What type of glue do I use for fabric?


Could someone please let me know the best glue for fabric? I believe I have tried it all, but my jewels fall off of everything I make. I would appreciate any help that you have to offer.

Janet Thompson from Humble,Texas


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By SL Edens 1 395 11/29/2005

Hi Janet! I think I used to use Aleene's Jewel-It or OK to Wash-It Fabric Glue for my jewels on shirts. I haven't made any for years but I never had any fall off.

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By Cindy (Guest Post) 11/30/2005

HI Janet!
I sell gemstones and glue and all of my dress designers use Gem Tac By Beacon. It's a great quality glue and if pageant people use it.. you know it works. E 6000 is also a great glue.. but sometimes it eats the backing off of the stones. Hope this helps!
Cindy beadlady

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By patg 5 44 11/30/2005

try tacky glue or hot glue or nail glue but be carefully with the nail glue it sticks to everthing and is hard to remove but to remove it from your hands us nail polish remover hopes this lets you

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By Kersti (Guest Post) 11/30/2005

You could try that Beacon's brand, they have a fabric glue, it works great, I used it for making ribbon roses for my son's wedding, even the bride's flowers.Since the one person warned that beacon gemtack could do some damage, this one may be safer.Keep the lid on and use it up, it gets hard in the bottle if you let it sit around too long.Kersti)

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