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Dog Odor in a Car

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I just got a car and had the interior cleaned because of dog odor. Now the car smells just as bad or even worst. What can I do to get rid of the smell? I've tried fabreeze, air refreshners and so far nothing. Help!

Sharmaine from Ontario, Canada


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By KenG10/21/2008

Found a product called Innofresh auto odor eliminator at Checker auto. The clerk really recommended it and I love it. Totally fragrance free so not just covering up the smell with some fragrance. I used several in the car since odor was pretty bad from dogs and spilled stuff. Worked great. I just buy on line at

By Martin Meyer01/22/2007

As you have already found out, dog body odor is a really tough odor to remove however, I have been very successful with OdorXit Magic. It is not permanent, but it does kill the odor for 2 to 12 weeks.

There is another product that is not yet available (but will be soon) that will do the job permanently called OdorXit ClO2. It is an amazing product that I hope to have on the market in just a few says.

By Jennifer (Guest Post)12/07/2006

You can get some spray at the pet store called "Nature's Miracle". It is an enzyme cleaner that will get rid of that indescribable doggey odor!

By Rosa (Guest Post)12/06/2006

Try putting some vanilla on cotton balls and putting them around various parts of your car, works every time. We went crabbing one time, and took 2 days to get home, fridge in camper, coolers and camper smelled like crabs, after 2 or 3 days of vanilla filled cotton balls , change daily, smell was all gone ! I even keep a cotton ball on the window sills in house for a nice smell in house, we have 3 kitty pans and 2 BIG dogs in the house , and no critter smell at all. Give it a try, you have nothing to loose except some vanilla and cotton balls. :-) rose

By Shonda (Guest Post)12/06/2006

Try a pan of charcoal, placed in the floor of your car. I know this removes odors.Leave windows down when you can, this will also help. Good luck.

By Shari (Guest Post)12/06/2006

Worth a try but maybe put some vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the car down and see if that takes it away

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