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Use Baby Wipes For Cleaning Eyes

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When I woke up with one eye sealed shut, I knew I needed to clean the area. I didn't want to use face cloths because if it was "pink eye" or conjunctivitis, it could spread. I had some baby wipes with Aloe, Vitamin E and NO alcohol and tried them. They worked GREAT! The condition improved quickly and healed in a few days. I was impressed. Now, I also use them on my dogs' eyes when they are weepy. I'm a believer.

By Faye from Garland, TX


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By Myrna [15]06/19/2008

I too was told by an opthamologist to use baby shampoo as it's tearless and safely cleanses the eyelash pores that can get clogged and create problems. Everyone should be using baby shampoo on their eyelids to keep this from happening. Funny that few people know this until after having a problem develop; then you learn the hard/expensive way. Oil in the eyelids can form a hardened white bump in the pore (a clogged pore called Chalazion which is spelled incorrectly here) and if it won't melt with a hot wet compress; it will need surgery to remove. I had this happen to me and the bright light the opthamologist used was difficult to deal with and you can't blink your eye or move. Mine was small and difficult to treat and required a couple visits to resolve and $900.00 out of pocket expense. I helped a friend clean her rental property and got bacteria in my eye. I didn't stop working to wash my sweaty face and ended up with this problem. Hope nobody else goes through what I did and that's why I'm sharing this experience. I use baby shampoo faithfully and it doesn't have to be an expensive brand either to work.

By Marty Dick [152]06/19/2008

My sister in law said her doctor told her to use baby shampoo (no tears) on a cotton ball to cleanse her allergy eyes. This might be of some help to you and your doggy.

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