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Do Copperhead Snakes Have a Cucumber Odor?

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Does a Copperhead snake put off an odor that smells like cucumber?

By pastorjohn from Pomeroy, OH


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By Jerri J.07/02/2015

When copperheads become excited or stressed they exude a musk which does, indeed, smell like cucumbers. Also, their feces looks like yellow cornmeal.

By Annie Rios Hill [12]10/20/2009

I am with Triple Deb, I too would never wanna know!

By Vickie Simpson [3]09/29/2009

My husband Al and I grew up in a small town in Kentucky. When we were dating in 1987 we went for a walk past his parents place and sat on a rock. After sitting there for about 10 minutes we smelled rotten cucumbers and we ran. My now husband took a log and flipped over the rock and there was a whole nest of copperheads. So my advice to the pastor is if you smell that smell get out of Dodge. The old people have this advice for a reason. If you think it's a myth, well test it and let the rest of us know. LOL!

By Brenda [20]09/26/2009

Never got close enough to one to smell

By Elizabeth09/25/2009

I remember living on a farm in So.Illinois and my mom would go to the garden to weed and saying she smelled a coperhead snake and it smelled to her like cucumbers and sure enough she would see one and she was a good shot with a hoe and killed it. I don't know how she got by with it all those years and didn't get bit. She was a very daring woman in my book. Lots of times a King snake would swallow the poison snakes. Mom never killed the King snakes. She did know her snakes and I guess in her way was cautious but I hated the sight of them and ran to the house. I still hate the snakes and when they are on TV I go to another channel and won't look at them. HAHA I live in Tennessee on the outskirts of Chattanooga and have not seen one since the 5 years we have been here but do know they are slithering around just waiting for me some day.

By Robyn Fed [388]09/20/2009

However they do excrete a smell when about to bite or really agitated. So I guess the answer to this is yes, if they are ready to attack and mad, and no, they do not smell like this otherwise. Robyn

By Robyn Fed [388]09/19/2009

According to the article I am sending regarding this topic, this is a myth.
re: ... perheads_the_most_misunderstood.html

By Peggy [62]09/18/2009

Yes, I just read about this yesterday, didn't save the site though, sorry

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