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Will My Husband Remarrying Increase My Child Support

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My ex-husband is remarrying. Will his new combined income increase my child support?

Elba from Onalaska, WI



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By nsatchell10/11/2010

When my husband filled out his child support package they were only concerned about what he made, bills, if his daughter ever stayed with him, and if he had other children that lived in the direct home with him. We didn't find out for sure if his daughter really was his daughter until after we got married. The girl had told him that it was a good chance that he wasn't the father and refused to do a DNA test until we got married. I just don't think that I should have to pay for a child that isn't mine, especially when we have three together. Now he should pay, it's his responsibility. I don't mind buying the little girl things, but for me and my income, my children come first.

By christine (Guest Post)02/04/2009

It depends on your State laws and the Custodial mom has to apply to Court for an increase. The people who are saying 'no' are misinformed. It varies from State to State. My advice to 2nd wives is to keep your finances separate from your husband's. If you file joint Tax returns be aware that your information will show if and when Family Court asks for a copy of your husband's Tax statement. If the case is in a State that includes the 2nd wife's income when determining ability to pay - a joint tax filing can cause his ordered support to increase.

In States that include the second wife's income/assets be careful about adding his name to property of yours. Don't buy property together jointly until your support case is no longer active. Keep your finances separate. NY State went after my assets when I paid my fiance's child support after his heart attack. My advice and concern is for second wives and partners. The Ex wives need no help. They have government paid free attorneys and biased laws on their side. Keep your finances totally separate, even if it means loosing some tax deductions.

By Tatyiana (Guest Post)12/14/2008

My husband and I live in Maryland and he's stuck paying his ex $1500 a month for their two kids. Mind you we don't have $1500 and his kids live with us. My question is could we receive child support from the mother even though he's remarried.

By malou09/23/2008

I am the second wife, my husband have two kids from 1st wife and now we also have two kids of our own. Can his support be lowered?

By Ruby (Guest Post)07/30/2007

My question is: My current boyfriend owes back support, so after marriage will cs take my income taxes? Michigan

By Julie (Guest Post)04/06/2007

In Kentucky, the first born child gets, I hate to say it this way, but 'first dibs'. My X had a son with his 1st wife, and when it came time to figure her CS, it was based on his full income. When they figured mine, it was his income MINUS the amount he pays for CS on child #1. In the end, she receives $140 for one, and I receive $105 for two. No, doesn't seem right, but that's the law.

By Katie [3]03/23/2007

No, her income is not figured in and in fact, you could get less CS should they have children together. If they have a child, the amount your xh "owes" in support to that child is subtracted from his gross income. It is whatever the state guideline for one child is (or however many they might have). THEN what is left is used to determine how much he pays for the children the two of you had together.

By Nancy Dias [1]03/23/2007

I was the second wife, and my late husbands ex-wife and her husband took us back to court, we live in Massachusetts, to have my income added to his income. They wanted more in child support. We, my late husband and I both worked and we also had two children of our own in addition to his two daughters from his first marriage. The court system had us fill out two (2) financial statements, one for him alone, and the other with our combined incomes. Thankfully the court here in Massachusetts only used his income. We were living week to week as it was and any additional child support really would have been a total burden on us.
He was a wonderful father, paid his child support, and never missed a visitation day, which was 2 days a week and they stayed over 1 weekend a month. I love my stepdaughters dearly, but, their mother's income was not even factored at all. In the end we had custody of the older daughter and the child support was not lowered, and my late husband's ex-wife did not have to pay any child support for the daughter we gained custody of. This all happened back in 1986, I'm not sure what the standards in Massachusetts are today.

By Janice C. [18]03/23/2007

The State of Wisconsin website has lots of info on lots of stuff. For child support info, try . It's a link to the Wisconsin State Law Library, and it's user-friendly.

By Cindy03/23/2007

Like everyone stated, at least in Colorado, the new wife's income does not play into the support. Just as if you had remarried it won't go down, because your new husband would not be responsible.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]03/23/2007

I'd look at your divorce paperwork. Each state is different and in some states you would need to go to court to request higher child support. Then it would depend on how it went.

Whether he is remarried or not, may or may not make a difference but as others said, it may depend on only his income, not the family income.

Most men, however, make more and more money as time goes on and the cost of living continues to rise. If your child support agreement was made some years ago, you may be able to get more child support, just because the cost of raising children is more.

By Theresa NC (Guest Post)03/23/2007

I'm not sure about your state but here in NC, they only go by your ex's income. They can't touch her's. My ex married a wealthy woman and doesn't work anymore so his support stays at what it was when he was working and making $8 an hour. Its not right but its the law.

By Judy. (Guest Post)03/23/2007

No, I'm a second wife and my husband has been paying child support for years. My income has nothing to do with his child from a previous marriage. Since you and he are the parents you are the only two who's income counts.


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Question: Effects of Ex-husband Remarrying on Child Support

If my ex-husband remarries will it increase my child support? I live in Joliet, Illinois.

By Diane from Joliet, IL

Most Recent Answer

By CJ3I08/22/2013

This has been a huge topic here lately. My BF and I have been talking about marriage. He is divorced and pays support for 3 kids. His ex-wife is remarried and she requested an increase in support. We agreed by law for % she was clearly entitled, but I know her and she won't stop there. She quit her job again because she doesn't want to work. While we are not married, her and her lawyer tried to get my income included as part of the increase because they were not happy with over 700.00 a month increase.

I am so glad I have kept all of my things separate during our dating including accounts because we found out in IL as long as you share an account your money is his money. :-/ That is funny because no matter the thousands I have spent on their kids they will never be my kids, so tell me why I should pay her while I already use my money to buy them clothes, toys, books, beds and more because he was left with nothing for them and tons of debt!

When she filled out her paperwork she put all of the bills, mortgage, and her husbands fuel to go back and forth to work since she clearly doesn't work we know she can't be going through $500 a month, a car payment when they don't have one and not one area did she include her husbands income. While at court her lawyer even made a comment about my income! I have my own bills, my own accounts, my own outstanding student loans and nothing in my name because it is his and we are not married.

How can someone get away with using a mortgage when his name is on the house and clearly she quit her job a couple weeks before court..which also brings me to the fact she filed 2 months before court yet her financial paperwork was dated for the month on court after his was submitted.

I will be doing my research, but if anyone has any advice or knows the laws please comment I would greatly appreciate it.

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