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Where Can I Get Glycerin?

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Where can I buy glycerin for homemade bubble bath?




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By Scott (Guest Post)02/01/2009


By christine M. Thayer [2]01/27/2009

You can get vegetable glycerin from most vitamin/health food stores.


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Archive: Where Can I Get Glycerin?

I would like to know where do I get glycerin from. Is it the same as you use in soap? I would like to get it for favors for clear soap so I can make rose petal favors where you can see the petals in the soap.


RE: Where Can I Get Glycerin?

Hobby Lobby or Michael's crafts stores carry it, so does Walmart. I make my own bars of soap. They last forever. I've made several gift baskets with the soaps I've made. (07/29/2005)

By imaqt1962

RE: Where Can I Get Glycerin?

I have always found glycerin at any drug store. You might ask the pharmacist. (07/29/2005)

By Rev Alex

RE: Where Can I Get Glycerin?

I think drug stores, and the pharmacy areas of Walmart, Target, and KMart, will probably charge you less than the craft stores. Buy the cheapest generic stuff you can find. It's all the same so, you might as well save some cash, right? (08/01/2005)

By Claudia

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