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Displaying Award Ribbons


My daughter has over 30 award ribbons from horse back riding shows. I am looking for a cleaver way to display them in her bedroom. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Susie Que from Baltimore



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By LuvMyGingerKids 46 316 01/31/2008 Flag

Look for a used kick board or boogie board, cover it with cool fabric (wrap it like a present and use a glue gun) and display the ribbons with cute tacks (found at Borders, etc.)

Tell your daughter congratulations!!

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By Beth 5 131 01/31/2008 Flag

I have seen them made into quilts- then either hung on the wall or used on a bed. I'm sure you can find patterns online. Good luck!

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By KL 3 554 01/31/2008 Flag

I just saw a flash of the picture on the tv screen recently but someone had purchased a grapevine wreath from a craft store and attached them all around the circle intermixing the colors. It was cool looking!

It was hung on the wall but you could also attach some string or ribbon and hang it from the ceiling laying flat to give it more of a look like a mobile with the ribbon tales dangling down.

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By Cyinda 214 1,287 01/31/2008 Flag

I made a display board for my daughter for Christmas: I took 2 pieces of foam core board (dollar store) & taped them together (for extra thickness) then made a "pillow case" to cover them out of nice fabric (I'd use black or another very dark color if I were you) ... You don't have to sew it (like I did) if you don't want to... you can just pin, tape or glue the fabric to the back side... You hang the ribbons up with stick pins or clear push pins...
For a larger foam display board, instead of using foam core board, go to Home Depot & buy a piece of hard foam insulation (same thing as foam core board only bigger)... it cost about $4... & comes in several large sizes...(I'd buy the 2x4 foot size) It can be cut with an electric carving knife, a jig saw, or a hack saw, or just scored & broken.... Then cover it with fabric.... (Walmart has $1 a yard fabric)... To hang it on the wall, I just used a tack to hold in a piece of yarn, string or dental floss on the back, (& a tack on the wall) but for something stronger, poke a hole with a knife to run the string through BEFORE you cover it with fabric.....
* This display board is super light weight & with a bit of black velveteen will look "high end" & will hold many ribbons!

If you have someone you know who does wood-work... You could ask them to make her a fancy display case made from wood with a glass front,,, And make sure it's large enough to accommodate more ribbons... This would be heavy... so find several studs before hanging!

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By Janice 3 3 02/06/2008 Flag

Hang several strips of leather or belts, from a decorative curtain rod and attach the ribbons going down the strip. You can always add it when you need to. Hang above the headboard of the bed or just against the wall. You could take a horseshoe tie the strip of leather that has the ribbons attached to it and nail it to the wall.

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By amanda. (Guest Post) 03/03/2008 Flag

Yes. i have over 60. I have them around my room like a border and hanging off shelves and from my desk =)

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By Pam (Guest Post) 05/08/2008 Flag

Why not display the ribbons in shadow boxes at the end of each year or each season? We do that and buy the little engraveable stick on plaques that have the year engraved on it. Stick that to the bottom of the shadow box and there ya go! Ribbons on display and well protected from dust and sun fading.

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By (Guest Post) 06/06/2008 Flag

I have over 600, yes 600!! and I am not sure at all what to do with them. I am trying to figure out where to hang them all but I did get an idea to hang a piece of wire from corner to corner of the room and hang then on that. The problem for me is I still have many more to come plus many trophies and flowers.

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By Angela 1 11/18/2008 Flag

Check out We make great display racks for ribbons won at shows. New items just came in for Christmas!

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By Jessica (Guest Post) 12/23/2008 Flag

Yeah my mom also hundreds of rewards for doing horse show stuff. She doesn't know what to do with them and we are running out of windows to hang them from. We tried hanging them around a room with a ribbon but they are too heavy to hang. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to hang them around the room like a border? How did you guys do it?

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My daughter is now 20 and moved out on her own about 8 months ago. As I'm re-doing her room I'm trying to figure out a way to keep and display "some" of the hundreds of horseback competition ribbons that she has hanging from every wall in her room. Some of them are 6-8 inches long, while others hang 12-18 inches long.

Can you think of a way to tastefully keep and display some of them without overwhelming the room. I am not crafty or talented. They currently hang from cords strung across the walls.


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By Linda L. 83 328 07/19/2011 Flag

Take pics, send them to her on a disc. Or, ,box them up an send them to her and she can decide what to do with them.

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By Mary Lou 14 765 05/31/2012 Flag

Depending how many there are, you can get a pretty frame, one with molded details on it is nice.(can even be recycled) paint it a color that suits the room it will be in using enamel paint for shine.

Remove the glass and pad the inside by gluing layers of quilt batting to the cardboard back that comes with the frame. Cover with a nice piece of fabric like velveteen, moire satin etc. and staple to the cardboard with small staples.Pin the pins on in a pattern that pleases you or the dancer who earned them.

Depending on her age, she might what to do all the crafting herself or help at least. Another way, is to make or buy a pillow and pin the pins to it. If the pillow had a pattern that is dance themed, that would be even better.

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