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When you pull up your carpet or install new, you may have leftover padding. This is a guide about uses for carpet padding.



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Question: Using Carpet Padding as Insulation

We are pulling up the carpet and padding in our house and replacing it with wood flooring. We have been wanting to put additional insulation in our attic and came up with the idea to spread the carpet padding in the attic over the existing insulation. Before we do this, I thought I'd ask if this might be a bad idea for some reason.

Peggy from Yulan, NY


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By Michelle Angie [1]01/27/2009

I have one of those huge whole house fans in my attic that goes from the ceiling in the upstairs hall up into the attic and out the house. I put all my old carpet padding over it in the winter to help seal out the drafts - It works great because the padding molds to the shape of the fan. I love the strips in the garden idea - I'll do that one!

Question: Reusing High Quality Carpet and Padding

We pulled out our carpet and carpet pad, but don't wish to take it to the land fill. We are thinking about using it for insulation, but the weight of it will depress the existing attic insulation causing it to not perform. Perhaps we can nail layers on the wall to provide sound insulation. but then we have to drywall it over.

Any better ideas of make second life out of old carpet and carpet pad?

By yanghome2000


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By Grandma J [54]04/01/2013

Regift it through Habitat shops or ad on radio. My parents loved it when friends got new carpet. They would buy it for their farm house. Since you can imagine the feet on a farm, they would not put new in. To do with it as you suggest, might result in a some fire hazard, or health hazard. If you could get it outside and steam clean it, hang it on the line to dry, and let the sun help.

Question: Carpet Padding Uses

Here are some uses for extra carpet padding. Post your ideas!

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By Camilla North [20]11/16/2004

We used to live in a house with hardwood floors--very cold in the winter. I used a bath mat beside my bed with a scrap of carpet padding underneath. It was nice to step out of bed onto a cushy rug!

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