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Holder for Organizing VCR Tapes

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How do you organize VCR tapes? My daughters (3 and 6) pull them out of the cases and put them all over their room. If I could have a "place" for them to put them back, it would be so nice. I don't know where to put them, so it's difficult to ask them to clean them up. Thanks for any info.

By Meliaalli from Fort McCoy, FL


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By Barbara Snyder [9]05/15/2009

For my daughter I have bought an old microwave cart that she keeps in her room. The top part is where her tv sits, second shelf is where her vcr/dvd is on and the bottom shelf is where she keeps her vcrs at (she is autistic and loves to watch her videos and also she always tears the cover off of therm. She can but them back that way or all over her cart. It has wheels so I can move it and it works great for us.

By Jackie05/15/2009

My granddaughter had an extra dresser drawer in her bedroom and that is where she keeps her VCR tapes.

By sue [1]05/15/2009

When I or my husband buy shoes we keep the boxes (the sturdy ones are best) and store VHS tapes in them on shelves in a book case. Maybe you could decorate the boxes to make them all similar or more attractive!


The manufacturers have moved from VHS storage units to DVD storage units, but you can probably find them on eBay, CragsList, etc. or maybe a second hand store.

You can store VCR and VHS tapes on their side in a drawer with titles up, or on a shelf. Wherever you store them, you can tell your daughters if they take any out, they will have to put them back. That way you won't have to pick them up yourself, and after having to put them away a couple of times, they will probably leave them alone from then on.


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Holder for Organizing VCR Tapes

I have a stack of VCR tapes that haven't been watched yet. Previously they were bumped into and knocked out of order, so I'd like to prevent that from occurring again.

Is there some kind of a holder that would permit me to stack them, one on top of the other, in a vertical order, removing the oldest from the bottom and placing the most recently recorded ones on the top? Any other suggestions?

Holly from Richardson, TX

RE: Holder For Organizing VCR Tapes

I don't know if you want to purchase a holder or make something, and also how many tapes are you talking about? Unfortunately most holders in stores are now sized for DVD not VHS tapes for VCRs. They will still work but there is some waste. I had a similar problem a few years ago. I had the bottom shelf of the TV cabinet to store them but they kept flopping all over all the time.

I took an empty Kleenex tissue box, pulled off the plastic at the top, made a diagonal cut in each corner to the edge so all four sides would fit down flat inside the box. Then I took a piece of clear packaging tape to tape each flap to the inside. The width of the Kleenex box was the same width as the VCR tapes.

Choose a color that blends in with the decor or color of the shelf or where it is going. I picked a more geometric design (vs. floral that screams tissue box). Also check for boxes that don't have the brand name too visible. And use the same box pattern for all rows to look best. They will hold 9 VCR tapes upright**. And my shelf fits 5 side by side. I made labels for each box indicating type of content, like what TV show or sports, movies. etc. I first did it as a temporary measure but they ended up looking and working out good and they really held up well.

** = Tape manufacturers recommend storing tapes upright, as opposed to stacked on their sides or on top of each other. (09/23/2008)

By Kaelle

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