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Old Medicine Bottles

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How can I earn money with old medicine bottles?

Angelica from Thomaston, GA



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By pam munro [447]06/23/2009

If you mean vintage bottles, many people like to collect them. I would think you could put them on consignment at a local antique store or sell them on eBay.

By Kasey06/23/2009

Just an idea. I have alot of empty orange plastic medicine bottles and I use to throw them away. One day it snapped. I took a board, 2x4, and screwed the lids to the bottom side of the board and then attached the bottles to the lids. I labeled all of them for my husband. I use the for screws nuts and bolts in the garage. He loved it. Hope this helped someone. Thanks!

By Marion (Guest Post)10/16/2007

I do not want to make money. But I think it is a waste for me to be throwing them away the plastic prescription medicine containers. Yes some of them I have used to put screws and long nails plus cotton balls in them what about the rest. Some one will come up with what can be done with them I hope. Thank You Marion

By denise warner (Guest Post)02/12/2007

ok a friend online gave me this and im giving it to you .make sugarscrub there are lots of online reciepes and put them in bottles and sell on ebay as samples of your homemade bath scrub. as you get orders start saving glass bottles and start using them for larger quanities.and make sure you put in your ad they are purchasing a homemade product and you use recycled glass containers. my friend out in the midwest did this and is doing very well with the way you could also bring them with you and give samples to all the people you deal with everyday. it may take alittle time but they will buy. good luck and god bless

By Cathy (Guest Post)02/12/2007

Are you referring to old, glass medicine bottles?

By Erica Haralson [2]02/10/2007

If we are speaking of used prescription bottles. I have taken stock. I use the larger ones to store cone/stick incense. I also use the larger ones to store fresh,dried herbs. The smaller bottles I use as vitamin organizers. I glue 7 to a box, and marked each lid with the corresponding letter of the week. My daughter makes jewelry, so we use the small bottles for findings and beads,etc, etc,.

By Diane02/10/2007

I don't know that you can earn a lot of money with pill bottles they do however, have uses. We run a bird rescue and toys are very expensive. I sometimes use the bottles as foot toys for the smaller guys. I put plastic 'pony' beads inside so it makes a rattle noise. They LOVE it. Diane

By Debbie Dzurilla [24]02/09/2007

What do you mean by medicine bottles? Do you mean plastic prescription medicine containers? I wasn't aware you could earn money with them. Could you give anymore info? Were you wanting to making something with them, or Sell the empty containers? You need to be more specific as I don't know for sure what you mean.

I have tons of empty prescription containers that I've pulled off the labels and 'cept for saving a few for my own use, plan to see if I can donate to an animal hospital for them to dispense pet meds.

By Sara C [1]02/08/2007

I think you woud have to make sure that they are TOTALLY clean - no residue at all - and the label peeled off. You could put small things into them and maybe decorate the outside somehow? and sell them as some sort of unique gift for older kids, put homemade lip balm or lotion into them, Market them as travel holders for safety pins/toothpicks/sewing kit.

Good luck with this. Remember that one man's trash is another man's million dollars!

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