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Toilet Paper With Less Lint

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Help me please find a toilet paper that doesn't create so much dust. I can't be the only one complaining of it. It needs to be soft, but not too rough. I use Northern. Maybe it's too soft?

By Daphna from Alachua, FL


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By Chris11/04/2010

Scott Tissue.

By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]10/19/2010

Angel Soft is my first choice for price, softness and lack of lint. As a second choice, hubby sometimes gets a decent generic at Save-a-lot. Scot just strikes me as too flimsy for the price! I've used it before (when you could buy a single roll) and didn't care for it.

By Sandy Gerber [22]10/19/2010

None that start with the letter C. I thought that would be easy for my hubby to remember, but he still forgets and brings that nasty Crumblebutt stuff home.
I like Scott.

By Grandma J [46]10/18/2010

Had the same issue, we started buying the generic brand from Wal-mart. Nice, strong, yet soft on skin. My granddaughters roll out 3 squares and find there is less waste, this is good amount to get the job done. And no fluff dust.

By Annie Rios Hill [12]10/18/2010

I have decided either I buy Dollar General brand cheap but 2 ply which is great cheap price and fine to use or use coupons and sales to buy cottonelle which is pricier but fine to use. I tried Northern and had lint issues also. I used to hover in tp aisle at stores with my calculator finding best price and 2ply and check how much was in each package, so finally I found the 2 that I liked and stick with them.


Good old fashioned Scott 1000 Count Tissue (single non fancy ply) and you can often find it on sale if you check around. I just bought two 4 packs a couple of weeks ago at Walgreen's for $5.00 total. I've used and sworn by their TP since I first moved away from home almost forty years ago. ;-)

By katrina [5]10/17/2010

Costco's brand Kirkland is the very best buy I have ever found, and works the best. Almost all businesses use it.

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