Worked...

It's hard to believe, but the baby powder did the trick for me also. It was driving me crazy! Thanks everyone.

Post by Terry

Hammered Around the Edge of the Soul...

My slip-on sandals squeaked. The loose nail inside the shoe problem sounded right to me - so, having nothing to lose - I hammered all around the edge of the inside sole. No more squeak!

Post by Beverly

Baby Powder Worked For Me...

WOW. I had been dealing with a squeaky shoe problem for the last three days. I thought there was something wrong with the rubber bottoms, but couldn't pinpoint anything. The baby powder did the trick. Amazing!

Post by antonio

A Piece of Tap...

Thank you all for your posts... a pair of heeled shoes I bought some time ago started squeaking terribly! I know all about the indignity of walking around a quiet office "eeeeking"! Well the baby powder didn't work but since my shoes have a leather crossover piece on the front, I tried the piece of tape between the layers and that worked!

Post by Nicklshort

Archive: Fix a Squeaky Shoe

How do you stop leather shoes from creaking or squeaking when you walk?


Archive: Fix a Squeaky Shoe

I am looking for tips for fixing a squeaking leather shoe.

Jimmie from Chicago, IL

RE: Fix a Squeaky Shoe

Talc worked! (07/31/2006)

By Alisa

RE: Fix a Squeaky Shoe

I didn't have any vaseline, but I had some Nivea cream. I took the insert out of my shoe and applied the Nivea to it, and my shoes no longer squeak! (09/15/2006)

By mbro

RE: Fix a Squeaky Shoe

I recently purchased a pair of Keen's. Very comfortable, but both shoes squeaked relentlessly. I was going to donate them to Goodwill today, but figured I'd search Google. I applied a liberal amount of Vaseline to all inner leather surfaces. I also removed the insole (they aren't sewen in) and made sure to Vaseline any surfaces that might rub there as well. No more squeak! (10/13/2006)

By Matthew

RE: Fix a Squeaky Shoe

Thanks Kimberly for the Lip Balm suggestion. I work in a building with marble floors only. My Nunn Bush soles anounced my presence like a fanfare. I was at work and lip balm was the only thing available at the time. After letting set for a couple of minutes, it was all good!! (01/31/2007)

By CWill

RE: Fix a Squeaky Shoe

I took the insole out, lightly buttered it with hand cream and baby powder, put it back in and voila -- no squeak. Amazing. Now if I could only figure out how to stop my jeans from rubbing together at my thighs, I could really sneak up on someone. (02/14/2007)


RE: Fix a Squeaky Shoe

I just bought Clark shoes to accomodate my ankle-foot orthoses. I like the shoes and they're very comfortable. However, they squeaked mercilessly. So, I removed the insole, spayed the inner heel area with WD-40, put the insole back, put on the shoes with the ankle-foot orthoses and I walked with them on my feet. Amazingly, the squeaks have disappeared. You made my day! (02/24/2007)

By Maurice Camire

RE: Fix a Squeaky Shoe

Powder under the insoles works great. Thanks for the excellent solution. I was going to go back to the store and walk around squeaking until they replaced the shoes. The powder saved them and me. (03/23/2007)

By Harv

RE: Fix a Squeaky Shoe

The only thing I have here at work is hand lotion. Then I looked at inner sole lining and saw that it is glued in (I have a pair of peep-toe stacked heal Steve Maddens) and didn't want to start ripping it out. I saw some suggestions to just rub it into the inside of the shoe and not under the sole lining, but I wear these with bare feet and didn't want to feel the slippery lotion inside, so I tried just rubbing my bare feet with lotion and now the squeak is gone! (04/27/2007)

By Cindy

RE: Fix a Squeaky Shoe

The WD-40 worked great. Took out all insoles and sprayed bottom of insole and bottom of inside of shoe. Thank you!!! (05/06/2007)

By Perry

RE: Fix a Squeaky Shoe

The squeak is caused by the insole rubbing on the shoe. Find the smooth surface of the insole that is rubbing, and take some sand paper and rough it up. Squeak will be gone. (12/12/2007)

By Randy

Archive: Fix a Squeaky Shoe

I bought a pair of high heels that squeak so badly I can never sneak up on anyone! Does anyone have a solution to squeaky shoes?


Archive: Fix a Squeaky Shoe

I have squeaky tennis shoes. How do I stop it?