Canning Upside Down


When canning, I fill my jars up, clean their tops and cap them. Then I turn them upside down in the water bath canner I have. I process tomatoes and squash or Hobo Stew (which is left overs from the week cooked down and placed into a jar) for 50 minutes. I turn the heat off and do not touch the jars until the water is cooled. At that time, I pull the upside down quart or pint jars right side up and wipe them off. Normally they are all already sealed and I can place the jars in the cabinet right away.

By Paula Jo C. from Mebane, NC


By Linda 3 50 06/16/2009

Does the hobo stew contain meat? It only takes 50 minutes to can? I thought meat would take longer. I never thought about canning leftovers. Can you give more information? Thanks so much.

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By Lynda 4 26 06/16/2009

I've never heard of this but what a great way to waterbath food! Thanks for the tip! Hamnurse

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By Joyce Pikey 2 10 06/17/2009

I have seen this done many times. I am wondering if green beans ect. can also be canned this way?

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By Kim 71 101 06/18/2009

Do you bring the water to a boil first?

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By PENNY K 15 562 07/26/2010

Green beans must be pressure canned; as long as you use a pressure cooker, I don't think it matters which direction they are oriented during the bath.

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