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Helping My Cat Lose Weight

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I have a very overweight cat, we're talking 20 lbs. I don't want to buy expensive weight loss food and she can't go outside (she has been de clawed). Help please!

Shania from Gilmer, TX



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By Beth [25]01/12/2009

I'm in the same boat. Or rather one of my cats is. My vet told me to start feeding canned food more than dry because the dry food has so much more in carbs.

By Nan Corpe [6]01/10/2009

Weight control food isn't so expensive. I give it to my cat all the time. I give my dogs weight control food also. It's so much better for them not to gain weight for so many health reasons.

By Carol in PA (Guest Post)01/10/2009

I think the recent bag of Purnina One that I bought is hair ball and weight reduction formula. I reccomend feeding her a cat food that is for weight loss. I think most indoor cat formulas have less calories as the cats arent outdoors to exercise as much as other cats. Also, you can play with her a little, but at 20 lbs I think shes too fat to move around much at first. Go slowly.

By Carolyn (Guest Post)01/10/2009

Get an inexpensive laser pointer and have your cat chase the light around for exercise. Cats love playing this game. Just make sure he doesn't "catch" the light or else he will quickly figure out that it can't really be caught; then he won't want to play anymore.

By Jess (Guest Post)01/10/2009

Along the same lines that SalTCBug was saying, another great way to get your kitty some exercise is to buy a laser pointer. My cat loves hers! She absolutely loves chasing around the red dot all over the house, even on laminate floors where she slips and slides around.

Usually I would have to force her to take a break because otherwise she would play non-stop and completely wear herself out!

I found it's the only "toy" that'll keep her attention for long periods of time that she enjoys.

By (Guest Post)01/10/2009

You will have to get a high quality low cal food. Ask your vet what you should be looking for as far as fat content and calories. Like the other said, get that cat to play.


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Archive: Helping My Cat Lose Weight

I adopted an adult male American Shorthair tabby. He's 6 1/2 years old and he's 17 1/2 pounds. The vet told me he would like my cat to lose 3 pounds. How can I safely help him lose weight and not compromise his health?

Karen from Big Rapids, MI

RE: Helping My Cat Lose Weight

A high quality weight management cat food. I am not talking Purina One (anything at the grocery/Target/Wallyworld stores) won't cut it. Something like Science Diet, I use Natural Balance from Dick Van Pattens (yes, the tv guy) line, not the weight one but indoor. It's made with real meat, including duck, not a lot of filler. Most cat foods are made with wheat fillers and such, last I heard tigers don't stop at the local bakery for some wheat bread. Also try to stay away from foods that list 'meal', as in chicken meal or by products, that really just means, anything left over from the chicken, we ground it up and feed it to your cats!

The cost is more, but I buy an 8 pound bag for 2 cats for 12.99 (plus perks at Petco like free canned food) and it lasts a much longer time. I've bought 3 bags since the beginning of November, and would have bought a lot more of the "regular" cat foods with a lot more money by now. They eat a lot less because their needs are being met. My "fat" cat has lost a pound or two, better for her.

Do some research online for the high quality brands or a cat owner board for best high quality foods. Hope that helps! (01/13/2007)

By michawnpita

RE: Helping My Cat Lose Weight

Per our vet, feed him morning and night only and only put one regular handful in his dish each time. It works. A fat cat is not a healthy cat! (01/18/2007)

By eyelovecats

RE: Helping My Cat Lose Weight

Besides the food change, take about 15 minutes a day and get kitty to play! An old fishing pole or just a rod of some kind with string and a catnip toy, feathers, etc. that he can chase will work wonders. Many of our furry kids gain weight for the same reason our kids and adults do, more intake than work off. Good luck. (01/20/2007)

By SalTCBug

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