Uses for Little Pieces of Soap

What can I do with old slivers of bars of soap?

By Janice from Hays, KS

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Here is a post that I submitted of how to make soap balls. I never throw left over soap away, I use it to the very end.

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Well my mom used to do this but I don't remember if it worked but you can try to put it in the oven and I think it makes some kind of gooie substance the you take it outside and let it harden the it will be a play dough like thing.

ps. Remember I said I don't remember so be careful.

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The soap ball is one clever idea, here's what I do with those pieces of soap. Like you I don't throw them away, I keep them in a qt. jar, one they are somewhat different to look at; two, something to collect those pieces to turn into a soap ball or bar and I also use them in my laundry. I take a cheap (thin) washcloth, sew up the ends, leaving the side open to sew some velcro for a open/closure; place a couple of those pieces of soap inside, close & drop into the laundry. You can do the same thing with homemade lye soap as well. Its like added power. The soap bar can have a cotton rope hanging from it & use it in camping.

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Put them in a piece of old panty hose leg, Tie a knot and use. Like soap on a rope without the rope.

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If you use a double boiler, you can melt it down and form it into little ice or cookie molds. Then you can dress then up with nylon net or other stuff and make your presents like we used to!

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I toss small soap bars in the tray area ... where you put laundry soap in my washer. Then they slowly dissapear as the water runs over them. Just an added bonus to the washing per say. I also have done with with all my old dish soap..dishwater soap.I drain it all into my washer. Yes I have a front load and been doing it for 10+ years with no issues.

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What to do with those ends of bath soap bars too small to use but too large to discard? Here are some ideas from the ThriftyFun community. Post your own below.

Soap on a String

An inventive way would be to melt all the little pieces of left over soap with about 3 tablespoons of distilled water, add any desired food coloring if desired or even any oil essence such as rose or Jasmin, for example. Then pour the now liquid soap into containers with some sort of decorative shape that has been oiled a little.

Another is to let the soap cool a little and make balls the size of golf balls around some sting and you've made soap on the string. There is so much you can make with different colored soap and use it to make decorative soaps for your bathroom or even to smell up closets. Another option is to use brown grainy sugar in your soap too to use as an exfoliator later on.

By Crpdiem

Make Bar Soap

I take all my small pieces of soap and put them in a microwavable safe container and melt them in the microwave. Remove. Then pour them in a container. They will harden as they cool. Remove them from the container and you have a whole bar of soap. You want to use a small container, so the soap will be easy to hold in one hand when you bathe. If it is difficult to remove the soap, put the bowl in hot water for a couple of minutes.

By sissa12

Liquid Soap

Don't throw away bar soap that dissolves into those little irritating pieces. Save them and add water, then slowly melt them down on the stove and use as liquid soap. Or melt them down without water and pour into greased jar lids or anything you want to use for the a mold and you have new bars of soap.

By Tracey from Thomasville, GA

What I do is take one of those pump bottles that liquid soap originally came in and break the pieces of soap up even more so they will fit inside the bottle. Add some water and shake well. You shouldn't have to get any more liquid soap for a while.

By Tracy in Watauga, TX

Place Pieces In A Scrubbie

I will take all the leftovers and collect them for a while. Then I take apart one of those scrubbie things most people now use in the shower (I can buy a pkg. of 4 of them at the dollar store), and put the soap in there, and tie it up. I would think cheesecloth would work, too, but I haven't tried it. It works well for the kids since the sudser already has soap in it.

By Callielawrence

Tie Into a Washcloth

If you have small children, save all your soap slivers that are a bit too small to use, but you just don't want to waste them. Put the into a washcloth and tie it closed. Small children can hold it easier than a big bar of soap. Wet it and use it to scrub in the bathtub. Not only is it easier for a child to hold, but they are scrubbing with a washcloth and using those tiny slivers of leftover soap up.

Place In Pantyhose

Don't you hate it when your bath soap bar gets smaller and smaller after each use, to the point where it's too small to even wash with? Here's a solution. Take a pair of pantyhose that you don't wear and cut off the feet. Put all the soap slivers you can find in the foot of the pantyhose and tie a knot at the end. Now you can use them. Every time you get a new sliver of soap, just untie the knot, add it to the collection and tie it back. This will keep you from throwing away perfectly good soap and pantyhose. Waste not, want not.

By Jo

Mesh Bag

When I wrote to Earth Therapeutics to thank them for the Tea Tree Oil Foot Balm they make, they sent me a little mesh bag, like the mesh scrubbers, that you fill with soap and soap pieces, close and use and it works practically forever. I keep it in my shower in the soap dish. Maybe they can be found at Bed Beth and Beyond.

You can put all the small pieces of soap into a mesh type bag (garlic and onions come in an open type mesh) that you get when you buy different produce. One end is usually sewn shut. I use a type of bread clip for the other end. This has worked better than a pantyhose, because it allows the soap to dry.

By Jazzylazzy

Bath Mitt

I use a bath mitt that has a soap pocket. I leave my bar of soap in it and the whole soap gets used up and I am not left with little useless pieces of soap.

By Buzzlightyear

Make Laundry Soap

I save all of my small slivers of soap in a jar and when I have enough I melt them and make the homemade laundry soap. They work just as well and I do not have to buy special soap. It also smells good without my having to add scent.

By Drucilla


Uses for Little Pieces of Soap

My husband uses left over soap pieces as shaving soap. (03/05/2007)

By downunderchick

Uses for Little Pieces of Soap

I have a much simpler solution. I simply stick the old bit of soap bar onto the new bar when they are both wet in the shower. It will be welded to the new bar by the next day. You couldn't pry them apart. I have been doing this for many years. (03/18/2007)

By imtommcalpine

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