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Whitening Yellowed Fabric


I have some old white t-shirts that were packed away that have turned yellow. How can I return them to white?

By Lisa from Cincinnati, OH


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By Louise B. 6 2,509 08/14/2010 Flag

Tee shirts are likely made of cotton. I would try laundering them in hot water with bleach, and then hanging them in the sun.

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By cettina 78 392 08/15/2010 Flag

As long as they are just white with no other color,run them through the washing machine using dishwasher powder.

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By Dorothy 1 124 08/17/2010 Flag

I would try adding baking soda to the wash, an extra boost would be to stop the cycle and let them soak for 15 mins or so. I use baking soda all the time and my whites are really white.

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Archive: Whitening Yellowed Fabric

How do I whiten, yellowed white nylon fabric? The fabric is actually 86% supplex and 14% lycra. Thank you!

By Pamm from Zionsville, IN

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