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Candle Wax on a Sweater

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I spilled candle wax on the sleeve of a good knit and cotton sweater. Please help.




Recent Answers

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By Eddie (Guest Post)01/25/2009

I tried this on my tux Jacket and it worked great.

By Ann (Guest Post)12/28/2008

OMG the paper bag and low iron worked so well...I put a piece underneath as well as on top and just kept moving the paper around to absorb. Just like new, which it was before I spilled the candle wax on it. THANK YOU

By Ann (Guest Post)12/27/2008

OMG the paper bag and low iron worked so well. I put a piece underneath as well as on top and just kept moving the paper around to absorb. Just like new, which it was before I spilled the candle wax on it. Thank you.

By Anne Ross (Guest Post)11/19/2008

I spilled wax on a brand new cashmere sweater and it came right out with the paper bag and iron.

By Sarah (Guest Post)10/19/2008

I used this trick (iron and a regular paper towel) to get a bunch of candle wax out of a fleece jacket! I never thought it would work on fleece but every last drop of wax came out. As you iron you can see what looks like a wet spot forming on the paper towel. Keep going over and over the same spot using a "dry" spot until it doesn't create a "wet" spot. That's when all the wax is out. (It doesn't take long at all.)

By emma (Guest Post)06/09/2008

Thanks so much for this advice! I just used a paper bag to iron out wax that was all up the arm of my favorite coat!

By Samantha (Guest Post)04/08/2008

THANKS iron saved my sweater :)

By (Guest Post)01/02/2008

IRON IDEA works great! Thanks for the idea!

By ntsay (Guest Post)12/12/2007

Just tried the iron idea! Got all of the wax out, but there was still an oil residue. It worked for me though! Really helped! :)

By et (Guest Post)11/17/2007

The iron on low setting with paper towel works great to remove the oily residue for me! The color was still there but I used oxi-clean, and it pulled the color right out.

By (Guest Post)06/05/2007

This trick worked great. I got candle wax on a new suit I just got and it took 99% of the wax off, there was still a slight oil residue but thats for the dry cleaners.


By shanta (Guest Post)03/26/2007

I used this method on my pants right before I went to work and IT WORKED! Thanks so much

By Jeannette (Guest Post)03/04/2007

I put my syeater in the freezer and left it over night then removed it and scraped what i could off with a dull knife then, sprayed it with GOO GONE and scrubbed it gently with a brush. Washed it out in the sink and used a little shout gel and all of it came out. I was really surprised and also happy since the sweater is white and the candle wax was green. THANKS AGAIN

By shannon (Guest Post)03/04/2007

FREEZER!!! I know it sounds wierd but stick your sweater in your freezer for a night. Pull it out. wax will be hard, and stiff and you can EASILY flick it off. (Great way to get old wax off our out of candle holders, and of course for tablecloths as well)


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Archive: Wax on a sweater

I had lit my candles and when I was about to go out the door I blew them out. Well I forgot that one of them had never been lit before and was full of wax. Well the candle wax got all over me and my sweater. Any suggestions please let me know. Thank you very much.

RE: Wax on a sweater

To get the wax out of your sweater, put a piece of paper towel or an old clean rag over the wax and iron over the paper towel/rag. Most of the wax should come off onto the paper toweling. If there is a stain left by the color from the wax, dissolve a couple of tablespoons of borax into water as hot as you can stand without burning yourself, and let it sit or rub it a bit , and the stain should be totally gone. If you can't use hot water without damaging the sweater, try lukewarm water, and leave it to soak about 5 minutes, then rince thoroughly in lukewarm water.This should do the trick quite well.Best of luck,colbren (06/25/2002)

By micospen

RE: Wax on a sweater

The paper towel and iron thing works well. Spray and wash, as well as lestoil also help get the residue or color mark off the clothing as well! (08/13/2004)

By Lily

RE: Wax on a sweater

I am a 13 year old boy and just got wax on my school pants. My mum was not in the room at the time. The second it happend. I turned to google. I found this. I done exacly wat it said. I used a tea-towel instead and in seconds it had gone. Thank-you. So saved me from lots of trouble (08/03/2005)

By Francis

RE: Wax on a sweater

Amazing! I thought I had ruined my sweater! Thank You! (12/17/2005)

By Devon

RE: Wax on a sweater

I'm amazed!!! I spilt some wax on my pyjamas and did the iron-papertowel-thing. I didnt expect it to work but it did. wow!!! (08/05/2006)

By Lauren

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