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I am looking to start a bargain bent and dent type small grocery store in Greenville, South Carolina. Anybody have any ideas where I can get the merchandise for the store nearby?

By corey9602 from Greenville, SC


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By Patrick 02/13/2012

We supply many of the salvage stores in the southeast. Please email me at phardy AT salvagedsolutions.com and we can help you. We carry small quantity mixed lots that are perfect for opening up a small store.

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By bargainmax2000 01/24/2014

Hi we run a salvage warehouse in Charlotte NC and supply a lot of start ups and regular salvage stores since 1985 call Doug 704-277-8007

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By Michael Burt - RCI 18 03/09/2015

Hi Corey

We are the largest wholesaler or Salvage Grocery in the region and are the primary vendor for almost all of the bent and dent / discount grocery stores. We are family owned, in business for 30 years. Our warehouses are in St Paul, MN and we ship across the country. We sell mixed loads of Dry Grocery, Frozen Grocery and Fresh Grocery- by the case or by the pallet.

Give me a call as we would like to explore doing business together. I can also be helpful with advice as we have helped many stores open.

Michael Burt
Reclaim Center Inc
Email- michael (at) reclaimcenter (dot) com

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