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Pen Ink on an American Girl Doll

How do I remove ballpoint ink from a doll head? It's that hard rubber plastic. It's an American Girl doll.

By Henifer

Recent Answers

By Carol [1]05/13/2009

You could try rubbing alcohol. It will remove "permanent" marker from hard plastic.

By Pam04/28/2009

I've used hair spray to remove ink from a vinyl purse and from a child's hard plastic car seat.

By Sherri [6]04/28/2009

Hello, We have bought my granddaughter several American Girl Dolls. Did you know that American Girl has an actual "Doll hospital"? You can call them or send the doll in for repair. Good luck!

By Danielle [5]04/24/2009

Hairspray works on fabric. It might work on your doll, too. Worth a try.

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