Rust Stain On Porcelain Sink


I have a grey porcelain bathroom sink that I love. Around the drain there is quite a bit of rust. I really don't want to replace the sink. Does anyone know how to get rid of rust once and for all? Or could I sand down the rusty spots and apply paint for porcelain over it and have it last? Thanks.

By Cyd from CO


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"Have you tried Bar Keeper's Friend? I had a stained porcelain sink (marks from my cast iron skillet, plus rust from something else), and nothing else helped. My mother-in-law recommended Bar Keeper's Friend, and it worked like a charm! I found it in the cleaning supplies near Comet. Best of luck!"

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By NG 1 02/19/2011

I tried the pumice stone that was suggested on this page and it worked! It's not 100% yet, but close (98% gone). I'd recommend this over the chemicals. At least, give it a try first. Thanks Kristal.

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There are some rust spots around the edge of the overflow drain in my porcelain sink. Does anyone have a way to clean off this rust? Karen

RE: Rust Stain On Porcelain Sink

I would use Clorox Cleanup. It has removed rust stains on my counter tops. You just need to let it sit for awhile, at least 1/2 hour, before wiping up. Hope this helps. (04/26/2005)

By Antique Lady

RE: Rust Stain On Porcelain Sink

There's a cleanser called Zud made especially for this problem. It works great and can even lighten up really old rust stains. Most grocery stores, Kmarts and Walmarts should carry this with all other cleansers. (04/26/2005)

By pattyneu

RE: Rust Stain On Porcelain Sink

My first thought was BarKeepers Friend too. I use it all the time and love it. Along with the other uses mentioned I've found that it removes koolade and juice stains from my countertop too. It also does a great job on removing the stains in my sink that get down in those little tiny scratches. Just wet the sink, sprinkle it on and let it set about 10 minutes. Then gently scrub. My sink looks like new again! I use it in my bathroom sink and tub too. It's my favorite cleaning product. (04/27/2005)

By Shirley M

RE: Rust Stain On Porcelain Sink

We have well water here and I have great sucess with "Iron Out" (http://www.ironout.com/) avalible at he grocery or hardware stores.

I also LOVE Bar Keepers Friend!!! I use it on counter tops and sinks and tubs and much much more!

I don't think you will be disappointed with these products. Good Luck! (04/27/2005)

By Summer

RE: Rust Stain On Porcelain Sink

Purchase a bottle of Whink Rust Remover. You will find it in any hardware store....possibly even the supermarket. Don't let it sit on the sink too long. It will remove the rust in a hurry. Bonnie (04/28/2005)

By bbartlein

RE: burnStain On Porcelain Sink

Someone left a cigarette on the bathroom sink and it left a burn mark. Is there any way of getting it out? (04/28/2005)

By flame49.

RE: Rust Stain On Porcelain Sink

There is a product called CLR that can be purchased in most grocery stores as well as Walmart, Fred Myer etc. CLR removes calcium, rust and lime try it but use gloves since it is hard on the skin, I have used it for many years with great success. (05/05/2005)

By Walker

RE: Rust Stain On Porcelain Sink

My contractor used a product called 'naval jelly' to remove the rust left in my tub when one of the framers left nails in the bathtub. That rust stain was in the tub for months before he removed it.....I kept telling him I'd want a new tub if that rust didn't come out, but he got it out!!!! Try naval jelly. (05/06/2005)

By Lisa

RE: Rust Stain On Porcelain Sink

You should use Bar Keepers Friend. It works great on porcelain sinks. You can find it at local stores or they have a web site at www.barkeepersfriend.com (05/27/2005)

By Lisa Neace

mold in bathroom shower

Help my shower gets so moldy how do i get all that mold off the tiles and grout ? i am so fed up (07/05/2005)

By miriamnurse

RE: Rust Stain On Porcelain Sink

Lowe's sells a product called Zud. You can find it in the cleaning section next to Comet or Ajax. It's non-abrasive and works very well on copper bottom pots or good quality cookware, also. (07/05/2005)

By jeanne

RE: Rust Stain On Porcelain Sink

Can anyone tell me if this will also work for old bathtubs? I live in an apartment that is like close to 50 years old so who knows how old the bathtub is. The bottom of it is just yuck. I cannot get it cleaned to white no matter what I use. The best I have found is dishwasher liquid - like you use in a dishwasher, but that still doesn't totally clean it. I also have the same problem with the toilet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. (07/05/2005)

By TonyaG

RE: Rust Stain On Porcelain Sink

This is for Tonya G....

Try using a Mr. Clean Magic Sponge on your tub. I have used them to remove soap scum and the other icky stuff that collects on the fiberglass tub at home (I can't use anything abrasive to clean it, or it will scratch). I was at a loss as to what to use to clean the tub, but I tried one of the sponges and have been using them ever since. You will have to apply a little elbow grease, especially if there is a big buildup of stuff on the tub, but I think that you will be happy with the results. Good luck! (07/06/2005)

By P.

RE: Rust Stain On Porcelain Sink

P - I happen to have one of those Mr. Clean Erasers. Can you tell me if you use any kind of cleaner with the eraser? Thanks for the tip. (07/06/2005)

By TonyaG

RE: Rust Stain On Porcelain Sink

ZUD, ZUD, ZUD...Jeanne previously gave this suggestion but I want to emphasize that she is correct. ZUD is a powder that contains oxalic acid and is sold as a "Rust Remover." It works! Wet the rust with water and sprinkle the ZUD on the rust and rub with a sponge or paper towel into a paste. Let set for a few minutes. Then rub the rust out. It should not require much effort. I even used a paste of water and Zud to remove an "unremovable" rust stain from my favorite white dress shirt after I had tried a myriad of solutions to no avail. Zud is available at virtually any grocery store, usually in the same location as other "kitchen cleansers" like Comet. Zud comes in a round cylindrical box like other kitchen cleansers. (07/07/2005)

By Lee Smithson

RE: Rust Stain On Porcelain Sink

I hope your porcelain sink isn't like ours, as where the rust stains were around the overflow drain, they've all chipped off, from there all the way to the bottom drain!!! We're going to have to replace both our bathroom sinks, due to this. I'm not sure what's caused it, but it is where toothpaste is usually dropped sometimes while brushing ones teeth and where we'd spit and rinse our teeth. If it is the toothpaste & dental rinse, makes you wonder what's doing to our teeth! (08/11/2005)

By badwater

RE: Rust Stain On Porcelain Sink

Just a warning about using CLR--I tried it for the rust around my drain on my porcelain sink and guess I left in on too long, because it stripped the shiny layer off the porcelain where it had touched it. So use caution. (11/24/2005)

By Guest

RE: Rust Stain On Porcelain Sink

any mark on porcelain can be polished out with cleaning cream for smooth top ranges. restores it like new (11/27/2005)

By scooty

RE: Rust Stain On Porcelain Sink

Barkeepers' Friend is the best thing to use. Make a paste and let it sit on stain, then scrub. Repeat if neccesary. (09/03/2006)

By Beth

RE: Rust Stain On Porcelain Sink

Try vinegar and baking soda paste. Mix some vinegar and baking soda into a paste and let it sit on the stain for 10 minutes. Worked for me. I caught the stain early, within 24 hours, I had left a wet tool on the sink after I repaired the sink the night before and the tool left a rust stain on the sink. (07/02/2007)

By Pork

RE: Rust Stain On Porcelain Sink

Oh my gosh, I just read this page and luckily had just bought Barkeeper's Friend (Lowes was out of Ajax.) and it did exactly what people have said. All the rust in my bathtub is gone! What a miracle! I was beginning to lose hope. (08/11/2007)

By linyan

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