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Making Fabric Water Repellent

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Two kids standing in the rain wearing colorful rain boots.

You can not always find water repellent fabric for craft projects or you may want to treat a piece of clothing. Perhaps the fabric or garment you have chosen can be treated and made water repellent. This is a guide about making fabric water repellent.



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Question: Making Fabric Water Repellent

How do you make fabric water repellent? I want to make the cotton/poly fabric of an outdoor canopy I made water repellent. Scotchgard is somewhat expensive for a spray can. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

By emdee


Most Recent Answer

By Chuck [2]06/16/2009

I have used "Thompson's Water Sealer" for decks on all type of fabric for outside use. I have even used it on a tent and silk flowers I placed in my garden. Worked great for me! I just pour some in a spray bottle and toss out the bottle when finished with the project. Good Luck!

Question: Water Repellent Recipe for Polyester Fabric

Does anyone have an easy recipe for making polyester fabric water repellent?

By Santosh

Solutions: Making Fabric Water Repellent

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