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Storing Green Onions

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Thanks for all the responses about cilantro. How does one keep purchased fresh green onions fresh AND for as long as possible? I have tried wrapping them in paper towel, putting them in a plastic bag and storing in a cool (not cold) part of refrigerator but it doesn't seem to work. The green part goes first followed by the white part if I keep them long enough.

YT in London


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By cjjflash06/15/2011

I just pop them in a glass of water, they keep at (normal) room temperatures for up to a week and if they were fresh when you bought them, they grow some more! (in length not quantity), So more for your money. Chris

By Katherine (Guest Post)07/16/2005

you wash, chop it and put in sealer bag then put it in the freezer. It will not burn and it stays fresh for a long time..

By Susan K. Beal [3]04/16/2005

I have come to think that one reason produce goes bad so quickly in the refrigerator is because it is constantly getting sprayed in the store. I have taken to putting everything I bring home into a colander to let all of the water drain off of it. With green onions, I cut part of the tops off, and store them in a Glad Fresh Protect bag. You can also purchase special bags that are designed for holding produce. The Glad Fresh Protect bags usually keep stuff pretty fresh for as long as three weeks. To make sure that I get rid of as much moisture as possible, I often dry stuff with a paper or dish towel before putting it into the refrigerator. I have also used Tupperware FridgeSmart containers, and they are fabulous, but I don't think they are made any more.

By Harlean from Arkansas [125]02/28/2005

Wrap them completely in aluminum foil immediately when you get them home from the grocery store. They will keep for a couple weeks this way. I don't clean them until I am ready to use them. This also works for keeping celery, and it doesn't even get limp....stays nice and crisp.
Harlean from Arkansas

By Syd (Guest Post)02/28/2005

Trim some of the green stems, leave the roots on and store in a tall glass jar (instant coffee type) and put a very small amount of water in the bottom and seal the onions in the jar and store in the 'fridge.

By Jo (Guest Post)02/28/2005

I don't try to keep green onions for a long time. I either use within 2 days or I clean and cut them up and freeze in a baggie for cooking. I have even taken them out of the freezer and used in salads or on tacos without anyone noticing that they have been frozen. I just don't tell.....

By guest (Guest Post)02/28/2005

Green onions, and all kinds of greens (lettuce, etc) last much longer if you wrap them in something dry and then put them in a plastic bag. I used to use paper towels before I got thrifty--now I use pieces of muslin (thin cotton cloth), which I wash and reuse. The cloth actually works better and keeps them fresher than the paper towels did.

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