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Getting A Hair Out Of Your Eye

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Does anyone have any tips for getting something out of your eye that you can't see - like a long haired cats hair? I have gotten his hair in my eyes at times and I cannot remove it for hours because I can't find it. If I take a shower or wash my face, which isn't always convenient at the time, I can remove it. Otherwise it is really bothersome and uncomfortable.

Ann from MA



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By Coreen Hart [73]07/26/2008

I worked for ophthalmologists for about 13 years. Their solution was this: Stare straight ahead. Now look toward your nose and close your eyes. Repeat until the foreign body is in the inner corner of your eye. Now you can scrape it out with a clean fingernail.

By Kim Churchman [3]07/24/2008

Get an eye cup at the pharmacy. It looks like a shot glass but is saddleshaped. Use a sterile rinse in it and follow directions. Heaven-sent.

By Sandy (Guest Post)07/24/2008

If there is something in my eye that I can't see, I go into the bathroom with a flashlight. Turn the main light off and hold the flashlight under your eye. You may have to move your head up, down, left or right, but the light will make even the finest hair show. Good luck!

By Terri [7]07/24/2008

Try lightly closing your eyes and blowing your nose. The object usually moves to the corner of the eye. Use a clean, dry tissue to dab in the corner and it usually pulls the object out. Good luck.

By Jane (Guest Post)07/24/2008

My Dad taught me to stretch the eyelid over your affected eye and somehow it clears your for me!

By Grammiecracker (Guest Post)07/24/2008

Take hold of your upper eye lid by the eye lashes and pull the lid down over your bottom lid. Hold in place while you roll your eye around in a circle several times. My grandmother taught me this 50 years ago and it has always worked.

By Kerry Browning [2]07/24/2008

Sometimes this works. Pull your eyelid down over the bottom eyelash. It might take more than one pull.

By KL [3]07/24/2008

I am always getting eyelashes in my eye that I can't see. I usually open my eyes as big & wide as they can get and keep them open without blinking until they start to get watery with tears and it helps whatever is in there to float out to the corner. Sometimes I use a bottle of plain saline eye solution to wash it out if I am at home.

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