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Removing Dried Grout from Bricks

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Does anyone know how to remove dried grout from brick? This past weekend my husband put up brick behind our stove and across the back splash behind the sink. The first layer of grout and then the bricks looked great!

I went out for the afternoon and when I came home the bricks were covered with white grout, in the seams and all over the bricks. He said he tried to wash the grout off but it would not come off. The bricks are now mostly white and look awful. Is there any way to fix this mess?

Linda from Milford, PA



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By murph (Guest Post)08/19/2008

Muriatic acid sold at masonry supply businesses.

By Tom Kirwan (Guest Post)01/25/2008

Yes, acid will do the trick. I've heard muratic acid works (nasty stuff to work with). My uncle recently completed a brick job at our house and he had good luck with a toilet bowl cleaner!

By Kim Churchman [3]01/17/2008

I think the above posts were referring to acetic acid. Vinegar is a weak acetic acid, and you can buy much stronger industrial strengths.
Why not paint it?

By Kay (Guest Post)01/17/2008

Acidic Acid, it is VERY strong and should be used in a well ventilated area. Or call your local brick company and explain what happened, they probably have the answer.

By Sarah (Guest Post)01/17/2008

That could be tough. Professional masons use acid to remove it.

By April [185]01/17/2008

If your grout is not synthetic, vinegar and a stiff brush should work (not a real hard brush-it will scratch the tile)-a hard tooth brush or even a nylon pot scrubber. You will have to put a little elbow grease into it.

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