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Fixing a Tough Cooked Roast

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How to rescue a roast that is too tough:

I made a slow cooked brisket in the oven yesterday - still came out a bit too chewy. I put it into the crockpot overnight on low with the gravy and will run it longer if required. This cut of meat won't be wasted.

Source: Desperation brought forth creativity.

By Holly from Richardson, TX



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By judijo [3]01/10/2010

Cut the meat in tiny pieces, against the grain, meaning you cut the "cords" or striations of the meat in little pieces. That will make it feel a bit less tough in the chewing.

You can mix the cut meat in a pan with some salsa and make tacos out of it. or put it in a soup with veggies and potato pieces or barley or rice.

By Paula (Guest Post)09/18/2008

Sometimes meat gets tough no matter what you do. It is prob just a bad cut. What I would do is let the brisket cool. Slice or shred it and put in in crock pot with your favorite bbq sauce let it cook on low for a few hours and have bbq beef sandwiches, it may not "soften" the meat but it will make a decent sandwich as it is in small shreds already and easier to eat.

By DEBRADJ. (Guest Post)09/17/2008

The slow cooker is the ONLY way I will cook any roasts. My family will not allow me to do it any other way. Another great way to do slow cooking roast use beef broth That enhances the flavor 10 times over!

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