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Tiny Red Biting Bugs

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I have started to notice bite marks on me that are itchy. Then I started noticing more so I looked on my bed to see if I saw any bed bugs, but nothing. So I thought maybe fleas, but I also don't see anything. One day I found a bug on me that was really tiny and red. When I squished it, it had an unpleasant odor. Every time I feel a pinch and I pass my hand over where I felt it I smell the odor. Then it gets itchy followed by a little lump that looks like a mosquito bite.

So what kind of bug could it be?

By Patricia from Brooklyn, NY


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By Judy = Oklahoma [58]09/08/2010

Are you seeing these bugs inside, or outside? Tiny red bugs sound like chiggers to me, we have them really bad here in Oklahoma. They get on you outside. Their bite doesn't usually itch right away, but when it kicks in, it's miserable!

By Lee Taylor [10]09/08/2010

I've heard bed bugs are a huge problem in NY right now, sounds like you have 'em. Sorry.


If the attached photo is of any stage of the bug you saw then this link will give you advice of how to get rid of them:

RE: Tiny Red Biting Bugs

By ayesha christmas [35]09/04/2010

Go to the doctors, or the pharmacy for some advice. I don't know what it is but it doesn't sound very nice and may give you a nasty illness. Use Tea Tree oil on the bites that helps everything!
Take care

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