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Removing Pen Marks from Wallpaper


My son has drawn ball point pen on the wallpaper and I have tried nail polish remover and other cleaning products but I have to be careful not to tear the paper as he has pierced it with the pen already. Please can someone help!

Julia from Gloucestershire in UK


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By Gwenniegirl (Guest Post) 04/11/2005 Flag

Try spraying it with hairspray first, then using a damp cloth.

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By nancy 2 04/11/2005 Flag

You could try magic erasers from mister clean. They work great on alot of different things. Nan_Pooh in Kansas

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By judy (Guest Post) 04/12/2005 Flag

try Colgate toothpaste, (the white kind not the gel) and let it set about 10 -15 minutes then clean with a warm damp cloth.

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By Guest (Guest Post) 04/26/2005 Flag

The Mister Clean magic eraser looks like it wouldn't work, but it does. I just used it yesterday on painted walls and wallpaper. Just a couple tips: The thicker, more durable type of wallpaper is harder to get the pen out of, but eventually it seems to come. We experienced a VERY slight discoloration of the wallpaper though. Perhaps the wallpaper was dirty in the first place though :) With thinner, more "papery" types of wallpaper, you have to be careful because you can actually start to wear through the wallpaper if you scrub too long in one place. It also seemed to start to discolor at first because of that reason, but once it dried it looks great. I will be eternally grateful to the friend who recommended this! We have too many little artists in the family. P.S. So far no luck on permanent marker on wallpaper though... if anyone has any ideas on that, feel free to tell me!

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 07/15/2005 Flag

Could someone advise me on how to remove pen marks out of WALL PAPER... In have tried all sorts and nothing works. Its not painted wall - which would make life easier, it happens to be wall paper which proves a little difficult.

- Shakela - England

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By Shirl (Guest Post) 07/20/2005 Flag

Hair spray, not that fancy stuff they sell now-a-day. but the cheap kind like Aqua Net,works great on anything that has ink marks

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By Sharon Manchester (Guest Post) 05/13/2007 Flag

I have successfully remove pen from my painted anyglpta wallaper with hairspray. Thanks

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By (Guest Post) 05/30/2007 Flag

=O Milk, hairspray, lemon juice, nail polish remover.. they dont work!!

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By jimbob (Guest Post) 09/07/2007 Flag

I need to remove pen marks, from kids writing on painted walls. I don't care so much about the paint, just want the pen marks gone. Don't have hairspray. What next?

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By Hayleym 1 06/29/2008 Flag

I just tried Hairspray and Mr CLean Eraser. They both didn't work!!!

Any other suggestions???

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By Abigal (Guest Post) 07/28/2008 Flag

Colgate tooth paste does not work.

Nor does hairspray

Editor's Note: Because there are so many different types of pens, look under the type: Ball point pen, sharpie, gel pen.

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By Lisa (Guest Post) 08/26/2008 Flag

I have a 3yr and 2yr that go crazy on my walls. Please HELP I have tried everything and nothing works.

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By nic (Guest Post) 09/09/2008 Flag

Tried the nail varnish technique on my wallpaper to remove pen and now have a lovely white patch and my wall paper was ment to be yellow. Too scared to now try the hairspray so think my daughter's art will be there to stay till we redecorate.

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By guest (Guest Post) 11/15/2008 Flag

Dampen a smal piece of paper towel with isoproponal,not too wet,lay on ink and weight down check often and renew process til ink is gone. Remember not too wet or ink will run.

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By Melinda M. 1 1 03/28/2013 Flag

Be very careful. When my girls were little, wrote with pens, crayons on painted doors and wallpaper. I used lighter fluid to get it off with a cloth of the same color as paper. Suggest trying someplace a little hidden, or can hang a pic over it. Back then inks were probably different, as well as, the paints today, but the wallpaper we had was only 99 cents a roll, and didn't ruin it. Takes sticker glue residue off, too, is not as bad as ammonia smell.

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