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What is the easiest way to bake a cake without it sticking to the pan and spending all this time scrubbing the pan?

By booboo kitty from Jacksonville, FL


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By sadiena 3 3 07/29/2009

Well you know using wax paper is the best way to go. I found that out myself the hard way. I work in a kitchen alone at job and baking cakes I hated to do because they stick to the pan. One day I was watching t.v and they said to use wax paper OR what is called paper pan liners. So that is what I did and when I took the cake out it SLIDES out simple as that! Wax or paper pan liners are the best way to go for you I think that is the trick to some bakeries now a days. Hope some of these advices help.

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By Lisa 2 656 10/19/2009

I rarely use circular or square pans. Instead I use a Bundt pan. I spray it with Baker's Joy. It's a non-stick oil spray like Pam, but it has flour in it, too. http://www.bakersjoy.com/about.html

I never have any problem with my cakes sticking/breaking. Best of luck!

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I've always greased the pan the old fashioned way and then after removing the cake just simply soak the pans in water for about five minutes and it comes off easily with even your fingertips. Definitely no scrubbing and save money by not using extra or fancy products.

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By susieq 3 10/20/2009

You can buy silicone baking pans, they are wonderful! Another option is to use parchment paper which is available in most grocery stores, in the aisle where the foil and wax paper are located. Happy baking!

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By Michelle Landreth 17 67 10/22/2009

Baker's Joy or store brand, works like a charm! I wouldn't try these for years because I didn't want to risk my cake possibly sticking to the pans. I always greased and floured my pans the old fashioned way. I finally broke down and tried the sprays. They work great and so simple to use. Cakes pop right out of the pans with no problem.

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By Dianne Doornbosch 1 9 10/28/2009

I got this hint from some ladies in a cake club who swear by this recipe that works like a charm & I never use those sprays anymore.

Pan Release:
1 cup Crisco Oil
1 cup Crisco Shortening
1 cup flour

(I have also used no-name brands & they work well too.)
Use equal amounts of each to make the amount you will want. Blend together and store in an airtight container & spread on your pans with a pastry brush.
I personally use 1 cup of each & store the jar in the cupboard or fridge if the weather is too hot.
*The first time my daughter tried this method, the cake came out so fast it ended up on the floor!!*..I have never had one stick and the pan washes easily. Hope this helps..Dianne

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