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Making Laminate Floor Less Slippery

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I have a laminate floor. My dog is constantly slipping on it and I am worried he is going to hurt himself. How can I make it less slippery?

Kathy from Sacramento



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By Daniel Pardel02/15/2008

Try using SKID SAFE Water Based Sealer/Finish with ND Aggregate TM which I have successfully used on my hardwood floors, concrete driveway, and painted garage floors, and in my ceramic tile bathroom.

These materials were very slippery wet before I used these amazing products, and now they are not slippery either WET nor DRY !

I have used them for over 8 years ! See, the manufacturer/creator since 1986.

By Lynda (Guest Post)01/25/2008

Keep close watch on the dog's nails. The furnishings on it's feet may need trimming, as well, but not too close. Don't make your laminate sticky or waxy just to keep the dog from slipping. See if you can find another reason for his slipping so easily. Also, a little discipline won't hurt, right? Put a rug runner down the middle to help the dog catch it's grip.
Hope this helps. God bless you. : )

By jean (Guest Post)01/25/2008

I had the same problem with my Pergo kitchen and dining room floors and my elderly toy poodle. The floor installer told me anything I applied to the floor would ruin the finish. Hence, rugs became part of my decor. I found an area rug for the dining room, and a matching runner for the kitchen since one opens to the other with an archway between. In the 9 years before Pookie passed on at 17.5, I bought 2 sets of rugs, mainly because I changed the color scheme.

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