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Dishwasher Stained Glass

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Does anyone know of a way to remove the milky haze (stain) that accumulates on glass's after being washed in the dishwasher repeatedly? It scrapes of with a finger nail, so the glass is not etched. Is there a home remedy, or a product I could buy? Please help.


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By Paola [1]01/27/2009

Oooooooh I loved this one and it worked so well... I had a problem once where a plate blocked the soap dispenser in the dishwasher. The dishes came out completely dull, cloudy, and with a nasty texture, not to mention the ones that had food particles and other junk on them. I read that soaking the dishes in your sink in warm vinegar for 1 hour would do the trick. Well, obviously I didn't have enough vinegar to submerge all my dishes, so I improvised. I filled a tall pot with warm tap water all the way to the top, added about 2 cups room-temperature vinegar and submerged the glasses in it for one hour. It worked well, but I reused the water for the next batch of dishes, kept them in for 30 minutes and worked just as well. Then all my cutlery for 30 minutes with the same water and it did wonders. After each batch I hand-washed the dishes and set them out to dry. They are now sparkling clean. I heard baking-soda does the same (haven't tried it).


I have never tried it, but I have been told that vinegar will remove the stains. Good luck.
- Cheryl


While working on a dishwasher that needed repair, the man working on it told me that most everyone that uses a dishwasher, uses too much detergent and causes the haze on the glassware. He suggested only quarter filling the detergent cups. It will do the dishes just as well as filling them full, and I found this to be true. It saves money on detergent, saves your dishwasher and septic tank and also helps to eliminate the haze
- Carol


For the person who wants to remove the milky look from glasses after using a dishwasher. I put vinegar in the dishwasher where the expensive store stuff goes. It works great some of my glasses improved right away and some did after several washings.
- Bea in WI

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