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Kitten Not Having Bowel Movements

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My three week old kitten has not had a bowel movement since I rescued her. Is that normal?

Geneviev from Albuquerque, NM


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By Briana (Guest Post)08/31/2007

Give the kitten a few drops of mineral oil mixed with its food. It will make it go. I'm raising an orphaned kitten and it works for her.

By Melinda (Guest Post)10/23/2006

Lord I hope someone has answered you by now. You need to simulate what the mama cat does by using a damp, warm washcloth to stimulate the sphincter to eliminate.

By (Guest Post)10/10/2006

I'd continually speak gently/reasurringly wrap the cat in a towel, to reduce scratching from any fear of this technique, having a helper to help hold her wrapping on a cleared table, wrapped slightly tighter at the neck above the shoulders. With a premeasured wide-mouthed cup of warm buttered water on your right side on the table, place your left hand gently but firmly over the cat's head, opening the mouth and lips slightly, feed it this water mixture SLOWLY from the SIDE of the mouth, using the spoon to gently prod the mouth open a bit, 4-5 teaspoons of not overly warmed/butter-water mix, which cat's in fact love. Allow the cat to swallow as it wants, and frequently, giving it a couple of pauses between spoonsful. It may not accept more than two teaspoon, but keep trying to get at least 4 down it.

After unwrapping, before letting the cat down from the table, place a pat of butter on the TOPS of each paw, then, and twice daily, until a bowel movement appears.

If this does not work I'd be VERY surprised, but as a last resort before the vet, I'd then give it EXACTLY AS SUGGESTED, "Kitten wormer", and feed it watered down canned "Kitten Milk" (from Pet store) if it has been weaned.
If not yet weaned, I'd let mother's milk be sufficient for main food source.

Cat's easily inherit parasites from the mother, the
ground, and also get constipated from dry kitten
chow, which should not be given until a few weeks
later. It could be as simple as a tiny hair ball, which is why massaging the stomach might help, however,
if constipated, it could be too tender to massage.

Cats have to get used to being massaged and fed
water. My cat took a month before it would drink
WATER voluntarily, but after this sort of feeding , it got the idea and now lets me feed her buttered-water without a towel should she begin to cry too much, a sure sign that she's constipated/hair balled.

Sure enough, it always works. It was a tip passed from my daughter since we've had so many cats over the many years of our lives.

Never rely on dry cereals alone to feed your pets, regardless of how many might claim that's all their pets get. It can/usually does affect their nerve endings/fur/ overall health. I treat my cat to Tuna in Spring Water "juice", with a tiny amount of the tuna floating in it. I discovered they actually preferred the "juice" to the whole meat! They need more moisture and fat than cereal, which tuna/beef
provide. Good luck and God bless your efforts. : )

By JoAnn [2]10/10/2006

Yes,it needs stimulation, it won't go on it's own. I used a warm wet washcloth and gently massaged their bottoms. Have you contacted your vet at all? If this doesn't work for you you'll need to take it in. Also, between bottle feedings (of kitten formula, NOT milk!) I gave a small amount of unflavored pedialyte. It will need to be kept warm and cozy, and fed every 1-1/2 to 2 hours. The hard work will pay off! These are the two abandoned kittens I got when they were approx. two weeks old. They are now about 5 months old.

RE: Kitten Not Having Bowel Movements

By Annie Rios Hill [12]10/09/2006

Call a VET for advice. A three week old kitten needs constant care and if mother did not provide then you need to check with a Vet to see what to expect.
I applaud you in taking the baby in just make sure
you can go over the care of an infant with a Vet. There may be other issues that arise from kitten being seperated so soon. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

By Gina (Guest Post)10/09/2006

I also should mention that you don't stick the q-tip into the anal area just massage around it gently. If you don't feel confortable call a vet and they could show you how to do it .

By Gina (Guest Post)10/09/2006

Yes, this is serious. As the others suggested they need to be stimulated. Take baby oil or vasline and a q-tip. Massage the anal area of the kitten for about a minute. If the animal does not relieve himself, please take to vet asap.

By Janet Marilyn Stitt [1]10/09/2006

At that very young age, the mother licks the kitten's
abdomen and groin area to stimulate the release of
urine and bowel movements. Gently massage your
kitten's lower abdomen, to simulate the mother's
touch. If this doesn't help, please take your kitten
to a vet, to prevent toxic buildup in the bowel.
I hope this helps.

By Michele Keenan10/08/2006

You will have to manually massage him just like his mother would do. Call a local vet or shelter or vet er hospital for advice. It is critical that you take care of this as soon as possible.

How wonderful of you for taking on the responsbility. Based on my experience stray cats make the best pets. Good luck to you and the little one.

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