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Frugal Valentine's Day Gifts

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Frugal Valentine's Day Gifts, Saving Money on Valentine's Day

It's easy to go overboard buying gifts for your sweetheart on Valentine's day. As much as they love receiving gifts, the price much less important than the sentiment. This is a guide about frugal Valentine's day gifts.


Solutions: Frugal Valentine's Day Gifts

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"I Love You Because..." Jar

I can't think of a more special gift that shows someone how much you love them. Plus, it's easy to make and very inexpensive. Score! This jar would make a nice present for your significant other, a special friend, your kids, your mom or dad. You can personalize them for whoever is on your "special" list.

Approximate Time: Depends probably an hour or so.

Yield: one


  • a jar: store bought or a pickle jar, popcorn jar, etc. that has been cleaned out
  • paper to decorate the jar
  • paper strips or heart shaped notes
  • pens, markers, stickers, whatever you want to use to decorate the jar


  1. Make a label for your jar and adhere it to the jar with glue or tape. Or you could use a glass paint pen to write directly on the jar.
  2. If your jar lid has writing on it or isn't too nice, you could spray paint it or even modge podge pretty paper onto it.
  3. On a piece of paper, write down all the reasons why you love that person. I like to make the list first so I can remember what I've written. You can write generic things such as, "You have a great smile" or "You are so nice". Add a personalized touch, such as "You change the baby's diapers without complaining!". Fond memories, "I had the best time hiking with you in Yosemite. There's no one else I would have rather gone with". You could even look up quotes online about friends, kids, significant others, etc.
  4. On strips of paper or heart-shaped notes, write down all your reasons.
  5. Fold them up and put inside the jar.
  6. Enjoy seeing the smile on your loved one's face when they open the jar!

By Becky Miles [9]

Tip: Gift Idea: Photo CD Slide Show

One Valentine's Day for my husband, I made a CD with a slide show of favorite pics over the years. I added music and a loving note at the end of the slide show, printed a CD label with a pretty picture and gave it to him for Valentines Day. He loved it.

The CD cost me little, but was so special because I took the time to put it together for him. He still pulls it out and looks at it on occasion.

I also made one for our daughter when she married, using pics from baby to the day she walked down the aisle. she loved it too. It really is a neat gift.

By gr8dnm from Colorado

Tip: Frugal Valentine Gift

This year, I made homemade valentines using magazine cutouts and cardstock I had on hand, unused postcards from trips taken together and printouts of valentine graphics on craft sites. So the cost of the card is free. I searched the net for saying "I love you" in several languages. I live in Maine and there are several towns such as China, Denmark, Vienna, New Sweden, Athens and so on. For 88 cents per card, you can mail a card to the town's Postmaster and ask for a postmark. So it is 45 cents postage on the card you want to come back to you and 45 cents to send it all to the Postmaster. On each card envelope, I wrote I love you in the matching language. My husband loves travel and is getting a real kick out of this!

By glimmer62 from Maine

Tip: 14 Days of Valentine

Today, I started what I am calling the "14 Days of Valentine". I am leaving a pink paper heart and a small chocolate heart on my husband's pillow every day. On the heart I am writing "14 Days of Valentine" on the back, and an attribute of his that I like on the front. The first I wrote with a calligraphy pen, "You are Sweet". I will probably write more like "You are Kind", "You have Sweet Kisses", etc.

I just bought one .73 piece of pink posterboard, and cut out 14 medium sized hearts from that, and a $2.97 bag of hearts (a mix of peanut butter, crisps, and plain chocolate). You can have a big surprise planned on the 14th day, dinner, movie, etc., or I bet he will be ready to take you out on the town by then! Just use your imagination and have fun.

By Sandy from Hernando, FL

Tip: Frugal Valentine's Day

For a frugal Valentine gift to your honey, make a favorite meal that they enjoy. Then have their favorite movies ready (I get them at the library or rent them). Or any movie that is special to the both of you--like the movie you saw on your first date together.

By Diane from Paradise PA

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Tip: Make a Virtual Bouquet

For Valentine's Day, I cut out a decorative arrangement from a glossy magazine (in this case of feathers and ribbon with a cupid, actually) and then mounted it with spray adhesive on some cardboard I had saved. I then trimmed the cardboard to fit the cutout. (I made the edges feathery.)

To give it flash, I then touched up the cutout with a golden marker. Then I put it on one of those metal upright stands usually used for photos. Mine had a leaf design. The fact that it is in the air really gives it a life of its own. Voila! a virtual flower arrangement. Perfect for an office or to send in the mail. Cost? Labor + the photo stand. I got mine for $.69 on sale - but you may have some lying around the house you could use. (Mine also looked great when combined with the greeting card I had downloaded from the net!)

Source: Inspired by an idea from, I think, Isaac Mizrahi

By Pam from Los Angeles

Tip: Valentine's Bathroom Mirror

My sweetie is not into big gifts, fancy cards, or other holiday kitsch so this Valentine's day I am showing my love for him in a very heartfelt way. I made a heart pattern that will fit on a 3x3 inch post-it note. I cut out 50 heart shaped post-it notes (so far) in various pastel colors. On each of them I wrote a reason why I love him using a fun colored pen.

Some of them are silly, some are serious, and some only he'll know the true meaning! Anyway, on Valentine's day, I plan on turning his entire bathroom mirror into a Valentine card. At the top I'll add a sign that says "Why I Love" with an arrow pointing down to him every time he stands at the vanity. I can't think of a more personalized Valentine message.

By Terri from Denver, CO

Tip: Frugal Valentine's Notebooks

I have eleven grandchildren, ages 13 years to 3 months old, so even buying cards for holidays can become expensive. I love to send out something small to each child. In January, I scored a cheap alternative to Valentine's Day cards at my local grocery store. There in a grocery cart of "reduced price items" were 3x5 inch spiral notebooks with 5 different color covers, for $.17 each. I grabbed red, blue, green, purple, and black and came home to spruce 'em up. I had purchased a package of heart-shaped foamies, in various sizes and colors, for $1.00. I went to work covering up bar codes and advertising on the front of the books with hearts! Popped them in the mail and was pleased with my very frugal Valentine's Day cards!

By Christie from Poulsbo, WA

Tip: "I Love You" Message Idea

For a cheap way to say I Love You to someone special, take an eraser and write a special message such as I Love You with maybe a heart or something on the bathroom mirror. When that special someone takes a shower, the steam will cause just your message to stand out!

By Debbie

Tip: 25 Ways That I Love You for Valentine's Day

Here is a great way to tell your loved one why you love them. On your computer write sentences like "I love how you love me", "I love your eyes", "I love how you play with the kids". You get the idea. Put double spacing in between each sentence. Cut strips apart and fold to go into a small jar or peanut can that you have decorated. Layer the folded sentences with wrapped candies like kisses. My husband said this is the best gift he has ever received and he had reread them all year long.

By Debra in Colorado

Tip: Flower Seeds For Valentine's Day

Instead of paper valentines, buy some flower seeds at the dollar store (usually 6-10/$1) and give them to your friends with a note that says something like - "MY LOVE FOR YOU GROWS AND GROWS!"

By Linda

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