Food to Bring on an Airplane


What would be good to take on a airplane to eat and will go through airport security?




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By Melanie (Guest Post) 10/06/2008

I always have nuts or individually wrapped cheese with me. Also, a bottle of water--which I gleefully empty into the available trashcan and then refill when I am past security.

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By mcw 80 1,754 10/06/2008

My husband and I are taking a cruise to Italy and Greece on Oct. 25, our plane leaves on the 24th and I'm making some homemade scones to take on the plane with us. The layover between flights are very long and we need something to eat before our international flight. You can take some granola bars, snacks, fruit, etc. The airlines don't care about food, but their restrictions are on personal care items, such as toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant. They have to be 3 oz. or less and put in a ziplock bag to be carried on the plane.

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By Beverly (Guest Post) 10/06/2008

The little 6 pack of crackers with either cheese or peanut butter between them is good. Also, trail mix.

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I like to take a fajita with me on the airplane. It wraps all up in a neat little package, you can put a balanced meal in it (meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pbj, whatever), and you can hold it with one hand. Add a banana, and you're good to go!

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By mrsz Bartow, Fl (Guest Post) 10/06/2008

I agree with the other viewer. Take an empty water bottle and fill it after you pass security. I take cheese, crackers, carrots, cookies, meat, Make a sandwich with no mayo. if you travel with little ones make sure everyone has there own snacks and pack extra. You never know when there is a delay.

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By Kathy (Guest Post) 10/06/2008

My sister always runs by Subway and gets a $5 footlong before she boards. They don't care about food, just liquid.

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By gretta (Guest Post) 10/06/2008

Check on line with the airlines. Last time I looked you could only take small items like pudding and applesauce cups, basically baby sized prepackaged stuff.

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By KS Granny 4 119 07/19/2009

Solid foods like cheddar cheese, dry foods like nuts are fine. You will probably be required to eat or throw out soft foods like pudding, or anything containing liquid like canned fruit, even if they're sealed in the original can or carton. Not sure about applesauce, or drained canned fruit, but I wouldn't try it.

I once downed almost a pint of leftover ice cream while waiting in a lo-o-ong, slow line - couldn't have taken it on board anyhow, it would have melted, so I just savored it! ^_^

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