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Lengthening a Car Sun Visor

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How can I lengthen my cars sun visor?

By Marie from NJ


Recent Answers

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By Celestia T.12/03/2014

I found a really simple product on . It easily clipped onto the edge of my existing visor. I use it everyday now.

By Delores [2]11/13/2010

I ordered a sun visor extender from It extends to both sides (not at the same time) and also has an additional visor that drops down for people like me who are short and driving into the early evening sun. It was extremely cheap, only about $3.00 on sale. I love it.

By Deanj11/12/2010

Or you could cut the end off a large long envelope that would fit over the visor. That way all you have to do is side the envelope to extend the length of the visor. Also check auto part stores. They may sell an after market part that will do the same thing.

By Suntydt [75]11/11/2010

Do you want to lengthen it toward the inside of the ccar? You can do that with a piece of card board. I recommend taking something like a cereal box (that type of card board) and cut it so it is the length of your visor plus any additional amount between your visor and mirror. Don't block your mirror. Use three realatively big (thick) rubberbands to attach it to your visor. Put them on the visor spaced with one on each end and one slightly off center toward the middle of the car. Slide the cardboard into the rubber bands with the cardboard facing the ceiling when your visor is up. The cardboard is secure and blocking the sun between the visor and mirror when it is down. If you need it to boock more you can pull it out and let theinner and center rubberbands hold it. I hope this makes sense.


You can buy a sun visor extender. ... +visor+extender%22&x=16&y=17

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