Remedy for Sore Gums?


i would like to know more about sore gums my gums has been sore for 3 weeks. - Helen


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By Carol Smith 5 36 09/16/2004

My dentist advises rinsing with equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water, twice daily. It has been a life saver for me.....

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 09/16/2004

Along with the peroxide rinse, take lots of vitamin C (500 mg a day). Get the chewable kind and suck on them so the C goes right to the gums before you swallow them. I usually get 100 mg tabs and take them several times a day.
- Susan

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By Racer (Guest Post) 09/16/2004

I always brush my teeth with chloraseptic, instead of toothpaste when my gums are sore which happens once each month!

Also, peroxide is great but i can't stand the taste. There is a product called gly oxide, which is in a small bottle with a long tube at the top. There is nothing better for disinfecting the mouth if you can't stand the peroxide. Remember don't swallow!

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By Gill Ewing 5 09/17/2004

Use a soft toothbrush and brush your gums gently from top to bottom as well as your teeth (bottom to top for the lower jaw). Don't press too hard - you need to brush gums as well as teeth. In a very short time they should feel better and stop hurting. If they don't then visit the dentist to check for gingivitis which can be dangerous if left untreated (teeth eventually fall out). Gill

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By (Guest Post) 09/17/2004

You could have gingivitis. Check with a dentist.

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By syd (Guest Post) 09/17/2004

To read up on sore gums, do a Google search ...
medical + sore gums ... there are different sites you can check out.

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By Jo Bodey 1 234 09/17/2004

Why would you ask a 'frugal' site about sore gums? This could be anything from tooth decay to leukaemia. See a doctor/dentist!



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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 09/17/2004

As a former Dental Assistant.....
Or as we said in the office....
Just Floss the ones you wanna keep.... :)
ASK A DENTIST or your DOCTOR...no shortcuts on

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By Doggy (Guest Post) 09/18/2004

Try : http://www.webmd.org for answers

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By Elizabeth Collinge 4 09/18/2004

I have always found rinsing with warm salt water several times a day is helpful.

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By A. Gummy (Guest Post) 01/12/2005

Your teeth could fall out if don't brush. Flossing is good for the spaces between your teeth. Mouthwash help keep the morning breath under control. See your dentist twice a year.

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By Kamran K. (Guest Post) 12/20/2008

I need remedy for this kind of problem which I have, please.

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By Karen (Guest Post) 02/23/2009

You may be allergic to your toothpaste. My gums become sore if I use toothpaste with baking powder. A dab of Oil of oregano or sage oil might help the soreness.

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