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Removing Bathtub Appliques


How do you remove those non-skid bathtub appliques without damaging the tub surface. We've tried all sorts of cleaners, Goo-Gone and turpentine and they still hang on. We moved into a place where the prior tenant installed them and they are very worn and very ugly. Help!

By Murph


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10/24/2001 Flag

I use razor blades. Single edge razor blades. Please do it carefully though and do it on a slant.
- Bonnie

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By Wedey 1 10/24/2001 Flag

I have been told to soak a cloth with hot vinegar and allow it to work in. Don't know if it works or not, but worth a try.

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11/01/2001 Flag

Try nail polish remover-the kind WITH acetone.
- Kimdedo

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By ahinkhouse 1 03/24/2002 Flag

wd-40 will remove sticky stuff and remove with very little work

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By Grammy (Guest Post) 10/09/2006 Flag

Just go to a beauty supply store, and buy some pure acetone. Actually, you can probably buy it at some hardware stores. It removes EVERYTHING.

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By Grammy (Guest Post) 10/09/2006 Flag

WAIT....what kind of tub is it? I originally thought that I had read that it was porcelain...but as I re-read the original post, it doesn't say what type of tub it is. If it's not porcelain DON'T use the pure acetone on it! Acetone will also dissolve acrylic. I'm not sure about the fiberglass...but, I wouldn't chance it.
Other solution...heat gun...used VERY carefully

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By Jerry (Guest Post) 10/25/2006 Flag

Try scraping them off with a the tool you would use to remove paint from windows. If that doesn't work, try using a heat gun first. Once the rubber part is off, clean the sticky stuff that's left off with a solvent. Then clean the tub with Soft Scrub.

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By Lenny (Guest Post) 03/18/2007 Flag

Go to any Home Depot or Lowes store, in the paint dept. look for solvents and choose M.E.K.
It remove adhesives and much more, use very little on a cloth.

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By (Guest Post) 11/18/2007 Flag

Try to avoid those nasty chemicals which you shouldn't be breathing/handling, including WD40. My appliqués come off easily, as the glue is drying out. A hair dryer may dry out the glue and make removal easy and nontoxic.

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By Karen (Guest Post) 02/22/2009 Flag

If the tub is porcelain, do as above and use a razor blade and then Softscrub or Comet or some other cleanser to remove the black marks that will ensue. It's possible that a sponge with a scrubbing pad and some baking soda would do it.

There is also something called Goop that removes any kind of sticker and is really nice to have for other adhesive removals. Not sure about any of this if your tub is vinyl. I'd look for the goop stuff and see what it says.

Best, Karen

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