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Fixing "Salt" Figurines

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How can I fix broken "salt" figurines? I inherited several figurines that are about 55 years old. I was told they were purchased in Italy, and are made of salt. They are white and very detailed. They have become very weak and two have broken. They don't shatter like porcelain, more like hardened clay. Any ideas on how they can be preserved?

Kelly from Stanfield, NC



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By Kathi (Guest Post)12/03/2007

Try milk as a glue sometimes this works on earthenware and plaster - can't hurt!

By Debra In Colorado (Guest Post)11/17/2007

If they are not two sided I would back them with some felt or cardboard covered felt to preserve them. A couple of coats of clear spray paint would also help to preserve them from the elements.

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