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How Big Should a Lapghan Be?


What size should a lapghan or wheelchair afghan be?

By Susan from Suffern, NY


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By Myrna 16 1,074 03/10/2011

For a comfortable fit, it's best to know if the person is long legged or short and has a thin or wide build. I've made some for various people and always go by that. You don't want it to drag the floor and get caught up in the wheels or have the edges brush against the wheels either to get easily soiled.

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By Sandi/Poor But Proud 452 2,089 03/16/2011

A good size is a basic 4' by 4' square. This is perfect for a giant granny square, but also easy when you want to make 16 1' squares, too. Or, you simply start the row at 4' and keep going till it's another 4' and then make a nice border. If someone is small or in a wheel chair, try a 3' by 3' piece of cloth, and if it's the perfect size, make it like that. If someone wants to cover more of their legs and less of their laps, you can also make it oblong, say 3' by 4'. Good luck!

Here's the google link. ... r.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=4db05700009e71d0

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By Cricket 205 896 03/16/2011

I have a pattern book that's right up your alley! But wouldn't you know I can't find it right now? Anyway, an average lapghan is approximately 36" x 40". Wheel chair afghans are usually a bit smaller. I made one this past Christmas for a firend and he loves his. I made it about 36 x 42.

Here is a link to the book I have. It's really great. ... eelchair-Afghans-Bags/prod_1364.html

One thing about making for a wheel chair though. Since my friend has cerebral palsy and therefore doesn't have use of his arms or hands as well as his legs, I made ties to go on the top two corners so that his caretaker can tie it to the chair so it doesn't constantly slip off. I also put ties on the bottom two corners to be tied to the bars that the foot rests are on. This prevents it from getting caught up in the wheels or dragging the ground. This tip isn't in the book or any pattern I've found.

I also crocheted him a hat and scarf to match his afghan. He absolutely loves the set!

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By theresa 1 03/17/2011

Try Annies Attic for patterns. But the other suggestions were perfect. I am in a wheelchair long legged and queen size. So there is no magic size.

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