Dog Still Scratching After Flea Treatment


I have a 5 month old puppy and he's been itching like crazy. I tried using a couple of itch relief sprays with no results. Then I bathed him with flea shampoo and gave him flea medicine in pill form.

The medicine was supposed to work within 30 minutes, but he is still itching. Also, I am covered in little bites now, but I'm not even sure if they're flea bites. What should I do?

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By Robyn Fed 394 1,240 02/04/2010

First go and wash the puppy in water and dawn, and get the topical stuff off him. Then give him benadryl at the dosage listed here.
Then go to the doc and see if you have poison ivy or mites, and call the vets and see if they have mite meds in case it is mites.

Here is the site: http://www.walkervalleyvet.com/otc-meds.htm

Good luck,

Dawn Kills Everything, Also feed him the highest quality of dog food you can afford...are you sure it is not poison ivy or oak?

I always bathe my animal in dawn when they are in need of killing any kind of bug. If you want put some peroxide in some baby shampoo after the dawn bath. After that I would bathe the dog in dove moisturizer bar and water and dry the little thing off.

The benadryl will stop the allergic reaction, and if you need it you can take it too! robyn

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By sharyn 1 02/04/2010

Try neem oil - the super fleas in Melbourne Australia are immune to all the commercial chemical spot on treatments and this is the first alternative I have tried and I'm very impressed. There are neem oil products specifically for pets and its completely non toxic to you and your pet. Good luck.

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By vicki hood 4 564 02/04/2010

Gotta do the dry Borax inside your house. See my prior responses for instructions. Be sure to build immune system with diet. Raw is best. Absolutely no grocery store commercial Purina crap. No corn-wheat-or soy. That's itch city. Avoid vaccines, they destroy the immune system with their mercury, aluminum, antifreeze and other poisons. One of the best meals morning noon or night, is half cooked (just to wilt) kale fried in a little coconut oil (wonderful health food). Ok to half cook broccoli with it. They all love it, you will see.

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By Pixiedust7 7 817 06/21/2011

Please be careful not to use commercial flea products meant for dogs on your cats - they are too strong and will kill the cats. The salt, borax & diatomaceous earth should help with the fleas in the carpets, etc. I always swear by Brewer's Yeast tablets; you can feed them to dogs and cats. One a day per pet is all they need. After a week or so, the yeast makes the pets' blood taste bad to the fleas & the fleas leave the pet & look for something else. One of my cats loved the Brewers Yeast tablet so much she would pick it off the top of her dish of food and eat it first, but if the pet doesn't eat the tablet voluntarily it can be crushed & mixed into the food. It's available in vitamin stores or health food stores & also comes as a powder. This was recommended to me by a vet 25 years ago.

Please get a handle on the problem asap, because your pets can become severely anemic and die if they lose too much blood from the flea bites; I learned this the hard way many years ago. If your pets are anemic they might need special supplements, or even a blood transfusion in severe cases. This is an expense you can prevent if you get rid of the fleas quickly and permanently. Good luck in your efforts to get rid of the fleas.

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Question: Fleas on Dog and Cats After Treating

I have a Shih tzu/Cocker mixed dog who is about 17 years old and also 6 cats. The dog is the only one that goes outside. She is so eaten up with fleas and has been chewing and pulling her hair out on her back to her tail. She is bald in that area and her skin is full of sores and kinda crusty on her back.

I have tried everything. I have used Dawn dish soap, mild flea shampoos that are suppose to sooth her skin, and salt and flea powders for the carpets. I have ordered products online, and nothing seems to work. I give her a bath, and the next day she is covered in fleas again.

The cats are scratching like crazy, and my 1 Siamese has some hair loss and sores all over him. We can be just sitting on the couch and fleas get on our legs. I can't stand it. We have to be careful what we use as our 9 month old grandbaby is staying with us for about another week or two.

I have read about so many flea treatments online and homemade treatments, it's mind boggling. I haven't tried boric acid yet on the carpet due to the grandbaby being here. All help would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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By Linda 3 07/01/2011

I use Bobbi Panter dog shampoo its all natural herbal shampoo once a week and use a homemade spray of half organic apple cider vinegar and half water I keep to spray them before and after they go outside. It works for mine and I live in Texas so hope it helps you and yours.

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